Tax coaching experiences (Alex Fischer): Converting taxes into private assets, is that possible?

Convert taxes into assets? Alex Fischer’s tax coaching – Actually, we only know Alex Fischer as the Real Estate Pope (we gave him the title). He is one of the most avid real estate investors in NRW, with more locations in his portfolio. He privately holds over 20,000 square meters, in Düsseldorf alone and started with zero euros of equity himself, as the son of two teachers. From 0 to millionaire, who could advise you better than him? Tax coaching by Alex Fischer in the test: What does the tax coaching really bring? Are the tax tips of Alex Fischer serious? This is my experience report.

My motivation: save taxes, save taxes properly

Who am I? As the owner of the magazine, as a business owner in general, I have one problem like everyone: tax burden. Have you ever added up what your biggest “expense” item is? In fact, it’s taxes. The bigger your sales, your profits, the more taxes you pay.

My motivation? This initial question, which I still had before the coaching, almost sums up my motivation very well:

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Germany - Spain - USA

“How do you legally and sustainably reduce your tax burden in Germany to a minimum?”

And why doesn’t… or can’t my accountant do that?!

If you want to have an overview of the topics and different voices on tax coaching by Alex Fischer, then I can recommend the experiences of participants. On the page you will find many interviews from participants.

Alex Fischer, live in front of the tax coaching participants:

Conversely, the view from the audience to the stage of the tax coaching event:

Why the tax coaching of Alex Fischer?

In March, I “survived” my first 5 years as an entrepreneur. That gives confidence and with that confidence I wanted to finally learn how the tax game works. Not on some Youtube channel or with a book on Amazon, not a “small” tax course in Cologne or Berlin, I wanted to learn from experts. Preferably from an entrepreneur who made it to real estate millionaire even with zero equity.

As a managing director, I have little time, so I need condensed expertise. After a few comparisons with experiences and reviews of other tax coaching, my choice was crystal clear on the offer of Alex Fischer.

What bothered me about 99%? They offer dubious tax coaching, when you look at their business circumstances (for example via Northdata) you quickly see: Not serious. Offers on the Internet, which you reach via Google, are from windy online marketers, who have no idea about taxes. When it comes to taxes, I trust recommendations and personal experience. Both have matched here.

Application process and selection

You have to apply for this tax coaching. In fact, after your application, you will have an interview. Based on the data and the interview, it will be decided whether you have the right qualifications. You will see the selection at the start event at the latest. Doctors, master roofers, lawyers and board members of AGs. Here are only experienced entrepreneurs, self-employed and freelancers.

Acquisitions, depreciation and tax reduction

So I’m not interested in the “little tax 1×1” or “tips to save taxes”. I want to know:

What company structure makes sense in terms of individual sectors, acquisitions and depreciation.

In very, very simple terms:

  • I’ll buy the next property through my company,
  • About a new company (and if so, what does it look like)
  • Or is it private?

After tax coaching, you’ll understand…

After the tax coaching you understand the constellation around asset accumulation, asset lending, asset protection, asset transfer and also investments. Too many foreign words for the beginning? Let’s start at the very beginning. Why tax coaching at all?

On our finance and tax blog, I often write about real estate, financing, and give simple tax tips to our readers. Advantage 1: The better I understand the tax game, the more informed my articles on simple tax 1×1 will be. Benefit 2: As described above, I am of course primarily concerned with private wealth accumulation (for me).

I’ll tell you about my basic problem: “tax accountant.”

Alex Fischer experience: Become an advisor to your tax advisors

“Tax burden minimization to 8% to 15% is possible” – Alex Fischer

With such rates, the ears of entrepreneurs are of course immediately pricked up. Tax burden minimization to 8% to 15%? Yes. You just have to deal with it! Nobody likes to deal with taxes. But if you manage to find the necessary motivation, the tax game quickly becomes a lot of fun.

Only 2 tips in 5 years?! My tax adviser

As I said, I motivated myself more and more in March to actively tackle the issue of taxes.

Do you know how many times my accountant actively approached me, with tips, in 5 years? 2x

That is, in 5 years of paying well monthly, I have gotten exactly 2x pro-active tax advice from my accountant.

You can’t blame him or his tax firm either. The training is state-run and what interest should the state have in training tax experts who lower the tax burden? That would mean that the state would take in less money. Ergo: tax consultants administer, they do not design.

Tax consultant training: administrator, not designer (excursus)

If you want to become a tax advisor in Germany, you have to complete a training course. Depending on the offer, this can take up to 1,200 hours.

This covers many topics such as tax procedural law, excise and transfer taxes or business management and accounting – but not tax optimisation. Why? The training is organised by the state. If the state itself were to train tax professionals, these professionals would ensure that you pay less tax. Less taxes means less revenue for the state. Here lies the dilemma of entrepreneurs and the realization:

Taxes are a matter for the boss

In fact, the tax advisor exam teaches and quizzes more basic areas of knowledge. The examination areas of the tax consultant examination are defined by the Tax Consulting Act (StBerG). You can quickly see how general the topics of the exam are by taking a look at the syllabus. Knowledge in the following areas can be the subject of the exam:

  • Fiscal procedural law (AO and FGO) as well as fiscal penal law and fiscal offences law
  • Taxes on income and earnings
  • Valuation law, inheritance tax and property tax
  • Excise and sales taxes, main features of customs law
  • Commercial law and main features of the German Civil Code (BGB), company law, insolvency law and European Community law
  • Business administration and accounting
  • Economics and professional law

In the tax coaching, I already had more input at the welcome event than I probably would have gotten in 100 years of working together, with my tax accountant. That’s what I wanted, that’s what I wanted. I want knowledge from real experts who take me to the next level, even with topics I had thought of once again.

Tax planning is your job as an entrepreneur – that’s for sure.

Tax coaching: 9+ weeks test

To learn how this works and to get much, much more valuable tax knowledge, I started the coaching 9 weeks ago, sort of as a self-experiment.

Launch event in Düsseldorf with further experts

As I said, we applied for the tax coaching. About 20 days later, we were at the kick-off event near Düsseldorf’s Königsallee, more precisely at the Hotel Intercontinental. There were almost 400 participants. This is also where the final event takes place after various digital coaching sessions, webinars, implementation vouchers etc.

Both events are staffed with top-class experts. So, there is not only the know-how of Alex Fischer. He also has experts from his close circle at the event. Persons, to which one would otherwise never approach as entrepreneurs or freelancers. Because, these experts optimize otherwise companies. We could even personally address the experts with questions.

Digital coaching, webinars and implementation vouchers

Between the events there are various digital coachings, webinars and implementation vouchers. Here you can once again pick out specific experts to ask questions exclusively in private. That was handy, because as you know from your own business, structures can be complex.

But that’s what makes coaching so special. Because in the end, you don’t just go there with extremely deep tax knowledge, the community also enriches you if you want. Especially through first-class contacts.

Between the live events it’s all about know-how and training in the knowledge base. By timing, it’s only 8 weeks, but the density of information was so high, I was happy to take the extra time. After all, it’s about structuring my businesses and my acquisitions – the tax game. As I mentioned before, the fact that Alex Fischer now publishes content in the tax / tax optimization points really surprised me. All the more reason I wanted to know what Alex Fischer’s tax insiders are. Many say he is a real “real estate pope”. In fact, he himself holds, privately, over 20,000 square meters, alone in Düsseldorf.

PS: “Richer than the Geisses” is his bestseller. Read more about it here:

Conclusion: What have I learned?

Now I could spend another hour telling you about tax coaching, the live events, the experts, the digital coaching, the webinars, and much more. In order to keep the experience report short and sweet, I thought about giving you a top 3 as a conclusion!

My Top 3: Learned and Experienced

In the “Next Level Tax Coaching” I have learned and you will learn how you can legally and sustainably reduce your tax burden in Germany to a minimum. As I said, 8 to 15% are possible, but the special thing about this coaching is the combination of these 3 aspects:

  1. Tax know-how
  2. Business know-how
  3. Investment know-how

I particularly appreciate the investment know-how. Because now I know which purchase I have to make in which way, for example to use taxes advantageously as a leverage effect. This gives me more presentable equity. Just one aspect that is extremely interesting for entrepreneurs in growth.

If you were to ask me which part of the coaching I enjoyed the most, the live events would definitely be number 1. The close and personal contact with Alex’s experts was extremely insightful. I understand the famous “tax game” more and more and I can now apply it to myself and my businesses with tax coaching. Paying less tax means more room to invest. Goal achieved.

  1. Live events with Alex Fischer
  2. Close exchange with AF experts at the events
  3. Knowledge database is available online 24/7

Application for tax coaching

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