Speaker Agency: Trends, Experiences, VIPs & Become a Speaker! Interview

Speaker Agency – Learning is something that never stops. We start with our parents, in kindergarten, come to school, do training or study, attend workshops, training and further education, learn languages, arts. Out of personal passion or to earn more money. Many companies invest a little more and book real experts for their company and […]

Wealth Building Book Tips XXL: Investment, passive income, retirement planning & Co.

Wealth accumulation book Tipps XXL – all the same whether age precaution, wealth accumulation for the financial security or also the real estate investment case: To build up a certain fortune can be meaningful for most different motives. But how does one approach such a project best? What strategies and possibilities are there to increase […]

Taxes XXL: Basics, Real Estate, Books, Videos, Tips & Tricks – Guidebook

Taxes XXL – Taxes are often a tiresome topic, especially in Germany, the tax advisor helps or you learn how taxes work. It is not that difficult! Wage tax, value added tax, real estate transfer tax (read more here: Taxes in Germany) and much more: it’s not easy to keep track of everything. But if […]

Wealth Creation XXL: Videos, Books, Tips, Basics & Advisors

Wealth accumulation XXL – Build your own assets, who would not like that. Whether you want to be able to afford something or would like to generate a financial buffer for old age, asset accumulation is for virtually every person a relevant and above all meaningful topic. But what options are there for building up […]

Real Estate as an Investment Video Tips: Service charges, taxes & returns

Real estate as an investment – You want to have a passive income and real estate as an investment? Buy a house or an apartment, no matter if it is an apartment, loft or penthouse, invest in real estate and generate a high income in the future? However, you are still completely new to the […]

Pension Book Recommendations: Financial Guide, Pension Guide, Statutory or Corporate?

Pension book recommendations – Sooner or later, everyone has to deal with the pension. How the pension system works, when and where you inform yourself best, which mistakes you can avoid and which tips there are to increase the pension, we show you here. We also give you insights into investment options and the Riester […]

Tax coaching experiences (Alex Fischer): Converting taxes into private assets, is that possible?

Convert taxes into assets? Alex Fischer’s tax coaching – Actually, we only know Alex Fischer as the Real Estate Pope (we gave him the title). He is one of the most avid real estate investors in NRW, with more locations in his portfolio. He privately holds over 20,000 square meters, in Düsseldorf alone and started […]

Introduction to underwater photography – how your camera survives the next dive

Underwater photography is an expensive business. In addition to diving courses and diving equipment, there are also costs for underwater equipment. But most divers are fascinated by the mysterious beauty of the underwater world. Then it’s time to take the next step and begin the adventure of underwater photography, whether you just want to snorkel […]

Smartphone Photography: Interview with Christoph Engelberth from Pocket Photos

As a professional photographer agency it is our goal to constantly provide news and tips for photography enthusiasts. We regularly publish interviews with experts and managing directors from the photography business. Tips for the perfect photos with your smartphone and iPhone Interview with the managing director Christoph Engelberth of the online magazine Pocket.Photos For our […]