Wealth Building Book Tips XXL: Investment, passive income, retirement planning & Co.

Wealth accumulation book Tipps XXL – all the same whether age precaution, wealth accumulation for the financial security or also the real estate investment case: To build up a certain fortune can be meaningful for most different motives. But how does one approach such a project best? What strategies and possibilities are there to increase your own wealth? Here you will find an overview with book tips on topics such as basic asset building, retirement, passive income or successful investing, and more! Get tips and tricks from the experts in the books so that you too can build a fortune. If you are interested in book tips about wealth building, then you should definitely also visit our detailed guide page, there you will find an overview of articles, as well as book and video recommendations: Wealth Building Guide XXL.

Wealth Building Basics: Tips, Tricks & Strategies

Build a fortune! You don’t want to slave for your money? You want to make your money work for you and finally build a fortune, whether for retirement or retirement planning? We’ve rounded up the best book tips for you to learn how you too can finally get to building wealth. If books are too cumbersome for you, you can also find a link to a compilation of videos on the subject here.

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Retirement: Early retirement, guide, tips and tricks

Sooner or later, everyone has to deal with their pension. How the pension system works, when and where you can get the best information, what mistakes you can avoid and what tips there are to increase the pension, we show you here. We also give you insights into investment options and the Riester pension. Here you can learn a lot with book tips with tricks from experts and also provide for your old age or collect know-how for your parents or relatives.

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Successful Investing: Investing, Taxes & Avoiding Mistakes

Successful investing is a dream of many people. But unfortunately, it is not as easy as it seems. How can you start as a beginner in the investment industry? What do you have to consider and which mistakes should you avoid at all costs? What is worth investing in? And what does the term ”investment” mean anyway? We present you the best books on the subject of investment, in which experts pass on tips and tricks to you.

  • Book Tips: Invest Successfully

Finance: Shares, strategies and financial freedom

Everyone has to deal with them sooner or later: Finances. But what actually belongs to the topic of finances? What should you pay attention to when dealing with your finances and what advantages can you possibly gain? We have collected book tips for you with literature from experts who can tell you their tricks and illustrate and explain the world of finance to you. Learn everything about finance, strategies, stocks and much more!

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Retirement planning: finances, shares and pensions explained

The topic of old-age provision is one of the most important issues Germans are concerned about. Already at a young age, one is made aware of the need to provide for later. But how exactly do I do that? When do I start with the old-age provision? Which mistakes should I avoid? Where can I get tips? And why do I need a pension at all? We’ll answer all these questions and more here, with book recommendations from experts who share their know-how with you.

  • Book Tips: Retirement Planning

Passive Income: Invest, rent and more

For whom doesn’t that sound tempting: earning money “without doing anything for it”. But of course it is not quite that easy. If you want to generate passive income and thus build up a fortune, you have to proceed strategically and take many factors into account. Real estate, for example, can often be a good way to generate passive income. But how to buy and rent a property, or generally generate passive income, experts have commented in various books. We have collected the best-rated books with tips and tricks from professionals for you.

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Tip! Wealth building XXL: Finance, Investment & Co.

Who wouldn’t like to build up their own assets? Whether you want to be able to afford something or would like to generate a financial buffer for old age, asset accumulation is a relevant and, above all, sensible topic for virtually everyone. But what options are there for building up assets? Life insurance, retirement planning, or investing in real estate? Here you will find an overview of articles, as well as book and video recommendations on the subject of asset building. From saving taxes to passive income to tips on successful investing – experts and professionals share their know-how in their videos and readings and answer all questions about wealth accumulation.

  • Book and Video Tips: Wealth Building XXL