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Sporty and elegant: These garments belong – hoodie, track pants, suit pants & Co!

Sporty and elegant – There are numerous people who like to dress in a sporty way and one of the reasons for this is that sportswear is both comfortable and functional. However, many of us don’t know how to create a sporty look that not only comes across as casual, but also elegant. That’s a […]

8 mistakes when buying real estate: location, personal use and resale value – our tips

Mistakes when buying real estate – Buying your own home for the first time can be overwhelming. Mistakes creep in again and again gladly into the purchase process of a real estate. Whether a bad location of the property, reasons against self-interest or a purchase out of emotion – mistakes cost you a lot of […]

Types of real estate: House, apartment & Co. – Everything you need to know

Property types – The first own property, but in which property type should I invest best? This question is often asked by young investors and this is exactly where we have the answers for you! Whether it’s a house, apartment building, condominium, special real estate or commercial real estate, we have put together a comparison […]

Tax consultant: What does a tax consultant do? Tasks, accounting, tax return, save taxes

Tax consultant tasks – Do I have to hire a tax consultant? What tasks does a tax consultant perform? How much does a tax consultant cost? Here you will find the answers to your questions and much more information about tax advisors in your area, finding a tax advisor, costs, tasks, financial accounting, annual financial […]

Hiring a tax advisor: 3 mistakes! Too much tax, too much advice and costs

Hiring a tax accountant / Mistake – You want to find a good tax accountant near you! Because, you want to avoid risks and dangers, after all, it will cost you cash if you hire the wrong firm for your accounting. Costs for additional processing, advice and service, and of course losses, for example, if […]

House / apartment for sale: No buyers? Valuation, broker, checklist – 15 mistakes

Home & Apartment Selling Mistakes – Need or want to sell your apartment or house? There are many reasons: Career change, new love, a new life. Sometimes a property also comes unexpectedly, for example when selling an inherited property. But what do you do if you live in Munich and inherit a property near Hamburg, […]

Wealth Building Video Tips XXL: Passive Income, Investing, Retirement and More

Wealth accumulation Video Tipps – all the same whether age precaution, wealth accumulation for the financial security or also the real estate investment case: To build up a certain fortune can be meaningful for most different motives. But what is the best way to approach such a project? What strategies and possibilities are there to […]

Wealth Building Book Tips XXL: Investment, passive income, retirement planning & Co.

Wealth accumulation book Tipps XXL – all the same whether age precaution, wealth accumulation for the financial security or also the real estate investment case: To build up a certain fortune can be meaningful for most different motives. But how does one approach such a project best? What strategies and possibilities are there to increase […]

Buy Aquamarine: Color, cut, quality and comparison with gold price – Investment Gemstone

Buy Aquamarine – The incomparable light blue to turquoise-green coloring of aquamarine has given this gemstone its name. Aquamarine is in fact derived from the Latin word for sea water. Aquamarine is a prized gemstone that had great value even in ancient times. In the 19th century, sea-green varieties of the stone were the most […]

Wealth Creation XXL: Videos, Books, Tips, Basics & Advisors

Wealth accumulation XXL – Build your own assets, who would not like that. Whether you want to be able to afford something or would like to generate a financial buffer for old age, asset accumulation is for virtually every person a relevant and above all meaningful topic. But what options are there for building up […]

Buy or build a house? Experiences of builders and experts

Buy or build a house?! – We have a lot to tell you about real estate and your first apartment or house. Today we ask the big question: buy or build? With experiences from builders and experts. We have watched a lot of experience videos and compiled the best ones here in the list for […]

Real estate XXL: financing, broker, sale, rent, build & more – Guidebook

Real Estate XXL – Real estate, whether a house or apartment, offers many opportunities, but also many risks. Whether buying an apartment, building a house for personal use or even renting out an apartment – there are countless variants of what you can and want to do with real estate. But for example, investing in […]

Taxes Video Tips XXL: Tax return, tips from experts and save money

Taxes Video Tips – Everyone knows them and virtually no one likes to deal with them: taxes. But taxes do not always have to be something negative. With tips and tricks everyone can save taxes, be it when buying or selling a home or even the usual annual tax return on all kinds of topics. […]

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Real Estate Investment Book Recommendations: Basics, Investment & Tax Tips

Real estate investment – Buying a property and using it as an investment can be a very efficient investment. But what should you actually keep in mind? And what mistakes should you avoid at all costs? We’ve put together a list of books to help you answer these very questions and prevent potential problems. Investments, […]

Wealth Building Basics Videos: Tips, tricks and recommendations from experts

Wealth Building Basics Videos – Don’t feel like slaving away for your money? You want to make your money work for you and finally build a fortune? We’ve rounded up the best book tips for you to learn how you too can finally get to wealth building. Passive income, stocks, investments, real estate and ETFs, […]

Pension Book Recommendations: Financial Guide, Pension Guide, Statutory or Corporate?

Pension book recommendations – Sooner or later, everyone has to deal with the pension. How the pension system works, when and where you inform yourself best, which mistakes you can avoid and which tips there are to increase the pension, we show you here. We also give you insights into investment options and the Riester […]