Instagram Shooting: How Influencers Make Their Pictures

The perfect instagram image. Bloggers, influencers and co invest hours and hours to make the perfect picture. Duckface, or would you rather look innocent? What’s better received? We from FIV have met for you today with the influencer and singer Luna Farina, who many of you certainly still know from the girls’ flat and accompany her together with a professional photographer to Supercandy in Cologne – Ehrenfeld.

The Perfect Instagram Image

One squeeze and you’re done? It’s not that easy if you really want it to be a “perfect” picture. After all, Luna is a professional in the field, it’s “Work,Work,Work!” We spent 2 hours with them in the Supercandy and we can assure you that there is more work behind than you think. From the fancy confetti shower to a Haribo corner to the huge Flamingo ball pool, every location just invited you to pose. The model and the photographer both knew that there was a lot of work to be done, but that shouldn’t ease the motivation. 1100 pictures were taken in our time there, crazy or? And it could have been much more, with such an exciting and unusual location, but as a professional you have to know when you took enough pictures in a location.

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Qual of choice – The selection of images

So, now we have 1100 pictures, but of course not all of them are uploaded directly to Instagram. Now it’s time to make a rough selection. For this Luna and the photographer sat down together and went through picture by picture. With so many snapshots, there are of course also some pictures that have turned out to be nothing. So get to work – the laborious process now takes up to about 40 minutes and that’s really only a rough selection.

Be as real as possible

The expert tells us exclusively what is most important for a professional Instagram model. Be yourself. Have fun and be crazy. Don’t be ashamed of your personality, after all, you want to be real. So don’t be shy. Your followers want to experience you for who you are. And if you show your different facets, your perfect instagram image is guaranteed to be in between. Every photographer will be happy if you take the initiative and just try it out. It is always very exhausting for a photographer when a model just lies there and doesn’t pose by himself. Luckily Luna is energetic and fully committed, which makes sure that the photographer has a lot of fun working with her.

Filter time

After selecting the 40 images, it’s time for the finishing touches. Color adjustments, filters, black-and-white image or colorful? Adjust color saturation and much more. Of course, professional programs like LightroomCatalog and Photoshop are used for this. For a few snapshots our Luna uses one of her favorite Instagram filters. After the processing by the professional, which takes a lot of time, Luna receives her by email and Voilà – the posting can begin!