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Jannik has been active on Instagram for 5 years and has been able to expand his reach a lot through the platform. For a long time he is no longer just a photographer but also one of the little Instagram stars. 111K, thousands of likes on each of his pictures and travels around the world. How Jannik’s career started, what he envisions for the future and what he does against listlessness, now in an exclusive interview. You can find more exciting interviews on the Photographers and Men blog.

Fiv: You have been working as a photographer for several years now. How did you discover your passion for photography back then and how did you subsequently turn it into a profession?

I discovered my passion for photography 5 years ago on Instagram. At that time, the app was still intended for photographers and I had received my first digital camera as a gift shortly before and then uploaded my first pictures on Instagram. Over the years, my passion has developed from landscape photography to portrait/lifestyle photography and through Instagram my level of awareness has also increased, which has led to me receiving several commissions.

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Fiv: What do you think you would be doing for a living if you weren’t taking pictures?

If I wasn’t doing photography, I would probably do something in the social media direction because I’m very interested in the career field and you get to meet a lot of people and also have the opportunity to travel while doing your job.

Fiv: At the moment you are in Miami. How does that influence your work as a photographer? Are there any special inspirations or charms?

In Miami, the way of life is very different from Germany. People are much more open, seem happier and carefree. For example, they don’t care if they are in the background of a photo and continue to concentrate on themselves.
Miami offers of course many spots, which offer you super as a basis for photographs and the light in Miami is also a dream!

Fiv: What everyday things do you draw inspiration from for your photos?

I usually let myself be inspired by the moment. I have actually almost always my camera with me and if I then have a beautiful image in front of my eyes, I usually hold it with a photo.

Fiv: What do you prefer to photograph: Landscapes or people? And why?

I prefer to photograph people, but still the landscape plays an equally important role in every photo, because it serves as the basis for the picture. The human being is more interesting for me, because every human being is different and can convey different emotions better or less better.

Fiv: Are there also days when you don’t feel like taking pictures? If so, what is your recipe against listlessness?

Of course there are days when I don’t feel like taking pictures and just enjoy life. But I still think constantly about how nice it might be in this moment here or there to take a photo and capture the moment. Because my photos go more in the lifestyle direction, but it is also much more memories of the experiences that I experience, which I want to capture.

Fiv: With 111,000 Instagram followers, you have a huge reach as a photographer. How does that help you in your profession?

I think that because I have a wider reach than some other photographers, companies are more likely to take notice of me because I also provide an advertising platform for their products that they can use.

Fiv: What is your biggest goal that you would like to have achieved in, say, 10 years?

In 10 years I will be 30 years old. Then I would like to live (maybe already with wife and child) in a sunny country, continue my photograife and enjoy and appreciate life. Since I also love to travel and explore, I hope that by then I will have seen a lot of the world and learned a lot about other cultures.

Thanks Jannik for the great interview!

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