Since the social media, digital photography has become increasingly important. Instagram and Co. give the new generation a platform to present themselves photographically. Influencers show how to create the perfect photo. Which camera suits me best, how do I take pictures and where can I get more useful information about photography? Here you can find everything about photography.

Luise Reichert: Shootings, beauty & fashion photography – Interview with a commercial photographer

Luise Reichert is a fashion and commercial photographer based in Vienna. With 18 years she discoverd her love for photography. She already wins her first international competition, successfully asserting herself against 6000 applicants and becomes “Student of the Year 2011” of the “Professional Photographer of the Year Award”. Further publications of her work in various […]

Carmen Rose: Interview with the fashion photographer – Journey & goals

Carmen Rose is an australien based fashion photographer. Specialising in fashion, advertising, beauty & editorial. The FIV Magazine did an interview with the fashion photographer, talking about her career, her development as a photographer and her further goals. Carmen Rose: Instagram Carmen Rose: Website Being a professional photographer – Inspiration, journey and private life FIV: […]

Stefan Milev in an interview: Artist & photographer – Shadow & light photography

Stefan Milev is a German fashion and portrait photographer. He likes to play with light and shadow and focuses on black and white photography. Thus he always gives his pictures something mystical and mysterious and combines photography with painting. The FIV Magazine has made an interview with the photographer, talking about his career as a […]

Marcus Hessenberg: Origin, journey & shootings – Interview with a photographer

Marcus Hessenberg is a Photographer and Producer/Director in photography and film. He is a freelancer and puts his focus on editorial fashion and portraits and is mostly based in London. The FIV Magazine did an interview with the photographer, talking about his daily routine as a photographer, career and passion for photography and video. In […]

Julia Blank in an exclusive interview – Later entering the creative industry, the profession of photographer & the importance of talent

A really exciting interview was conducted by our FIV Magazine with the photographer Julia Blank. She is a successful beauty, fashion and portrait photographer and has already worked with major brands from various industries. From Italian Vogue to Hugo Boss Amazon, they have already booked numerous renowned brands & corporations for shootings. She talks to […]

Photographer Anna Grewelding – First Canon camera, path to internationally successful photographer & GNTM shooting

Anna Grewelding grew up in a small village on the Moselle and came to the big cities with photography. She was interested in art and photography at a very early age, but she never had the desire to become a photographer, so she first trained as a media designer. In her children’s room she set […]

Susanne Nevermann: Career as a photographer – Portrait, Beauty & Fashion

Susanne Nervermann is a freelance photographer from Hamburg who focuses on editorial and commercial photography. Her focus is on people, beauty and fashion and she has a passion for portrait photography. The FIV did an interview with the versatile photographer, talking about her career, her work and projects and future plans. Susanne Nevermann: Instagram Susanne […]

Photo studio Cologne – recommendations for your photo shooting: portrait, fashion, product photography & Co.

Photographers like Oliver Rudolph often work in daylight studios and like to test interesting locations. In Germany’s big cities you can organize very good indoor photo shoots. Different locations offer the photographer creativity and the model space for posing. Besides Berlin, Munich and Düsseldorf, Cologne is a popular place with the best locations for shootings. […]

Photographers – tips & tricks of photography

Every day we see thousands of beautiful pictures. Very special ones, we remember, talk about them. Photographers are modern artists who use technology and light to get the best out of every situation. Models, art directors, designers, all trust in their eye and their work. We look behind the scenes and introduce you to stars and newcomers of the photography scene. We show what fashion and lifestyle mean to them. Here you can find all interviews about Fashion Blogger, Fashion Designer, Models and VIPs. You are a young photographer and still looking for a management? Here is our recommendation: photography agency. Our editorial staff presents you the most exciting photography trends of this time.

Food photography – Instagram Foodporn

Food Photography is a new trend that is becoming widespread on social media channels. Meanwhile we like to show the world what we eat for lunch or dinner, where we are and which cocktail we like best. With the right cell phone or camera settings and a good light, you will be able to present your food pic professionally like the stars of the world.

Outdoor Photography – Putting natural beauty perfectly in scene

Outdoor photography is very tricky, because you have to pay attention to light, position and camera settings. Our editorial staff has worked out the basics of digital photography for you. Whether it is the landscape, or a person photographed in nature. In this area, there is a lot to learn and guide the camera.

Mobile phone or reflex? – exercises & tricks

Since the latest smartphones have an incredibly strong quality, with a little practice you can even manage to take high-quality pictures with your cell phone. We will show you the latest Photoshop trends, tips and tricks for each of you. There are many ways to enhance images by working with exposure and backdrop. And with some tricks you can teach yourself through videos and books, you are a professional!

Photography: stars and newcomers

Some hobby photographers develop to the point where they earn their money with it at some point. Our editorial staff got to know some Influencer, who besides blogging also work as photographers and hold workshops. Not only women are interested in the world of photography, one could think that more and more male photographers are conquering the Instagram world.