Model Tips – better look for a portrait shooting, posing

With the constantly increasing technical possibilities, customers’ expectations for portrait shootings are also rising. In addition to selected poses and the correct light setting, the subsequent editing using Photoshop also helps. But the latter in particular often leads one to believe that perfect preparations such as make-up, hair and skin are no longer essential, as everything can be put in the “right” light with Photoshop afterwards. Unfortunately, this is not quite correct, because portrait pictures can only become really beautiful and natural if skin, hair, etc. have been prepared and cared for in advance. Here you can find interesting model tips for a better look during the portrait shooting.

5 tips for models – Perfect look for a photo shoot

  • The skin

One of the most labor-intensive processes is to create an even and pure skin image using Photoshop. Few people want to look like a porcelain doll afterwards, but authentic. There are some things the model can do in advance for a better skin appearance. For one thing, there would be enough sleep. The model should have slept at least eight hours before the portrait shoot.

Too little sleep often means dark circles, small wrinkles and a dull complexion. Furthermore, the model should not smoke or drink alcohol before the portrait shoots. Both usually lead to red spots on the face on the next day, which come to the fore when the photo is taken with a flash. But also acne and impurities are a bigger problem. The best way to prepare the skin is with make-up. Before applying the make-up, a moisturizing cream should be applied, so the make-up lasts longer and, above all, does not flake off.

  • The lips

If the lips are too dry, Photoshop often can’t save much. If the model works or lives mainly in a colder area, dry lips are almost inevitable. Accordingly, the lips should be treated with lip balm for a longer time before the portrait shoot. By the way, this is not only an advantage when photographing.

  • The body hair

Even if the body hair seems to come back into fashion, you still won’t see models with hair in the “wrong” places on any cover. Surely Photoshop can help here, too, but it is advisable to come directly to the portrait shoot without a lady’s beard. However, the model should not remove the eyebrows and upper lip hairs immediately one day before the photographs, as the skin reacts with skin irritations after epilation or plucking, i.e. the skin reddens. It is better to remove the small hairs about 2 days before the shooting and to get the eyebrows into shape.

  • Relaxed eyes

The eyes are an important eye-catcher on a portrait, all the worse when they are tired, restless and swollen. Before the portrait shooting it is therefore absolutely necessary to abstain from alcohol, nicotine and little sleep. The shooting will be exhausting for the model as well as for the photographer. The recordings can look like forced afterwards. A good night’s sleep not only helps to achieve an even skin appearance, but also tear sacs have no chance.

  • Espect the right clothes as well

Especially when it comes to beautiful nude photography, it is not advantageous if the model has squeezed herself into tight clothing beforehand. It is well known that the cuffs of socks, seams, etc. can leave unsightly marks on the skin after only a short period of wearing. It is therefore better if the model has wrapped herself in loose clothing so that no unsightly incisions or pressure points are visible in the skin.