Photoshooting – tips for outfits, clothes, accessories for the perfect preparation

For a photo shoot a model has to prepare herself accordingly and follow some tips. The model business is a serious and not at all easy job, even though many critics have no idea of the tension and effort in the business. On top of that, models must be punctual and reliable, flexible and easy to handle. A high adaptability to the temporal alignment of appointments, as well as the locality of a shooting belong to the “basic tools” of every model.

Checklist for Models – What is important for a Shooting

Before a shooting you should allow yourself enough rest and sleep. Even the most experienced makeup artist is at the end with his skills when fatigue and a drunken night stick in your face. Even if it’s a very simple and self-evident hint, you should take this tip seriously and put it on top of your agenda as a professional model. The second important point is punctuality. Even if some photographers like to wait and be late for an agreed date, you should radiate professionalism and arrive punctually at the agreed location.

Unpunctual or unreliable models will not be gladly booked, because time is money after all and a team waiting for you in idle mode causes costs. Your accessibility is an important expression of the seriousness with which you look at your job and work in the model business. On the day before the planned shooting, or also on the shooting day itself it can come to unforeseeable changes and thus to a communication to you.

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As an experienced model, you always have your phone at hand and respond to a call, an SMS, or a message in real time. At a shooting you appear unvarnished and even if it seems unusual to you: with unwashed hair. The Makeup Artist can make up and style you better if you stick to these rules and save so much time in the preparation for a shooting. There is nothing against washing your hair the day before, but freshly washed hair is practically impossible to style without numerous styling products and chemical ingredients.

Various outfits and colors for varied photos

All other Must Haves depend on the agreements of your Shootings and should consist in each case of a varied wardrobe. This includes different lingerie in at best different colors, bra’s without straps and shoulderless tops, as well as pumps and other high shoes in different designs. The best thing to do is to rely on shoes and tops that you can combine individually and exchange with each other.

Accessories for your Model Casting

You are also welcome to bring accessories for your hair, such as hair bands and hair clips, as well as your own make-up to the shoot. The goal of a successful shooting, which will provide joy for you and the photographer alike, are great final results, which present you in many perspectives and capture your most beautiful, extraordinary and personal perspectives. Accordingly, it is important that you feel comfortable in the chosen outfits and can pose flexibly. To avoid misunderstandings during a shooting, you should clarify the style of the pictures in advance and discuss, for example, whether you should pose for fashion, for lingerie, for a partial act, or even for an act. Only what corresponds to you and can be combined with your attitude to photography is allowed and becomes part of a professional shooting.

Very important: as a model you must not only bring plenty of utensils with you, but also make sure you are in a good mood and have fun on the set. The best atmosphere and the desire to work are therefore two extremely important things that you should have in your luggage for every shooting and present on site. If you’re not feeling well, you better cancel an appointment and ask for a postponement. Nothing is more counterproductive to great photos than a model who feels unwell at the shooting or is even ill.

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