Photographer Munich

The best photographers in Munich? Here you can find the best commercial photographers in Germany. With a focus on lifestyle and fashion, these photographers show what you can get out of a camera. For advertising campaigns, photo shoots and magazine photo spreads. Here you come back to the overview of all current top photographers.

The best photographers in Munich

Here we have compiled the best photographers from Munich for you. So you can find the top photographers at a glance.

Wilfried Wulff

Wilfried Wulff is a fashion photographer and has mainly fancy haute couture gowns in front of his lens.

Oliver Beckmann

Oliver Beckmann is a beauty and fashion photographer who specializes in magazine shoots. He has clients such as Vogue, Glamour and Elle.

Susanne Neumair

Susanne Neumair is a lifestyle photographer who specializes in outdoor photography.

Kristina Leuven

Kristina Löwen is a fashion photographer who convinces with her consistent style.

Tobias Volkmann

Tobias Volkmann is a beauty and fashion photographer. He has a very memorable style, which ensures him a recognition value.

Andreas Ortner

Andreas Ortner is a fashion photographer who specializes in magazine shoots and thus works with clients such as Elle, Vogue or Bazaar.

Diana Hofmann-Larina

Diana Hofmann-Larina is a fashion and portrait photographer who convinces with her unique pictures and her style.

Juliana J. Schneider

Juliana J. Schneider is a portrait and fashion photographer who inspires her clients with her expressive images.

Carsten Gregor

Carsten Gregor is a fashion photographer who specializes mainly in outdoor photography.

Linus Meier

Linus Meier is a young artist. He mainly photographs portraits and fashion, with expressive models.

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Norbert Kniat

Norbert Kniat is a fashion and beauty photographer based in Munich, Vienna, London and Dubai.

Michael Leis

Michael Leis is a beauty photographer. He works with extreme make-ups and expressive sets.