Photographer Hamburg

The best photographers in Hamburg? Here you can find the best commercial photographers in Germany. With a focus on lifestyle and fashion, the photographers show what you can get out of a camera. For advertising campaigns, photo shoots

but also for beauty and fashion routes they take their models in front of the lens and prove their skills. Here you come back to the overview of all current top photographers.

The best photographers in Hamburg

Here we have collected the best photographers for you and written on a list. So you can find the best of the best from the Hanseatic city directly at a glance.

Reno Mezger

Reno Mezger is a fashion photographer from Hamburg, who also works as a film producer.

Daniel Suhre

Daniel Suhre is a lifestyle photographer who inspires with special outdoor shots.

Susanne Kreuschmer

Susanne Kreuschmer is a beauty and fashion photographer. She works with very natural sets as well as with fancy fashion and lifestyle motifs.

Oliver Reetz

Oliver Reetz is a portrait and people photographer from Hamburg, specializing in lifestyle and outdoor photography.

Marco Rothenburger

Marco Rothenburger is a beauty and fashion photographer who has worked with brands such as Shiseido and 28 Black.

Martina Cyman

Martina Cyman is a fashion photographer, who has mainly sporty clothes and motives in front of his lens.

Muriel Liebman

Muriel Liebman is an alternative fashion photographer, who also proves his ability in the commercial sector. Among others, with clients like AboutYou.

Katharina Hildebrandt

Katharina Hildebrandt is a beauty and fashion photographer from Hamburg, who stays true to her clean style in every picture and still achieves variation.

Jonas Huckstorf

Jonas Huckstorf is a portrait photographer, who also proves his skills in the field of beauty and fashion.

Timmo Schreiber

Timmo Schreiber is a well-known advertising photographer from Hamburg. He has already worked with many large companies, such as VOX, PayPal and also magazines, such as the ‘stern’.

Christine Lutz

Christine Lutz is a beauty and fashion photographer. She is especially known for her unusual productions and her special ideas.

Sevda Albers

Sevda Albers is a fashion photographer who has worked for clients such as ASOS, WEEKDAY and GAP. She is based in Hamburg as well as London.

Anita Bresser

In the portfolio of Anita Bresser, almost everything is represented. Portrait, beauty, fashion, lingerie and sports and everything copes the photographer with bravura. In Germany she is represented by Andrea Herberger.