Oliver Rath: Star photographer is dead

Oliver Rath has died at the age of 38 (Report: Bild.de)- Due to the current occasion, we change the first paragraph of the interview. An interview with one of the most creative photographers in Germany. Celebrities, stars and VIPs loved him. So did we. He told us, “I’m reliable. If my friends need me, I am there for them”. We thank Oliver Rath for his inspiration, for his crazy ideas and photos. His good friend and muse Sophia Thomalla mourns on Instagram with three black pictures. For us Oliver Rath was not only inspiration, he is and always will be.

Thank you very much for the interview.


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Following: Interview, video and photos.

Our interview quickie at the end of 2015 with Oliver Rath:

FIV: Oli, your photographs are impressively different, reminiscent of the 1920s, coupled with a portion of provocation. How would you describe your style?

I usually look at my pictures from third person for months to judge them myself. When they have survived that, they are like little babies to me.

FIV: Why do you like to provoke so much, for example with a lot of naked skin and bizarre poses?

Often it is pure manipulation that provokes, if I succeed.

FIV: So much creativity! Where do you get your inspiration from?

I love comics, Star Wars, fairy tales, and quirky stories that life throws my way.

Oliver Rath – photographer, Berliner, lateral thinker

As an addendum, a video interview by German-Ness. It was made shortly before, in 2015: Photographer and provocateur Oliver Rath shows her his ‘Berlin Bohème’ for one day. Besides a spontaneous photo shoot with lots of naked skin, they pay a visit to the ‘Stay Free Kollektiv’, a commune consisting of artists and spirituals.

FIV: Do you want to send a message to the world with your pictures?

I am incredibly happy when I succeed with one or the other picture. I see it as my destiny to leave a sign.

FIV: Is there anyone you would like to work with in the future? Maybe a certain model?

Yes, Jean Reno!

FIV: How did you get into photography?

Like the flower to the child, I really started with flowers to get a feel for light. Later I liked to photograph monkeys.

FIV: Was it always your dream to start as a photographer, or did you originally have other plans or dreams for your professional future?

Once I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. The temperament of my 2 children could fill a class.

FIV: It’s not easy to make a name for yourself in this business. There are so many photographers and those who would like to be. You made it! What makes you and your work stand out?

It would scare me if I had a secret recipe for that.

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A photo posted by oliver rath (@oliverrath) on

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FIV: When was your moment when you realized, “I did it!” ?

When a nun hit my camera with her bag because the lady in front of her wasn’t wearing enough.

FIV: You moved to Berlin in 2010. What fascinates you about the capital?

Berlin was my first wife, she made me a man.

FIV: What is the artist scene like in Berlin? Are there many opportunities for photographers?

If you don’t subject yourself to too much sensory overload and try to concentrate on the essentials, Berlin is beautiful.

FIV: The fashion and artist business can be tough and exciting. What motivates and strengthens you in stressful and difficult times? Do you have a motto in life?

Don’t lose your dreams.

FIV: What could you not live without in your daily life?

Good books

FIV: When you are not behind the camera, where do people meet you in Berlin?

Quite simple: in front of the camera.

FIV: What kind of person is behind the so talented, creative, provocative and successful photographer Oliver Rath? What do your friends appreciate about you?

I’m reliable. When my friends need me, I am there for you.

FIV: What does happiness mean to you?

Believing in what comes to pass.

FIV: Last but not least, can we look forward to something new from you in the near future?

Right now, I’m still mulling it over.

FIV: Thank you for the interview, dear Oli.

Interview with Oliver Rath – A true original


Oliver Rath, died August 20, 2016. his work, photos & more:

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A photo posted by oliver rath (@oliverrath) on .

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