Fashion Net & Friends Come Together Düsseldorf 2016

Fashion Net & Friends – It’s that time again. The largest industry meeting invites you to a cosy Sunday evening in Düsseldorf. On the occasion of the Order Days in Düsseldorf, the Fashion Net community invites you to a cosy come-together on CPD Sunday for the sixth time. Fashion Net & Friends is a relaxed industry get-together with music, fruity and summery cocktails and good food. Shortly before, there are of course shows. Also during the party we quickly dashed to Thomas Rath – unfortunately we were too late (but that’s another story). In keeping with the theme of the evening Flower Market, the largest industry party in Germany, took place in the flower wholesale market in Düsseldorf. We were there and had a fantastic evening at Flower Wholesale Düsseldorf.

After the trade fair & fashion show: Fashion Net & Friends Come Together Düsseldorf 2016

A wholesale flower shop? Why not? When you arrive, you feel a little disoriented. Walls fence off the wholesale business to the left and right. At the truck gate sits a lone doorman. In front of him are a couple of floating, colorful aerial baloons. After a minute or two, we get the gist – follow the balloons! In the courtyard, lots of trucks, lots of concrete and lots of factory buildings. One by one, fancy cars pull into the courtyard, behind one of the factory buildings. Voila, we are in there. After a long CPD weekend in Düsseldorf we have reached the last destination. The Fashion Net & Friends Come Together Düsseldorf 2016 in the Düsseldorf flower wholesale.

Tada! Lounge, music, drinks, fashion and lots of flowers

Already at the last event in February, the organizers impressed with this extraordinary choice of location. “Our last Fashion Net & Friends Come Together was a huge success, so the choice of location this time was very easy. We are already looking forward to an intensive exchange in a relaxed atmosphere with the movers and shakers of the fashion industry. Above all, we would like to thank our sponsors, without whom this great event would not be possible. The CPD Sunday is set!”, says Angelika Firnrohr, Director of Fashion Net e.V. and initiator of the event. In addition to Fashion Net, other top-class hosts make the exclusive event possible: Brax, Digel, Eterna, Fuchs Schmitt, Seidensticker, Olymp, The Supreme Group, Rabe, Bugatti, Gerry Weber, Lillet, Mavis, Kö-Bogen, Textilwirtschaft and Zerres.

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

Everything was really taken care of. At several small bars, bartenders were ready for all visitors: From water, to fine wines to summery cocktail creations. Very special were the drinks from Lillet. In different food trucks there were small and big delicacies, like Sophie’s Burger ‘Miss Sophie & Friends’. With DJane, house music, singer and an electric violin everyone danced until late in the evening. The regulatory office was also there briefly, the music was too loud, everything a good party needs.

That was a nice evening.

We had a lot of fun and met interesting people from all over the world. From a good conversation with an Indian fashion editor to the Supertalent 2015, a very likeable singer and person. Out of discretion we have held back with photos. But at the party were mainly the hardworking people behind CPD: brand managers, models, sales director and selected press representatives. We thank you very much for the invitation and look forward to the coming season … in the wholesale flower trade.