Photographer and model discoverer Oliver Rudolph

Oliver Rudoph, a fashion photographer with a passion. In addition to fashion and commercial photo spreads, the young creative has a special talent for beauty images . Oli works as a freelance photographer for CM Models and is one of the model discoverers in the newcomer model agency. I talked to Oli about his latest model discovery and what he looks for in a good model.

Oliver Rudolph: “She models at a high level”

FIV: Oli, you discovered Calvin, who is the talk of the town right now. What went through your mind when you saw him at the casting for the first time?

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If I’m honest, it was confusion at first. I could not exactly assess whether he is man or woman. He came to us fresh to the casting and when he entered the room he has in any case already had a strong presence. He has convinced us in the first walk directly.

FIV: What’s so special about him?

When you see him, you don’t even need to explain it so crudely, his appearance speaks for itself. I find it very impressive that he already has such a strong self-confidence and charisma at the age of 15. He already knows exactly who he is and where he would classify himself.

FIV: What are his strengths compared to other models from the agency?

A good example is the catwalk training. She had to walk next to one of our professional models and was directly as good in terms of level, without training or experience!

Oliver about potentials and model types

FIV: What priorities do you use to evaluate models? When does a model have potential for you?

For me, a model has potential when she can immerse herself in different roles and has the right presence in front of the camera. Be it the pose, the implementation of style and emotions or the look into the camera, if the model feels comfortable in his outfit and his role and can reflect this in the same way, then I find that very impressive.

FIV: What modeling area do you see her in?

She is a typical editorial model for me. I’m sure he has great opportunities for a career abroad as well. I see him on covers or in lines for big fashion labels.

FIV:Androgynous models – why is this type so popular?

The type “androgynous model” is very popular, but there are really few who can serve this area as well as she does, and are just so beautiful. She definitely has a very beautiful face that sticks in your mind. It’s also a bit of the mind game with sexualities, of course. You look at someone and you don’t know, is this a man or a woman? And no matter which gender it is, you just think the model is beautiful. Of course, versatility also scores points. You can go either way with the androgynous guy. You can portray him as a woman as well as a man. Often this transition is also very interesting and very expressive, this fascinates people.

CM Models: Experience & great opportunities abroad

FIV: Where do you think she’ll be most successful?

Definitely in fashion. I see him on the big catwalks of this world and in big magazines. He can fully exploit his potential in fashion, he is edgy.

FIV: Is there a particular country where you see him?

I can’t judge that exactly. I think the Asian market would be quite interesting for her, because he would fit well from the figure, from the size, leg length and proportions. But it could also be Paris or Milan.

FIV: Thank you for the interview Oli!

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