Aleksander Ziarnecki – first photo, the way to fashion photograph & 3 tips for models

Aleksander Ziarnecki is a Berlin based fashion and automotive photograph. The 1990 born photograph have already worked with clients like Zalando, Mercedes-Benz and Harpers Bazaar. We have the possibility to ask him some questions about his career as a fashion photograph, his last milestones and his his biggest shapers. Aleksander shares what his first camera modell was and at the end of the interview he gives his 3 best tips for aspiring models.

Way to professional photograph – BMX Accident, first photo, & the fashion world

FIV: You also started taking pictures at some point. When was it and how did it come about? Do you remember your first camera and your first shooting? Besides, you often hear that the first camera is one of the most important cameras for a photographer and it’s very difficult to part with it – does your first camera still own it and would you say that applies to you as well

Aleksander: I began with a basic analog point & shoot Canon camera which I borrowed from my dad. Then, a pretty serious BMX accident made me look for a new hobby so I began photographing my friends on and off bikes. Later on, I decided to quit biking for photography (it was a very good decision) and I bought my first DSLR from Nikon. It was the d60 which was a amazing camera to me at that time. I began by photographing friends in arranged sessions, later I progressed to machining. Great times!

FIV: In which way did your family influence your carrier? Where they really supportive when you first started taking pictures and do you have siblings who maybe took a similar route in their life like you and are also working in the fashion industry?

Aleksander: My parents did not work in the industry. However, the combination of my mother’s artistic soul and my father’s technical mind was definitely an important factor. My parents gave me absolute freedom in choosing my own path. I was given plenty room to search and explore – I consider exploration a most important part of true photography. For the support I received from them, I am and will always be extremely grateful.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

FIV: Photography is a huge market. There is everything from family photography to lifestyle and fashion photography. Why did you decide to focus on fashion and how important is fashion for you overall in your personal life? Do you care a lot about the brands you are wearing or do you prefer a casual look?

Aleksander: I certainly agree that Photography is a vast field, and the fact that it is so dynamic is something that inspires me. I am content that every creative person can resonate will some aspect of photography, from reportage all the way to product photography on the other end of the spectrum. Personally, and for as long as I can remember, I have always been drawn towards photographing people. I have found this area of photography to be ‘soul stimulating’. I focused on fashion after realizing early on in my career that a fashion photograph is a time-frozen portrait alternative to the ‘real’ story of a person. Though I am focused on fashion photography, I don’t have a favorite brand of sorts. Although… I must admit that what Off-White does is quite cool. Nonetheless, you would always find me dressed in a comfortable and minimalist manner.

Biggest shaper of a photograph – from portrait to automotive

FIV: You had the opportunity to gather a lot of experience in your business. What experience would you say did shape your career the most and why?

Aleksander: Trying different things has definitely been the biggest shaper of my career. I was not focused on fashion from the outset. I actually ventured into many areas including, portrait photography, reportage, product photography and even automotive photography (I have a deep weakness for automotive photography and I am certain I cannot cure myself of this). I really don’t want this to sound too serious, but each project I take on provides me with huge lessons and contributes to the evolving shape of me personally, and my signature as a photographer. Be it a large advertising campaign or just a spontaneous shoot of my friends in my hometown, I strive to produce nothing short of my best work, and that means I always learn something.

FIV: As a photographer, you have a lot of work. But much more than work, it’s still a passion. Do you have a goal as a photographer? A particular model you would like to shoot or a location you would like to travel to next to work? And what would you say was your last big milestone in your career as a photographer?

Aleksander: The list of goals are overflowing and is continuously growing with new ideas. I am certainly proud that so far, I have been able to work with numerous well-known brands and many truly amazing people. As for people or places to work with or at, I have no plane. For years, I’ve kept an ideabook which includes several sketches. Nonetheless, completing sessions better that I envisioned is a deeply beautiful feeling. While I don’t have plans of people or places to work with, I do have some “crazy ideas’ which I would be very happy to complete in the future. To provide some context; Balenciaga’s last campaign with the golden lambo hanging on a crane is something that resonates with my ‘crazy’ side

Becoming a model – 3 tips

FIV: In your career as a photographer you have shot many different models. Over time different types of models emerge. If you shoot an editorial or test with a model – what are the 3 most important things that this model should have to work with you?


  1. Be yourself and do not pretend to be someone who you are not. You can see that immediately. Often when I’m relaxed at the session and the model notices it, it changes his/her behavior beyond recognition, and this is when the best work is usually produced
  2. Do Your Best
  3. Don’t be afraid to experiment even if it seems dumb or silly to you

Aleksander Ziarnecki Photography