High Fashion & High Tech: Thomas Rath presents “La Beauté” in Düsseldorf

Copyright: Thomas Rath (Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for Platform Fashion)

Between semi-couture and skin couture: fashion designer Thomas Rat surprises again and again. This time especially with a daring mix of high fashion & high tech. Thomas Rath says: “The guests can look forward to a unique show between high fashion and high tech in the beauty segment”. All this in a fashion show, as part of Platform Fashion. Here he shows his new semi couture collection “La Beauté” for the first time. And the name certainly says it all! Another highlight is the integration of his new skin care line “TR Skin Couture” in cooperation with KLAPP Cosmetics. The new collaboration will be launched in early September 2016 and will then be in stores. Today is the day and fashion designer Thomas Rath presents his new collection “La Beauté” here in Düsseldorf, on Sunday evening, 24 July 2016.

Before the show! The fashion fair at the Böhler site in Düsseldorf

But before that we go to the exhibition halls for a few impressions. The CPD has really made an effort and conjured up a small fashion world in the Böhler area. Through the industrial influences of the facility, clothes work even more. The incidence of light is simply gigantic compared to closed halls.

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The new collection by Thomas Rath “La Beauté” – Luxury and silk

What is packed into his new Skin Couture valuable is also evident in the Semi Couture collection: it’s all about “pure luxury and silk fabric for creaming – with all the good side effects,” explains fashion entrepreneur Thomas Rath and adds: “Together with casual oversized coats and fine silk blouses, floor-length hippie couture dresses adorn the catwalk for the first time and show up in intense summer pastel shades.” As said before, the “guests can look forward to a unique show between high fashion and high tech in the beauty segment.” Of course, one also found Skin Couture in the goodie bags. A little present to test out. Here are a few more photos from the show:

Fashion designer Thomas Rath – Designer and entrepreneur

Thomas Rath started as a fashion designer at a young age. Although his family was not enthusiastic at first. Why should they be, they’d had a small sausage factory in Cologne for three generations. And now the boy wants to make fashion? Already in school he decided to go into fashion. Later he worked for fashion companies at trade fairs and did the styling of the models at the fashion shows. It was not until 2010 that he then founded his own fashion label under his name “Thomas Rath”. Two years later, the creative fashion designer moved to Düsseldorf with his partner Sandro Rath. The rest is history! Thomas Rath is popular with many, through his collections at QVC but also with stars and celebrities.


More about fashion designer Thomas Rath

Of course, there is much more to be found on the internet. A few good places to go for Thomas Rath fashion are here: