Eggersmann Kitchens: Unique, E3.o & Work’s

Eggersmann has been in existence since 1908 in the fourth generation and can look back on a company history rich in tradition. The kitchens are classic, elegant and absolutely high-quality. Many Eggersmann examples are made with special stone blocks and are therefore unique pieces of craftsmanship. The kitchens are manufactured in Hiddenhausen in eastern Westphalia. Eggersmann sets high standards with three product lines. High standards in design take up the largest part of the product range here. But Eggersmann’s range also includes classic, modern kitchens. Here, the luxury kitchen manufacturer from North Rhine-Westphalia produces exclusively to order and offers individual customer solutions. A special feature: Eggermanns continues to cultivate traditional craftsmanship and relies on years of experience.

Unique: stylish minimalism

The kitchen revolution with Unique stands for minimalist design. With only one material, which is used for all surfaces. The focus is on individuality and unusual materials. The highest standards in quality and materials make Eggermann’s Unigue kitchens a special place for everyone. Free to develop and away from excess working space in the kitchen segment. Basically, it is exactly the minimalist, which makes the special charm of the Unique kitchens and despite all this, a first-class kitchen amiante is created.

E3.0: individual made-to-measure

Eggersmann itself leads the way with the promise that each kitchen specimen is a valuable one-off. Here, individual customisation has a name – E3.0. The best possible technical solution for every requirement profile, always with first-class components that make the kitchen specimens special. With the help of the E3.o concept, Eggermanns tries to implement your individual wishes and to work according to your specifications. Of course, the high quality of the workmanship and the materials used should not be neglected. Large, functional shelves and cabinets help to bring the special Egermanns style to your home.

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Work’s: Cooking at a high level

With the large Eggersmann “works” product line, the German company offers the perfect playground for professional chefs. The functionality of a professional kitchen and a perfectly clear arrangement are features that stand for the works line. The big plus: short distances and specific arrangement for your very individual user interface make Eggersaamnnn kitchen models a very special place for cooking fans. The “work’s” system brings design and aesthetics together. The idea is to view the kitchen as a kind of workshop where new things can be tried out. A kitchen optimised for people who like to experiment and hobby chefs.

In the summary

  • Unique – Stylish minimalism with only one material for all surfaces.
  • E3.0 – individual customisation has a name
  • Work’s – A kitchen design aimed at professional cooking