Wardrobe Furnishings: Plan, build and design walk-in wardrobe with matching furniture

Wardrobe furnishing – Who doesn’t know it? Your wardrobe is bursting at the seams. The amount of pants, dresses, shirts, and shoes won’t fit in the front and back of your closet. There just isn’t enough room to store each of your beloved pieces. So there’s only one thing to do: sort it out, right? No! We’ll show you how to easily create your own walk-in wardrobe, incorporating places like sloping ceilings. We’ll also show you the pros and cons of each option and explain how you can create your own individual wardrobe so that all your precious treasures finally find a place! Click here to return to the overview: Room furnishing. Tip of the editors! Interior trends and styles presented at a glance: Furnishing styles.

Walk-in wardrobe: storage space and organisation

At the first moment, a walk-in closet sounds really great and is a real dream idea. After all, the wardrobes are a sign of a luxurious lifestyle. Where else can you find the facilities? Mostly in the homes of the super rich. Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Cara Delevigne: even without having seen their luxury apartments and houses, it’s clear: the models must have a walk-in closet

Not only because they have a lot of money, but because fashion is their job. Every day the top models are photographed by photographers and they rarely wear the same clothes. Designers send them new pieces just to be worn to the public. All of this leads to a lot of closet space being needed.

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Pros: Plenty of room, storage space for clothes and good organization

Your most cherished clothes are also well taken care of in a walk-in closet. For one thing, it is known that the closet form offers much more space than the standard closet, as it is rather something close to a dressing room. Not only does this give you extra privacy, it opens up a whole room to store your clothes in.

  • Well organized
  • Nice overview
  • Plenty of room

Disadvantages: Less space for other things? Costs & Co.

The disadvantages of a walk-in closet or dressing room arise primarily when the closet is installed in addition to or even as a retrofit in an apartment. In this case, it means sacrificing space for the sake of storage. You should be aware of this in any case. In addition, fitting out a dressing room can cause extra work:

  • Takes up space
  • Price

Build your own wardrobe: Planning, instructions and more

To be able to call such a wardrobe his own, there are several options. Firstly, it is possible to place value on the existence of a dressing room when looking for a new living environment. Furthermore, a walk-in wardrobe can be easily built by yourself under certain conditions. If construction measures are not your thing, there are also some providers who have specialized in the creation and personalization of a wardrobe.

Planning: area and budget

The first step to your own wardrobe is planning. Start by thinking about a few factors, for example, it is very relevant how much space you actually want to allocate to the wardrobe. Do you have a space that is otherwise difficult to use, such as a sloping roof or a small room where the space is very limited by the sloping roof? These are wonderful for a huge wardrobe that you can fit yourself in.

Once you’ve decided on a room or space, it’s a good time to start brainstorming. What do you need to make room for? How many pairs of shoes, how many long dresses and coats, t-shirts and so on do you own? And most importantly, do you want everything hanging or would shelves be an option? Drawers are almost essential for smaller items like lingerie and stockings, but can also be replaced with baskets.

Instructions: large wardrobe by room divider

If you don’t have a separate room, a walk-in closet can also be more or less set up. The trick here is to use dividers to create clear boundaries between the living or sleeping area and the area for your clothes.

Shelves open on both sides and partitions such as screens are particularly suitable for this, but the clothes rails themselves can also be used to create the illusion of dividing the room. It is important here to set up a partial privacy screen that also provides a certain visual separation.

Furthermore, you can of course put even more effort into the new dressing room and draw walls. Construction walls are best for self-installation, but unfortunately are not a real eye-catcher, so if you live in your own home, it is worth the construction effort and pull more solid walls.

Sloping roof: the perfect place for a wardrobe

A living space with sloping ceilings can be a real nuisance, especially if you have no plans for what to do with the space. How about a really spacious wardrobe? It’s a perfect fit under sloping ceilings, as they’re a great place to stagger clothes and shoes.

So at the lowest point can be packed shoe racks and a little higher clothes rails. Space for a narrow wardrobe is also available, this can separate, for example, neutral and colorful clothes on the bars, or work wardrobe from casual.

Depending on how far the wardrobe is built into the room, you can quickly make the wardrobe accessible. And with the right living accessories, you won’t want to leave the place. We’ll tell you what these can be in the next section.

Equipment: Dressing room with shelves, mirror & Co.

Sometimes it’s not just the contents that count. Especially walk-in wardrobes are a luxury that you should savour. After all, clothes make the man and the right choice of clothing also depends on the overview that your own wardrobe offers. Otherwise, your favourite pieces quickly slip into a dark, back corner and get lost. With the right arrangement and the right accessories, this can be easily avoided.

Shelving elements: organise with style

Wardrobes and shelving units are by far the most important part of your walk-in closet. They let you determine the layout of the room and, let’s not kid ourselves, they significantly fulfil the purpose of the room. Of course, you can go for bespoke for this, but luxury furniture suppliers have a few things on offer too. Roberto Cavalli Home, for example, offers luxurious shelving units studded with Swarovski and more. And we’ll tell you more about building your own later.

Mirror: Who has the most beautiful wardrobe in the whole country?

Not only can you check your styling and redo your lipstick, mirrors also help you to visually enlarge the wardrobe. They also reflect the light from your lamps and brighten up the room. A wardrobe is simply not complete without a mirror.

Mirrors are also a great way to add a stylish accessory to your wardrobe, because they don’t have to be boring and plain. Boca do Lobo, for example, offers mirrors in its luxury furniture collection that will simply delight you.

  • Boca do Lobo

Seating: Benches, armchairs and more

If your dressing room is large enough, it’s also worth setting up a bench, armchair or other seating. Not only will these benefit you when you want to put on your shoes, for example, and provide a place to store the clothes you’ve already chosen, but presenting outfits is so much less stressful when the other person has a comfortable place to sit for a while without any problems.

It also contributes to the room climate and makes your walk-in wardrobe look much cosier. You can find armchairs and other cosy room decorations at Hermès, for example.

  • Hermès Interior

Room divider: clever room division

At the beginning of this article, we already mentioned the option of separating the wardrobe area with room dividers, especially if you are staying in a rented apartment, for example, which doesn’t give you the freedom to determine your room layout yourself. You can find screens or Spanish walls from various suppliers. In the luxury furniture sector, for example, from Essential Home or, especially exclusive and only made to order, from Gucci.

Wardrobe in small rooms: tips and tricks

Often walk-in closets are made part of the living unit, to otherwise hardly usable space, ascribe a purpose. This sense and purpose are then the accommodation of clothing. However, it presents you with a special task, at least if the room is not yet furnished: How do I make the best use of the space? We’ll tell you!

Storing shoes: Door shelves and other options

An absolute insider tip to store shoes clearly are door shelves. These offer you the possibility to store many pairs without having to forfeit a lot of space. In addition, shoe racks can be placed particularly well above and below the clothes rails.

Our favorite, however, is a little hack. If you have an alcove in your closet, you can use telescopic rods to easily make a perfectly fitting shoe rack. Telescopic rods are your friend when setting up a small closet anyway, because they make a lot of things possible. But beware. Telescopic rods won’t hold heavier weights. Heavy coats and dresses should be hung on wall-mounted coat racks.

Wardrobe: space for clothes and accessories

Your wardrobe should have at least one wall-mounted clothes rail, otherwise it could be difficult to create space for jackets and coats. Most wardrobes also have additional hooks for scarves, hats and caps.

Smaller wall surfaces can also be used by attaching light adhesive hooks to them, which provide space for accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and more. When it comes to jewelry, there are multiple possibilities anyway. Do you want the pieces lying or hanging openly in the room? Alternatively, you can store them in a drawer or jewelry box. In addition, many luxury houses offer you small jewellery trays. Take a look at Dior, for example, where you’ll find little boxes that may soon contain your favourite rings.

  • Dior Maison

Shelves: Build clear storage yourself

Besides clothes rails, open shelves are a great way to give you the possibility to find what you’re looking for without much rummaging. They’re especially easy to assemble yourself with wooden boards and brackets, which also gives you the option to customize the length.

However, the practical organizational solution brings one big disadvantage: clothes collect dust faster. So it’s worth a few thoughts about cover, because a dressing room accumulates a lot of dust.

Lighting: Highlight your Clothes!

Not to forget the lighting, which raises your wardrobe to a new level. LED strips are highly recommended, which you can install inconspicuously under the shelves. If you’re more into ostentatious ceiling chandeliers, that’s no problem either.

Luxury apartment with walk-in closet

Your current apartment doesn’t have a walk-in closet and also no possibility to install one? There’s only one solution: move out! Of course not, but if you’re actually looking for a new home, here’s what apartment and house names to look for if a walk-in closet is at the top of your list.

Loft apartment: Living with industrial charm

Lofts are the highly sought-after luxury apartments that are often housed in old industrial buildings. That doesn’t seem so glamorous to you at first, then take a look at our article on this type of apartment and let us convince you of the opposite. Because lofts are not only modern and offer a lot of space, the living space is often flexible, so to speak the perfect place for a walk-in closet.

  • Loft

Penthouse: Apartments with a view

Often penthouses do not need a lot of words, but we would like to explain briefly why penthouses or penthouse apartments could be interesting for you. Penthouses were originally houses on the roofs of huge skyscrapers, especially common in cities like New York City. Nowadays, however, the term also refers to luxurious living units on the top floors of a house.

Most of the time, luxury goes hand in hand with space for personal valuables. By that we don’t mean a safe, but a large wardrobe. After all, there are bags that at times have undergone a higher appreciation than gold.

  • Penthouse

Villa: Ultimate splendour real estate

When talking about luxury living solutions, a villa is of course a must! The huge houses offer multiple bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms as well as space for walk-in closets. Read more about the house types here:

  • Villa