Monaco – beautiful light at the playground of the rich

Anyone who earns a lot of money has to pay high taxes – at least that is the case in most countries. For this reason rich actors, singers, sportsmen and other stars have repeatedly moved their residence to the Mediterranean in the past decades. There, the small Principality of Monaco offers them a refuge in which almost no taxes are due on the income they earn – practically for many VIPs and the super-rich. To do this, of course, you have to meet certain conditions, but they are not particularly strict, and you also have to adapt to the lifestyle of the Principality. Due to the many rich and beautiful people who live here, however, it is relatively expensive, even if it is often more about appearance than being. Not for nothing, for example, the rapper Money Boy has already posed in front of the Monaco skyline in the video to his song “Monte Carlo” to underline his wealth – of course it is not clear whether all the expensive apartments have already been paid for. Also the Prince, Prince of Albert, can be seen more often at parties in Monaco.

Games of chance are very popular

The much money that has flowed towards Monaco over the last decades has of course also ensured that gambling is very popular in the small principality. The Monaco Casino is therefore one of the most popular destinations for fans of cultivated gambling. But if you don’t necessarily want to make your way to the Côte d’Azur to place your bets at such games, you can now also do so on the Internet. There are a whole range of online casinos that offer many alternatives from classic table games to slot machines. If you have never tried it before, it is best to register on a comparison page in a Test Online Casino and use the free trial versions of the individual games there. You don’t take any risks, but first you can get to know the process exactly. Those who have then convinced themselves of gambling on the Internet can transfer a first balance to their account in the online casino and risk a little money.

Casino has shaped Monaco

If you take a look into the casino of the Principality on a trip to Monaco, you will find a game temple with a long history. The house was opened as early as 1863 and was supposed to boost the economy at that time. Only five years later, a railway line was opened to the then still very modest fishing village – thus began the upswing. Already in the 19th century many nobles and celebrities came to Monaco, many of the visitors also wanted to try their luck at the game tables. Of course there were always cheaters among the visitors, but all in all you can look forward to well-groomed games and a unique atmosphere at the tables. It’s not for nothing that the casino has served as a backdrop in many films, just like the rest of Monaco. Finally, the impression of almost unlimited wealth is created here.

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Attraction for black money

Not only the low taxes, but also the very lax supervision has in the past caused high sums to flow into Monaco year after year. Not every euro spent here has been legally earned. How high the share of black money on the real estate market is, can hardly be said with certainty. However, even the Spanish ex-king Juan Carlos I. has already been associated with corruption and money laundering – among other things he is said to have bought land in Monaco on behalf of a woman with whom he had an affair. Nevertheless, Monaco is sure to attract many people in the coming years who want to see the fascination of life in luxury for themselves. With a bit of luck, you can even improve your travel cash for the trip by winning at the casino – locally or online.