Gigi Hadid: Penthouse New York, House Tour

Gigi Hadid: Penthouse in the Big Apple

New York: Time Square, Statue of Liberty or Central Park. The city is known for its many sights. Numerous films and series have already been shot in the big city. It is, among others, the home of Carrie Bradshaw from the film and series “Sex and the City”.

But not only invented characters find a home in the city, but also real stars like Gigi Hadid. She and her boyfriend Zayn Malik fulfilled the dream of many people: they own a penthouse in New York. Since they are expecting a baby, they want to live together with this one.

Noho in New York

Which place did Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik choose to live in New York? Their stylish apartment is located in the “Noho” district. This means “North Of Houston Street”. It is located in Lower Manhattan. If you are interested in music, this is the right place to be, because the underground music scene has its place here. If you have an appetite or want to go out in the evening, this is the place to be. The small neighborhood is stylish, but also not necessarily cheap. Art lovers, but also fans of architecture are in the right place here.

Penthouse of Hadid & Malik

Cozy meets individual: The penthouse of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik has some eye-catchers to offer, but is also a place to feel good. That these rooms are filled with life is immediately apparent. Who always wanted to know times, how the two stars live then and decorate and furnish their at home, experiences over it equal more.

Gigi Hadid’s cosy living room

Her living room in New York proves that Gigi Hadid is not only good at modeling but also at furnishing. She even shared a picture of it on Instagram. The individual seats of the sofa have different color shades such as orange, gray or sometimes a pattern. The cozy couch is characterized by a pattern mix throughout. Cushions and a blanket give the room another sociable atmosphere. On the coffee table is a large woven basket in which books or magazines have been laid out. Also a candle should not be missing on the table.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

What you can also see in her apartment: skis. A dark pair and one in rainbow colors. So if you don’t rush down the slopes with them, they are also really cool decoration objects. Right next to them you can see a big TV on the wall. On the other side of the skis you can see a piece of the wall that was covered with wood. On it is an art object in an interesting shape.

Gigi Hadid’s dream of kitchen

A kitchen is also a must in the penthouse of the parents-to-be. The work surfaces are available in marble look. A golden tap adorns the sink. The wall cupboards, but also the base units are white. A super contrast: a stove or oven in anthracite. The piece of wall above it is also clad in a grey tone. On the work surfaces you will find a toaster, a kettle or other cooking utensils.

A really unusual and special highlight in the kitchen is probably a kind of kitchen island where pasta is sorted by color. Yes, you heard right. And why not: Even here the eye eats along with the food. Some doors on the island have a window, so you can see many different kinds of pasta and colors. Whether green, yellow, red or blue noodles: There is probably something for every taste. In any case, it looks like Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are big pasta fans. This idea will probably make many hearts of other pasta lovers beat faster. On a shelf you can even see a huge bowl filled with many billiard balls. Surely not everyone has that at home in their kitchen.

The dream of many women: To have their own dressing room and to ask themselves in the morning in peace and quiet which pair of 50 blue pumps fits best to the rest of their outfit. In Gigi Hadid’s dressing room you can unfortunately only take a small look. You can see a shelf with different bags. But then there is a make-up room. A yellow carpet makes the room cosy. An old looking hairdresser’s chair in yellow stands on it, in front of it is a table. Above it hangs an apparently large mirror, which was equipped with individual lamps on the sides. Just like a typical show mirror.

The eye-catcher of the staircase

The stairs also got an upgrade. The walls next to it are white and empty, but the stairs are the eye-catcher here. It was equipped with a carpet that covers every step. So the staircase looks a bit more comfortable. The patterns of the carpet are colorful.

The bedroom of the two celebrities

Anyone who has ever wondered how Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik decorated their bedroom will of course get an answer to this question. The bed is made of wood, with the edge of the back of the bed not being straight. This gives a more natural look. Comforter and sheets are white here. There is a small lamp on each of the two bedside tables. Above the bed there are round wall objects hanging for decoration.

The bathroom of the two is also impressive. Here you can see again shelves and partly also walls in marble style. A small Polaroid picture is framed next to the sink. A transparent door with black frames gives a view to the shower and bathtub. Behind it you can see some towels: Of course, in a bathroom they should not be missing.

Also a real eye-catcher: In a bathroom even walls are quasi wallpapered with different covers of “The New Yorker”. These were then hung over the bathroom tiles. If that isn’t even creative. But this is by far not the only eye-catcher in this bathroom. There is still a yellow ballpoint pen in XXL that leans against the wall and is certainly still waiting to be used. There is also a red picture on the wall that reflects the openness of the two towards other people.

Gigi Hadid’s penthouse in New York

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