Influencer, Blogger AND Youtuber: Maren conquers the net!

Maren Wolf, formerly known as “Beautypeachiii”, has been active on Youtube for almost 10 years. Earlier this year, the pretty brunette also published her own blog “More about Mary”, where she gives her readers inspiration on the topics of fashion, lifestyle and travel. I talked to her about her past, fashion and her future.

900k! Maren Wolf is one of the top bloggers in Germany

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“I wanted people to know my real name”.

Maren, I remember your Youtube channel used to be called “Beautypeachiii”. Tell me, why did you change your name on all social networks, is there a special reason or just because your content in general has expanded?

I’ve been doing YouTube for almost ten years now. My content has therefore changed and I myself have grown up. For me, the name BeautyPeachiii was just a bit too childish.
I wanted people to know my real name and I think that makes a person even more approachable. Also, I never really felt addressed when someone came up to me and said “Hey you’re BeautyPeachiii” (laughs)

At the age of 17 you have already shared your life with other people via social media like Youtube. You take your fans with you on vacation, they know your husband and your girlfriends. How do you feel about life in public and what kind of person are you in private? Describe yourself in three words.

Yeah, that’s right. The people who watch my videos really know a lot about me and my life. But not everything. By now I’m much more comfortable with being in the public eye. When I was 17, I didn’t think about the fact that so many people would watch my videos and know me. How would I describe myself? Honest, animal-loving and creative.

Living in public? – No problem for Maren

You often post pictures on Instagram and videos on Youtube with your husband Tobias. First of all, all the best and love to you both! How long have you two actually known each other and how do you cope with your marriage being so public, due to you both being very active on social media? Doesn’t the lack of privacy bother you in some situations?

Thanks for the congratulations. We’ve known each other as long as we’ve been a couple. Over five years.
We are very comfortable with that. We chose to be public by choice and as I said, people don’t know everything about us. People know our house from the inside, but there are many private things that stay in the family.

Perfect look: Comfortable and stylish through the winter

If you follow your YouTube channel, your Instagram account and your blog, it quickly becomes clear that you are very much concerned with the topic of fashion. Your outfits vary from casual street style to chic evening looks. Do you have any fashion must-haves for the winter and how do you see the perfect winter look?

For me, there is nothing better than casual and cozy clothes that are stylish at the same time. Like every winter, I love oversize pieces. Whether sweaters, jackets or scarves.

On your Youtube channel you have some videos around the topic “beauty”. Do you have an insider tip for my readers against dry skin in winter and what are your top 5 beauty essentials without which you would never survive the winter?

Very important, drink a lot. No matter if in summer or winter. In addition, it helps to cream the skin regularly and very important: never without lip care.

“Everyone has their own style and wears what they like”.

You as a Youtuber, Influencer AND Blogger get around quite a bit and are certainly often invited to trade fairs and the like. At such events you see people with different styles. Among all these people you often notice outfit combinations that you don’t like at all. Explain which pieces/colors you should never combine with each other and what is the biggest fashion sin for you?

I have to be honest, of course there are outfit combinations that you personally don’t like, but I don’t think there are any fashion no-goes. Everyone has his own style and wears what he likes. No matter if green combined with orange or unicorn sweaters. (laughs)
What I personally can’t get on with at all, however, are peeptoes.

This year you have been to many places such as New York, Stockholm, Miami, Mallorca etc… Which trip has been most memorable to you so far and which destination is at the top of your travel list?

That’s easy! My honeymoon was the most beautiful. We experienced a lot and were in our dream city, Los Angeles. We connect a lot with that city and love it. I would super love to travel to Bora Bora one day though.

Your blog, which you started at the beginning of 2017, is also very well received. Nowadays it’s very hard to make it with a fashion/travel/lifestyle blog, because there are already so many like that, but you did it. What do you think is the reason for that and what makes your blog different from others?

Phew, good question. To be honest, I can’t answer it. I often ask myself why it is that I inspire so many people. I think people just like my person.

“My greatest wish is to have children”

It must be a lot of work for you to come up with something new and creative every day. You have to post regularly on your Instagram account, your Youtube channel and your blog. Do you have specific goals you want to achieve and where do you see yourself in 5 years?

That’s right, after so many years you have just produced so much content, but it does not get boring. Every year there are new trends and you always find new ideas. You just have to do what you feel like doing. Where do I see myself in five years? My biggest wish is to have children. I hope to have two by then or at least be pregnant with the second. Otherwise I hope that I can see a lot of the world until then and two secret projects are still in planning.

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