Separation year: How does the separation year work? + Questions & Answers

The year of separation – in every marriage there are crises. However, if these are insurmountable, it often comes to separation and the desire for divorce. However, before this can be made legally binding, the couple must go through a separation year. But why is this separation year needed at all and how does such […]

Interview with TikTokern Jenny and Marco: Fun couple, parents-to-be & life in public

Jenny and Marco have a huge success with soon 3 million followers on the internet platform TikTok! Every day they serve their fans with funny videos – no wonder, because the two are a real dream team with their easy-going and humorous way: they got married in 2019 and are expecting their first child in […]

Save taxes: Where to start! Income, corporation, asset accumulation – examples

Tax Saving: Classification, income, turnover, coaching – tax benefits and tax concessions as well as tips and tricks on the subject of “saving taxes” are essential for entrepreneurs, freelancers, pensioners & Co. in order not to lose track of the many laws and guidelines in tax law. Although everyone is familiar with the word “tax”, […]

The big guide to divorce – settlement of consequences, pension entitlement and the divorce process

A divorce consists of many important steps. From the separation year to the divorce petition and the pension equalization to the eventual divorce date. In all these steps, there are important things to consider, such as the right legal counsel, the correct form of applications and forms, in order to facilitate a smooth and quick […]

Sylvie Meis: VIP life between children and shows

Moderator, blonde, beautiful, small – the name Sylvie Meis comes to many people’s minds in this description. There’s always news about the blonde’s life. We have for you the most important information about her person and the news of beauty from television. Star Portrait – the ups and downs of the power woman If you […]

Influencer, Blogger AND Youtuber: Maren conquers the net!

Maren Wolf, formerly known as “Beautypeachiii”, has been active on Youtube for almost 10 years. Earlier this year, the pretty brunette also published her own blog “More about Mary”, where she gives her readers inspiration on the topics of fashion, lifestyle and travel. I talked to her about her past, fashion and her future. 900k! […]