Skandi style: Furnishing in the trendy Scandinavian look or Scandi style, tips & ideas

Skandi style – Not only in make-up is more emphasis placed on naturalness again, but also in interior design. On Instagram, the Scandinavian interior style is getting more and more attention. The mixture of coziness and the modern is very appealing to many and radiates homeliness and tranquility. Characteristic is usually a light floor, which is accompanied by furniture in beige and golden decoration. The modern, clean white is complemented by warm tones through the furniture, creating a harmonious picture. Click here to return to the overview: Furnishing styles.

Skandi style: Your home simply & comfortably furnished

Scandinavians are considered role models not only when you talk about fashion, but also when you talk about Scandinavian interior design – the so-called Skandi style. Take a room with a wooden floor and add furniture in nude tones to it. When doing this, you have to make sure that the furniture is not allowed to push itself to the forefront. The room should be seen as one unit, so no piece of furniture should stand out because of an eye-catching color. A harmonious mix of woods, textiles and plants is particularly important and essential.

“Keep it simple”

Here’s a little: how to video, to introduce you to the Skandi style:

Wall colours in nude & earth tones: less is more

Statement walls are out of place here. Blue, grey and nude tones are the perfect wall colours if you want to furnish your home in Scandinavian style. The Scandi style is inspired by nature. For this reason, people choose organic and light colors that suit the minimalist interior design style. If you want to live Scandinavian, you like it quiet and tidy in your home, so the wall color should reflect exactly that. Choose warm and calm colours, such as an unobtrusive, warm blue, grey or beige, which can perfectly complement the interior design.

In addition to wallpaper, it is also popular to fix wood panels on the walls to give the room even more coziness. By painting the panels in white, the warmth of the wood is combined with the modern and clean color: white.

Flooring & floor covering: A warm wooden floor for Scandinavian living

Since the connection to nature should always prevail, the Skandi style is based on wooden flooring. If you really want to do it right, choose a beautiful wooden floorboard that radiates a lot of charm and warmth. Ideally, the plank should be glazed white so that the floor does not look too present and everything looks more modern throughout.

A beautiful wooden floorboard stands for tradition and nature, which is why the Skandi style wooden floorboard is just right. As there is still a lot of nature in Scandinavia, the Scandinavians also value it very much. A plank floor is therefore a good way to bring the beloved nature into your home.

5 products you need for skandi chic!

  1. It Piece to bring the Skandi style home is a fluffy and deep couch that exudes coziness. A couch made of teddy is also becoming more and more prominent due to social media. Usually, a matching teddy chair is also added to the sofa. A real, cuddly eye-catcher for every living room.
  2. It Piece is a wooden table that brings warmth and cosiness to your dining room.
  3. Piece is a lamp with a mix of materials. The lampshade should be in fabric look and the feet of the lamp in wood look. Through the material mix, the lamp fits perfectly into the living room or bedroom.
  4. It Piece are vases as pots in which dried flowers or plants are brought to the fore. With the help of vases in gold, earth tones or even black, you bring nature in the form of plants and flowers home.
  5. Last It Piece are woven carpets. In the Scandinavian interior, a lot of emphasis is placed on DIY, i.e. things that are handmade. A woven rug in cotton look therefore fits perfectly into any room and gives the interior that certain something.

Scandinavian living room: Couch, carpet & Co.

The living room is seen as the center of the house. This is where you spend most of your time with family or friends. So it is all the more important to design this room appealing and cozy, so that you want to spend your time there. The focus is on simple, clear shapes and restrained, warm colours. With the help of the decoration of cushions, blankets and carpets, individual eye-catchers land in the room, which make the living room look more modern and absorb the drabness a little.

Sofa: the center of the room and every living room

Beige, grey or white? Everything fits. It is usually chosen inconspicuous sofa, which is in nude tones. The sofa should be covered with fabric or even teddy fabric. Again, you will find the motto: less is more. The task is to design a sofa despite simple shapes as a cozy eye-catcher. The most important thing about the sofa are the cushions and the blankets – the mixture of textile and cotton is particularly important here to create a cosy feeling. The use of blankets and cushions makes the couch look more inviting and homely. For the pillows and blankets, it’s best to use natural tones like beige, a light brown, or a light grey/blue, so that the accessories blend in perfectly with the rest.

To complement the sofa perfectly, add a coffee table. A coffee table made of natural materials is just the thing. For this reason, one decides on a table in wood optics or one falls back on a robust marble top, which is then set off with golden or stainless steel table legs.

Carpet: furnishing highlight and plus point for comfort

Cold feet when getting up – no thanks. The Scandinavians think so too and for this reason it is all the more important to add a carpet as an element in the living room.

Often rugs with modern patterns and prints are chosen that include the color black as a contrast. However, if you don’t want a carpet that is flashy, you can’t go wrong with a carpet in the colour beige. Since in the Scandinavian interior a lot of emphasis is placed on craftsmanship and natural materials, crocheted rugs are particularly popular because they reflect craftsmanship and also look homely.

Decoration: Materials like gold and wood are in vogue

Gold rush is not reprehensible here, but that’s what you need! Gold and wood are the key to success here. Golden decoration radiates much more warmth than silver decoration and thus fits perfectly with the wood. Candles or planters for flowers are particularly suitable here. Since interior design emphasizes the use of natural materials, it is also important to include plants or flowers in the decoration. A golden vase brings the plant even more to the fore. Vases in nude tones or in beautiful grey tones are also very popular. A real highlight in the Scandinavian style of furnishing are the lamps, as these provide the necessary coziness. Especially trendy are lamps made of wood, which radiate a lot of warmth through the use of wood as the main material – whether as a ceiling lamp or side lamp, both are essential to implement the Skandi style.

Skandi style bedroom: beds, blankets & pillows

Also in the bedroom it continues with the coziness. However, here again: less is more. Once again, light and warm colors are used to stay true to the style. Matching accessories spice up the drab choice of furniture a little and give the bedroom its very own charm and the necessary coziness.

Bed: cosiness factor in the bedroom is a must

The bed is the focal point of the room and you want that to show. A bed in white or beige is the right choice to stay true to the style. A plain beige box spring bed that has an upholstered back is considered a special eye-catcher. A white or light beige top bed is particularly trendy and is therefore popular. When combined with matching pillows and a bedspread that matches the pillows or cushion of the bed, the bed stands out in the foreground of the room. By using the accessories, the bed gets a certain degree of coziness factor that you do not want to miss.

Minimalist or DIY wardrobe: cupboards, shelves & clothes rails

Especially trendy are cabinets that you can put together individually. They offer a lot of storage space, but are still not too present in the room and remain in the background.

Another option is to use homemade clothes rails. Here you take a wooden element and hang it under the ceiling with the help of cords and hooks. You can then hang clothes hangers on the wooden element – a great way to incorporate natural materials in the bedroom. However, since you can only hang clothes on the clothes rail, the clothes rail is usually complemented by a Malm wardrobe (Ikea) or another plain wardrobe that provides storage space.

Lamps, curtains and co.: How to create ambience

Here again, it is important to create ambience through matching decorative elements and to give the room its own character. Especially suitable are lamps that are decorated with gold or are again made of wood, as they radiate a certain warmth. In addition to ceiling lamps, you should also use floor lamps or bedside lamps. In a cool corner, floor lamps are particularly suitable to enhance this corner visually and through the light. Bedside lamps next to the bed ensure that the bed once again comes to the fore. You surround the bed with your light and give them even more coziness and warmth. If you want to place even more emphasis on cosiness, you should definitely add curtains in natural tones or white and a carpet.

Kitchen: Living & cooking for the whole family

Scandinavians are known for being very family-oriented people. Therefore, the kitchen is a very important place in the house. Here we cook together three times a day, whether it’s a quick breakfast in the morning or an elaborate, hot dish in the evening, it doesn’t matter, this is where the family meets again. It is therefore all the more important to design this common room in a particularly appealing way, so that people want to spend time in the kitchen.

Kitchen counter: Materials like wood and bright ceramics, gold handles & co.

The kitchen unit is made of glazed wood and usually in white or a creamy white. The simple and modern white is then enhanced by a country style wood texture and matching door knobs. Meanwhile, you see black kitchens a lot, focusing more on the modern than the cozy, warm and comforting. So if you want to get it right and feel the Scandinavian flair, opt for a light kitchen front, usually accompanied by a kitchen island where everyone can sit.

Worktop: wood, marble or stone must be

The worktop is best chosen from natural materials. A wooden worktop is ideal for this, as it gives the kitchen the warmth it needs to be inviting. However, if you want to go more in the modern, clean direction, then a worktop made of marble or stone is perfect. So there are several ways to design the countertop.

Crockery and cutlery: also home accessories for the dining table in the Skandi look

Details in the form of decoration are not only important in the living room or bedroom, but also in the kitchen. Matching crockery and cutlery has become more and more important over the last few years. It is important to choose crockery that is coordinated and matches the rest of the furnishings. The cutlery should also be chosen to match the crockery and the kitchen. For example, if you have gold doorknobs on the kitchen cabinets, you should go for gold cutlery instead of silver, so that again everything looks coherent. Cute, ornate cutlery in country style is also very popular and looks traditional.

Dining room: Dining with Scandinavian flair

At the dining table you can spend nice evenings with the family when you don’t feel like watching TV. In the dining room, the coziness is again capitalized, but you can deal with the color choice a little more openly than, for example, in the living room.

Table made of natural materials like marble & wood

Once again, natural materials are used for the table. A beautiful, light wooden table is ideal as the focal point of the room and brings warmth and a familiar feeling with it. Who likes it here again more modern and cleaner, can of course reach for marble or glass. The most important thing is that the materials are natural.

Chairs: material mix – wooden legs and cast seat shells are modern

The chairs that are also shown in the picture are best suited. Material mix chairs are particularly trendy, they offer the possibility to combine modernity with nature. Furthermore, the chairs offer a comfort through the backrest and therefore invite you to sit.

Since less is more in Scandinavian furnishings, minimalist chairs are often used, which are made entirely of wood and usually do not match in colour, but are complemented by matching seat cushions.