Berlin dental practice: KU64 & 65 on Berlin’s Kudamm by Graft Architekten

KU 64 / 65 Dental Practice Kudamm – This is a multi-part project by the Berlin architectural firm Graft that has it all. A unique dental practice designed to make a visit to the dentist a relaxing and pleasant journey. Unusual colour schemes, individual furnishings and a design in a class of its own: this […]

Luxury properties Berlin Grunewald, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf – “Villa M” by Graft Architekturbüro

Villa M Berlin – Villa M in Grunewald is a private residence designed by the renowned architectural firm Graft from Berlin. This villa in the attractive residential area of Grunewald stands out with its modern and unique design language. Design and implementation are individual and set an absolute highlight in the neighborhood. Here we tell […]

Maritime furnishings: Deko, Möbel & Tipps des Einrichtungsstils für Wohnzimmer, Schlafzimmer & Co.

Maritime interior style – a desire for the sea? Who doesn’t have that right now. To bring the holiday feeling a little bit home and avoid wanderlust, furnish your house or your apartment in maritime style. With just a few simple steps you can bring that Mediterranean flair into your home, which spreads summer vibes […]

Minimalism furnishing: renouncing decoration and superfluous furniture – The art of minimalism

Minimalism Furnishings – Who doesn’t know it: personal or rather impersonal belongings pile up at home. There is no more room on the shelves, in the cupboards or on the windowsill and you sit in your own home, look around and ask yourself: do I even need this? This is where the art of minimalism […]

Living room furnishings: Modern ideas for decoration and furnishing with furniture such as sofas, tables & co.

Living room furnishings – Interior design is no longer only relevant directly after moving in. A place where you spend as much time as your own home can quickly lose its charm. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to regularly redesign your own four walls and try out new furnishing styles. It is […]

Skandi style: Furnishing in the trendy Scandinavian look or Scandi style, tips & ideas

Skandi style – Not only in make-up is more emphasis placed on naturalness again, but also in interior design. On Instagram, the Scandinavian interior style is getting more and more attention. The mixture of coziness and the modern is very appealing to many and radiates homeliness and tranquility. Characteristic is usually a light floor, which […]

Basement apartment: definition, experience, tips and advantages & disadvantages

Basement apartment – what is it actually? This is certainly the question most people ask themselves when they hear the name of this type of apartment. Because not only maisonette, loft or penthouse come along with unusual names. Basement apartments are underground living options, which can be found in the basement or cellar. In addition, […]

Saint Linh interview: Daily routine, big change in her life & plans for singing and TikTok career

Saint Linh is riding high with over 600,000 followers! But she didn’t plan it this way: a holiday fun with her brother eventually became her breakthrough on the popular social media platform TikTok. Within a very short time, her life changed to one she couldn’t have dreamed of before – her videos, which were once […]

Kari Kari from Russia – Exclusive interview with the incredible model and influencer

Wonderful, amazing model & influencer from Russia, Kari Kari is one of the most beautiful russian model to follow on instagram. She is used to give precious tips and advices about beauty and to share outstanding outfits everyday. As a model, she works with a lot of russian and international fashion brands but also with […]

Learning to take pictures: Avoiding beginner’s mistakes

Beginners always make a lot of mistakes and that applies to photography anyway, which is a good thing because everyone can learn a lot from mistakes. A typical beginner’s mistake, however, is to constantly rely on the automatic for the best setting. So the beginner doesn’t learn anything and his photos don’t get any better, […]