Kari Kari from Russia – Exclusive interview with the incredible model and influencer

Wonderful, amazing model & influencer from Russia, Kari Kari is one of the most beautiful russian model to follow on instagram. She is used to give precious tips and advices about beauty and to share outstanding outfits everyday. As a model, she works with a lot of russian and international fashion brands but also with luxury brands from Paris. FIV Team has prepared an exclusive Interview with Kari Kari for you.

Incredible model : Kari Kari – Experiences & Tips

FIV: Hi Kari Kari, How are you? You are an incredible model and influencer from Russia. How did you start with the model business? What experiences did you have ? What did you learn till now?

Kari Kari: Hello. I am very good. Thanks very much. I started modeling 10 years ago in Russia, in my hometown which called Stavropol. Was going to kind of models school  for a year and then there was a competition in Moscow. After that I sign with the best agencies in the world like Trump models, Major, Storm ,Bravo, IMG and Next. So I started to work all around the world ( New York, London, Milan,Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, Hamburg and many more.. It was a good experience I worked a lot. And have met incredible people and had a very interesting life. I’ve learned in that time that many dreams can come true. And that in all situations you still have to behave like a human being.

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FIV: Kari Kari, you look like very busy between your shootings, travels, fashion events and also your daughter. How does your everyday life/ daily routine look like there?

Kari kari: Its not that easy to be a mother and still continue a normal life. You have to get used to it. And my family helps me a lot. Without my family I couldn’t do it at all. They help me with my daughter and also my mom helps me with instagram. My daily routine looks pretty much simple. I wake up, doing some sports. Then having a breakfast with my daughter and family. Then 1-2 hours i spend in my laptop. Doing some work. Then  different if i need to do some meeting, or I travel or I enjoy the day with my friends and family. And I work also with my phone before going to sleep.Then can read a book.

Best adresses in Paris: Shopping center, Restaurants & Tea rooms

FIV: Your fashion life allows you to discover all the latest trends in the capital of fashion. You are so lucky! Where are your favourite places in Paris located? (Shooping center/Restaurants/Tea rooms)

Kari kari: Yeah with that I am very happy. That I had this chance. My favorite shopping center in Paris is gallery lafayette. It’s absolutely the best . And you can find everything there. And also I love Zara and little shops in la Maree. I love to mix clothes. For me its not important the brand. Its have to look cool. Can be even t-shirt from H&M or vintage shop. And my favorites restaurant is Costes, Chez Mila, Derrière , Mademoiselle Mouche , Le Marta, Le Georges, Loulou .

FIV: As a fashion influencer and model, what are your fashion must-haves and why?

Kari kari: I would say my fashion must have its perfect jeans, white shirt and comfortable and beautiful shoes. I love beautiful and comfortable clothes and shoes. Its must have when you have a kid.

Top 5 beauty essentials to travel with

FIV: Kari kari, you are used to work with beauty and skincare brands to get a perfect skin. What’s your secret? Which products do you recommend? And What are your top 5 beauty essentials that you cannot travel without?

 Kari kari: I am actually not crazy about any skincares brands. I use most of the time natural creams I get in pharmacy or I love Korean cosmetics. And for travel I take cream for hands Nevea, lipstic bourjois, parfum Kilian , bb cream erborian and I love the water for face Evian.

How to improve your Instagram photos?

FIV: Your instagram pictures are amazing and beautiful! As a model and influencer, do you have some advices for people who want to improve their Instagram photos ?

Kari kari: You need a patient and you need to love to do pictures. I use some apps for making:It more  interesting . Its called VSCO, Presco, Facetune.

FIV: You are also used to attend many events. What was your biggest success/ your favorite moment as an Influencer?

Kari kari: My favorite moment as an influencer is that I can cooperate with very big brands all around the world. Like Mac cosmetics ,Wella ,Evian, Kilian, Shein and some others. I was also nominated in Influencer Awards Monaco last year. Which is a good sign for me. And also I Can share all the beautiful pictures I did with my followers and inspire some other people also. Now days it’s bringing me money. I still looking for better success then I have now and am sure there is more to come. Its not an easy job as everyone think.

Trendy clothing for the Autumn/Winter season

FIV: Your style is outstanding! You are always  looking for new trends. Where did you get your fashion inspiration? And what´s your favorite outfit for this Autumn/Winter season?

Kari kari:  inspiration is other fashion influences, magazines, instagram, fashion shows. And my favorite outfit will be total leather look like leather jacket, and leather pants. No mater which season I love leather but bio leather.