Berlin dental practice: KU64 & 65 on Berlin’s Kudamm by Graft Architekten

KU 64 / 65 Dental Practice Kudamm – This is a multi-part project by the Berlin architectural firm Graft that has it all. A unique dental practice designed to make a visit to the dentist a relaxing and pleasant journey. Unusual colour schemes, individual furnishings and a design in a class of its own: this is what makes the KU64 Dental Clinic and also the KU65 Kids Club in Berlin so special. The dental clinic for young and old makes treatment an experience, and offers plenty of space for discovery and distraction. Find out more about this extraordinary architectural project here!

KU64 Dental Clinic & KU65 Kids Club: Dental clinic with design

The projects “KU64 Dental Clinic” (2005) and “Ku65 Kids Club” (2011) were both commissioned by the dentist Dr. med. dent. Stephan Ziegler by the architectural office Graft. The aim was to turn the dental practice, which has mainly negative associations, into a real world of experience that would make the patient’s visit as pleasant as possible. The goal was clear: away from the clinical and hygienic state of emergency, towards positive associations of well-being and relaxation. The fear of the dentist should be forgotten, associations of a visit to the beach should be evoked.

© Tobias Hein / KU 64

Location in Berlin: Kudamm, city centre

The dental practice of dentist Stephan Ziegler is located in the center of Berlin, directly on Kurfürstendamm in the Wilmersdorf district. The central location and the unique design make the practice a patient favorite, and especially children get their money’s worth here. The connection to public transport is optimal due to the central location.

Streetview: Tour of the practice

Don’t have any dental issues, but would love to take a look around the property? No problem! With Google Streetview, you can not only view the building from the outside, but also take a virtual tour of the dental practice. Take a closer look at the design and layout of the rooms at your leisure.

KU64 Dental Clinic: Dental practice with comfort and attention like in a spa

The concept for the design and architecture of the KU64 Dental Clinic was to represent a radical, new type of the usual dental practice. Shades of yellow, red and orange, as well as the implied dune landscape, are intended to create a space that makes the visitor feel as if they are visiting a beach. The floor curves up and the ceiling forms waves: the space is meant to envelop visitors and doctors rather than enclose them. “Dune mountains and valleys” are thereby arranged to preserve privacy and maintain a sense of intimacy, but still allow for a generous view throughout the practice.

© Tobias Hein / KU64

KU65 Kids Club: Dental practice for children with “playground”, colours and pictures

The Kids Club was created in 2011 as an extension of the Ku64 practice, and is – as the name already suggests – a children’s dental practice. The dune landscape from the already realized KU64 practice is continued in the Kids Club, and allows climbing and playing on ceilings and walls of the practice through various applications. One of the highlights here is a vertical garden behind which the treatment rooms are located.

© Tobias Hein / KU65

Special Features: Daybeds, fireplace, climbing wall & vertical gardens

What actually makes the dental practice on the Kudamm so special? The pictures speak volumes! This is probably one of the most unique and unusual dental practices you have ever seen – especially in Germany. Innovation and design combine with the functional purpose of a dental practice and turn the visit to the dentist, so feared by many, into a positive experience.

The interior design, laid out like a dune landscape, and warm colours are intended to convey a feeling of a spa and a visit to the beach, while the fireplace and sunbathing areas invite you to linger. Health and well-being are the main focus here. The Kids Club is also designed with the positive experience of young patients in mind. Climbing facilities distract children from anxiety and provide plenty of space and opportunity for play, fun and discovery.

© Hiepler , Burnier / KU 64

Technical data: location, client, construction period

The project of the KU64 / 65 dental practice was very close to the hearts of the architects from Graft Architekturbüro. To create the combination of a “classic” dental practice with innovation and a completely new feeling for the patients – that was the difficulty. In the meantime, the practice extends over two floors for young and old alike, and offers plenty of room for discovery. Here are some technical facts of the special architectural project:

  • Location: Berlin, Kurfürstendamm
  • Project: Health (dental clinic)
  • Client: Dr. med. dent. Stephan Ziegler
  • Period: 2005 (KU64 Dental Clinic)
  • Period: 2011 (KU65 Kids Club)

© Hiepler , Burnier / KU64

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© Tobias Hein, KU65

More pictures & impressions: KU65 – Child-friendly doctor’s visit

Here you get some more insights into the Kids Club on Kurfürstendamm. Particularly special here are the penetrating color scheme and the many child-friendly illustrations on the walls, ceilings and floors.

© Tobias Hein, KU65


© Tobias Hein, KU65