Terrace apartment: advantages and disadvantages, definition and importance for tenants, buyers and interested parties.

Terrace apartment – New city, new job or just in the mood for a change? There are countless reasons why a change of scenery can be on your doorstep. You dream of an apartment that is within your budget, meets your needs and provides quality of life and a feeling of “home”? You can’t quite see your way through the complex world of real estate between old building flats, lofts, granny flats and apartments and are looking for a summary of various types of flats? Then you’ve come to the right place, especially if you want to buy an apartment! The following will answer all your questions about terrace apartments. A dream apartment, an apartment including a refuge or just hidden costs? Find out!

Terrace apartment: what is it? – Definition & Meaning

Ground floor apartment with terrace: the residential dream of many, especially in big cities. To escape the turbulent and hectic life in metropolises, terrace apartments are perfect. Cafés, crowds and hustle and bustle outside the four walls, peace, comfort and a piece of nature in your own four walls. If you’re lucky, your terrace will lead on to a small garden. As you can see, a dream of many apartment renters. But this is not where the definition of a terrace apartment ends. Especially in cities, the “rooftop terrace” trend is constantly gaining popularity. Modern architecture is reinterpreting the terrace apartment! See for yourself what advantages and disadvantages a terrace apartment has to offer, who it is suitable for and what other information is hidden behind this gem of an apartment!

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When is a “terrace” actually a terrace?

Summer, sun and a glass of wine. Where better to enjoy this in cities than on your own terrace? The terrace apartment living trend has enjoyed growing popularity within the last few years. But when is a “terrace” a terrace? What size, conditions and templates need to be considered? Perceptions are known to vary. One person dreams of a deck with wood siding and a charcoal grill. The next one of a rooftop terrace including fairy lights and a hammock. So that you don’t fall into a landlord trap, we present you – apart from the individual leeway and freedom – the legal definition of a terrace:

A terrace is a ground-level space that is exclusively assigned to an adjoining living space, has a solid floor covering and is suitable for setting up tables and chairs.

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Does the terrace count towards the size of the apartment?

As dreamlike as the idea of a terrace apartment is, as nightmarish often turns out to be the dispute about the correct determination of the living space. Does the terrace square metre count towards the floor area of the apartment? How is a terrace to be taken into account when calculating the living space? We have summarised the most important facts so that you can keep an overview and avoid falling into landlord traps:

Regardless of whether you can call a terrace with a view of the sunset your own or whether your south-facing terrace is perfect for cosy barbecue evenings in summer – according to the WoFIV (Wohnflächenverordnung) 2004, only 25 percent of the terrace floor area is included in the total floor area. In exceptional cases of extremely elaborately finished or well-located terraces, 50 percent can be counted. Why. A terrace compliments an each dwelling perfectly, however, this can be used also not at any time fully. Accordingly, this must be taken into account when calculating the size of the apartment!

Source: Terrace apartment (Lukinski.de)

What terrace apartments are there? Ground floor, roof terrace & Co.

Terrace apartment equals terrace apartment? Wrong thought! Even though the main feature of a terrace apartment is, as the name suggests, the terrace, there are several types of terraces, which all delight with their different advantages. See for yourself!

Ground floor terrace apartment with garden

You are looking for the classic model of the terrace apartment? Then welcome to the ground floor with terrace and usually an access to a small garden. A big advantage here is often the associated garden. This type of apartment is not limited to any particular room layout or apartment size. The only distinguishing feature is the fantastic terrace, often with direct access to a small garden. We like!

Modern architecture with terrace-balcony

With the term “terrace” many associate only a classic terrace with wooden cladding on the ground floor. Welcome to the 21st century! Nowadays, the definition of a roof terrace goes far beyond that image. Modern architecture and design have created new possibilities.

Dream terrace as rooftop in big cities

As beautiful as terraces of any kind are, nothing can steal the first place from the popular rooftop terrace. Whether it’s dinner evenings on balmy summer nights with friends, a cosy brunch with your best friend or a relaxing day with a good book and a glass of wine – you’ll never get tired of the breathtaking view of your entire surroundings – whether it’s the old town, the city or the countryside!

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Room layout: from 1-room apartments to ground floor lofts

A terrace apartment is much more than just a terrace apartment. It can be a cozy 1-bedroom apartment for students, a beautiful old building in single-family size or even a modern artist loft. What unites all apartments? A breathtaking terrace, which can be used especially in the spring months and warm summer nights. In which room layouts do terrace apartments inspire? What room layouts, what important advantages and disadvantages the terrace apartment brings with it, you can read here!

1 room apartment with terrace: Life in the city for students & co.

As the name suggests, this is an apartment consisting of one room. This type of apartment is particularly popular with students. The large room is used as both a living room and bedroom. Optimized room design is the recipe for success here. Normally you also have a bathroom/toilet and in many cases a separate kitchen. Not so with the 1-room terrace apartment. Your 1-room experience is sweetened here with a fantastic terrace. Small but nice – for students above all often a dream property, which is worth looking for!

3 room old building apartment for family life

You have a small family and are addicted to the classic interior style? How about a 3-room apartment in an old building with a terrace? Sounds like a dream come true? Typical features of an old building include stuccoed walls, high ceilings, double doors and old built-in cupboards. Depending on the house, you can enjoy a barrier-free terrace or a roof terrace. Old building charm including an outdoor retreat? What more could you want!

Terrace and loft apartment: luxury for every apartment seeker

A loft is known for its special layout – a large room with high ceilings creates an open, lively ambience. Especially among the younger generation, this apartment model enjoys great popularity. Are you looking for an open, cosy and at the same time modern apartment with that certain something? Then a loft apartment with a terrace will fulfil all your dreams.

Advantages & disadvantages of a terrace apartment

You hear the word terrace apartment and dreamlike associations spread in your head? You’re not alone! A glass of wine, a bright red sunset and deep conversations? Or maybe the cozy barbecue with your best friends in a hilarious mood? A terrace apartment has become THE apartment dream for many. As many advantages as this apartment model brings with it, one must not completely close one’s eyes to the disadvantages. Here is a brief overview of the positive and negative aspects of a terrace apartment:

Advantages of a terrace apartment: barbecue evenings, fresh air and co.

  • Improved quality of life
  • Fresh air / nature
  • Direct access to the outdoor area
  • Additional usable space outdoors
  • Perfect location for barbecues etc.

Disadvantages of a terrace apartment: conflicts, unsightly view and co.

  • Burglaries easier in the case of a ground floor apartment
  • Unpleasant environment
  • Potential for conflict with communal garden areas adjacent to the terrace
  • Hidden costs (terrace area counts in part to the total area of the apartment)

Terrace apartment: suitable for whom?

Who is the average tenant or owner of a terrace apartment? That varies as much as the models of terrace apartments themselves. Rental prices range from affordable to high-priced to unaffordable. Here’s a quick overview of who which model is best for:

Families: A nature dream in the city

An afternoon in the summer on your own terrace with flip-flops on your feet, a glass of wine in your hand and the child playing on the terrace – what family doesn’t dream of the little nature oasis in the middle of hectic city life. Patios offer many more than an outdoor sanctuary. A terrace offers a better quality of life. Fresh air, a touch of nature feeling and, with a little luck, a beautiful view make family life even more enjoyable in many respects!

Pensioners & seniors: no steps, double comfort

Especially among pensioners terrace apartments of the ground floor variant enjoy great popularity. They do not have to overcome steps or cumbersome staircases. A barrier-free dream for pensioners. On the ground floor you can reach the terrace apartment directly. In addition to this bonus point, the countless other advantages of a terrace shine through. Improved quality of life, a retreat to relax and enjoy, a gathering place for family and friends. Retirees often have to part with their family homes as they age, an apartment with a terrace and possible small garden comes as the perfect compromise! A compromise, which will not be a compromise for long, but rather a perfect change!

Student and single life: A terrace as a refuge

Tired of the typical student life in a 1-bedroom apartment where cabin fever is already pre-programmed? Then you will love this type of apartment. In addition to a living room or bedroom, a terrace offers you the perfect opportunity to escape your 4 walls. Fresh air, a breath of nature and in the best case a beautiful view often help to regain lost motivation and to keep a clear head. In addition to this practical aspect, the fun factor should of course not be left out. Whether it’s boisterous dinner parties with friends in the summer, cosy pizza evenings with your best friend or a visit from the family – a terrace offers space for endless possibilities to enjoy life. We like!

What you should consider before buying/renting a terrace apartment

Your anticipation of your new apartment takes over and you throw yourself full of motivation into the project of apartment hunting? But a few hours later you find yourself in the middle of a real estate chaos? What has to be considered? Which steps should not be forgotten? Which documents must be available? All these questions are just the beginning of the unfortunately often underestimated apartment search drama. But don’t worry, with our tips we want to help you to keep the overview. So nothing stands in the way of your dream apartment. Enjoy!

  • Research: Nature, fresh air and co. – what is important to me?
  • Apartment viewing, How is the terrace area included in the rent?
  • Provide documents before signing the lease
  • Moving – Welcome to your new dream apartment!