Find a realtor!? Sale your house and apartment: Advantages, disadvantages + 5 tips

Finding a broker is often more difficult than you might think, as the market is crowded and there are many different offers. However, not every agent will suit every property, so property owners should find out exactly what agents are available to find the right one for their property. There are many tips and tricks and some things to consider.

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The perfect real estate agent – how to find the right consultant for your property

The Perfect Real Estate Agent will help you with the sale of your property, create an appealing advertisement, answer prospective buyer enquiries, plan and coordinate viewing appointments and finally help with the conclusion of the contract, the purchase agreement, notary appointments etc. He is always available with advice and support and will help you to sell the property as successfully, quickly and easily as possible.

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5 tips for the search for an estate agent – how to find the right agent for your property search

The search for an estate agent is not always easy, as there are often many different offers and the stimulus satiation is high. However, there are some helpful tips that can help you find the perfect broker.

The search begins on the Internet

The Internet determines today’s time and thus also the profession of the broker. A good online real estate platform is the be-all and end-all for estate agents, which is why you too should start your search for the perfect real estate agent online. The region is very important and should be used as a first point of reference. From here, follow your instincts and look for several alternatives.

Learn from the experiences of others

In addition to online research, it is always a good idea to ask friends, acquaintances or relatives about their experiences and opinions. Brokers are often very familiar with certain areas and have good contacts and networks there that you can take advantage of.

The sympathy effect counts

The first impression you get from the brokers is usually online. The simple design of the advertisements can tell you a lot about the person behind them. It is likely that they share a similar taste, the sympathy between them is also right and the chemistry is very important in a project such as selling real estate. So already during the search, pay attention to what appeals to you personally and whether the real estate agent might be suitable to market your property.

The early bird catches the worm

A professional broker will contact you within one day after a request. The brokerage business is very competitive, which is why the following applies here: The early bird catches the worm. Be aware that it is often difficult to reach estate agents by telephone, as they are on property viewings with clients during the day. If an estate agent makes them feel that they are difficult to reach, then potential buyers will also have had this experience and other estate agents may offer them better conditions.

The price must be right

It is best to compare the price range in advance. How much do properties with similar location and equipment cost? This information will help you to assess what the estate agent is proposing and what the price range is. However, it is not only the price of the property that matters, but also the amount of commission. A reputable estate agent will openly raise the issue of commission with you and propose an agreement. The amount can be freely negotiated within the framework of legal limits and depends on the price of the property, the conditions usual on the market and the market situation. The negotiated amounts are recorded in writing in a contract.

With or without broker – the advantages and disadvantages

Anyone thinking about selling their own property will sooner or later ask themselves the question: with or without an estate agent? This question cannot be answered in a general way, but the use of an estate agent has advantages and disadvantages and can be useful depending on the individual situation.

The advantages – expertise, experience and the relief of the seller

Brokers are professionals in their field and therefore know the market inside and out. They know what is going on in the region, what the prices are and how much demand real estate is like yours. Not only can they help you set the selling price, they also know about legal requirements and obligations.

Selling a property on your own also involves a lot of time and effort. Estate agents take this burden off your shoulders, answer prospective buyers’ enquiries, organise viewing appointments and present them with a well thought-out selection of potential buyers. The time saved is enormous for you and the property sells itself, so to speak.

Probably the most important advantage, however, is the expertise and experience that an estate agent brings with him. From sales contracts and the current legal situation to advertising for your property to the right target group, an estate agent is there to help you with advice and support and helps you to sell your property not only profitably, but also quickly and easily.

The disadvantages – the commission and the reputation

However, under certain circumstances, the estate agent may also have disadvantages that could hinder the sale of the property. For example, the agent’s reputation is extremely important and is an indicator of the success of your property sale. For example, if the agent you choose has a reputation for being unfriendly or a rip-off, your property will have a poor chance of being sold in his ad. Therefore, inform yourself well about your broker in advance, ask friends or acquaintances what they have heard about the broker’s work and form your own picture of the person.

Another disadvantage is the commission. This will increase with successful marketing of. buyer and seller divided and can be enormously high depending on the purchase price. This is one of the most reasons why many property owners prefer to go it alone and shy away from the help of an estate agent.

The commission – the amount, the payment and the legal conditions

When you ask an estate agent to sell your property, you give him a binding order. It doesn’t matter whether you speak to the agent himself or just an employee, because such contracts are always business and not personal. So before you actively ask for an agency for your property, find out whether the agent is really the right one for your project.

In order for the agent to be able to claim his commission after the contract is signed, he must provide proof of his activity. In general, the broker is only paid if an effective contract of sale is concluded between buyer and seller. The commission is negotiable within a legally defined framework and should always be recorded in a contract in advance. A so-called commission independent of success is basically ineffective and cannot be demanded from a broker! A commission advance is generally possible, but only if this is repaid should the property not be sold.

Sellers have in principle the possibility to state in a contract that the commission is to be carried by the buyer. Here, however, an unambiguous formulation is decisive which excludes your commission obligation. However, if an estate agent works for both parties, he must inform all parties about this double activity, otherwise he could lose his commission claim.