Real estate XXL – House, apartment, inheritance, divorce, buying and selling

Here you learn everything! For example, calculating the return on an investment. You will learn about savings deposits as the best known investment, as well as life insurance and of course real estate as a long-term investment. We start with a safe form, the fixed deposit account. We will also look at high interest rates for capital investment abroad. There are even more details, tips and value analysis here in the article: Capital Investment XXL. Our conclusion: Investing capital in fixed-term and overnight deposits is worthwhile, real estate is the crowning glory.

Buying and selling

Does real estate make sense as an investment? What do I do after the inheritance, sell or rent? And does a condo make sense as an investment? Your guide for the first real estate purchase or sale:

Buying and selling in detail

At some point, the time comes. If you don’t work in the real estate business yourself and find yourself in a situation that has to do with real estate, then sooner or later you will ask yourself: Wouldn’t it make more sense to hire an agent? On the one hand there is usually the cost argument and on the other hand everything should be done without complications, problems and stress. We have the right solution for you. We have conducted an interview with an expert in the field of real estate.

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  • When is the right time?
  • Costs & Procedure
  • Buying, selling and capital investment
  • Commission, how is that calculated?
  • Competencies and tasks of a good broker
  • Development of the rent index
  • Buying real estate: these three points are important
  • The interview about buying and selling real estate

Does real estate make sense as an investment?

Real estate as an investment? Many people at some point in their lives come to the point where they wonder if it might make sense to invest in a property. As a layman, it is sometimes quite difficult to find your way around the topics on real estate. We have conducted an interview with an expert for you to answer any unanswered questions. Our expert answers questions like:

  • Does real estate make sense as an investment?
  • Investing money in Frankfurt & the Rhine-Main area, is Brexit driving up property prices?
  • 3 tips for investing in real estate
  • New building in a good location?
  • Read now in the article: Investment makes sense?

Renting or selling?

Many are looking forward to it the whole time they are at school. Everyone wants to take the big step and finally move out. But when the time comes, there are a lot of things you have to figure out to make everything work out the way you imagined. The most important thing you need in this situation is support. Support from parents, support from friends and also support from professionals. It’s especially handy when you don’t have to worry about almost anything yourself.

  • Hire a real estate agent – This speaks for it
  • Tasks of a real estate agent – from the valuation to the handover of the property
  • The costs – brokerage fees, commission & buyer principle
  • Sale – Different regulations in the federal states
  • Letting – The buyer principle
  • Read more about renting or buying here?

Condominium as an investment: sensible?

Many people come in the course of your life on the idea to invest in a condominium. Especially as a layman there are always questions. We have conducted an interview for you with an expert in this field. Here you will learn everything about the topic of condominium as an investment, among others:

  • Condominium as an investment
  • Reviews for real estate portals
  • Cities with the highest rents for apartments in Germany
  • The planning of a broker
  • Development of sales prices
  • Tasks of a broker
  • Costs around real estate
  • Real estate as an investment: Investing for the long term
  • Here you will find all the facts: Condominium as an investment

Buy a condominium

As soon as you move into your first apartment, for most people it’s rent, rent, rent. Every month you go to work many hours to spend the largest part ultimately for the next rent due at the beginning of the month. It’s no wonder that many young people are considering buying a condominium as soon as possible.

We enlighten about:

  • Benefits such as money in everyday life & protection in old age to freedom of choice
  • Disadvantages such as administrative burden and the neighbors
  • Private or broker?
  • Costs for the purchase and financing of the condominium
  • Type of apartment: the differences
  • New building or old building?
  • Read now at Buying an apartment: Costs and procedure

Buy a house

The dream of owning your own home, living independently within your own four walls, being able to design everything yourself and furnish it according to your individual wishes. But with this wishful thinking it is far from being done, because there is much more to buying a house. There is a long way to the goal of being able to lean back, relax and enjoy life in your own garden. To make this as easy as possible, here are the best tips & tricks on what you should pay attention to when buying a house and what pitfalls you can avoid.

We’ve got all the essentials for your first home purchase:

  • Requirements – the way to your dream property
  • Financial planning – financing options and requirements
  • Search – brokers, patience and ads
  • Legal basics – purchase contract, land register entry & Co.
  • Notarisation of a purchase contract – the notary helps with land register entry and more
  • Transfer of ownership – from seller to buyer
  • Building money & costs – what you have to pay when buying a property
  • Building money – 6 tips for successful financing
  • Follow-up loan – debt rescheduling and long-term planning
  • Incidental costs – hidden costs when buying real estate
  • Advantages & disadvantages – the purchase of real estate
  • The great guide to buying a house

Exclusive objects: Luxury brokers

If you are looking for an exclusive property, you don’t need a normal estate agent but a luxury estate agent with specific knowledge and a good network. Many of these properties will also never appear in the usual real estate portals.

Real estate is a relatively safe business, because “lived” is always, in all parts of this world. However, real estate does not necessarily have to be rented to other people, it can also be excellent as a parked investment. In metropolises such as Berlin, London, Dubai or New York, land is often bought without being built on, purely speculatively. The increase in the price per square meter is so extreme that the vacancy alone yields a large return, through pure capital expenditure.

Tip! Recommendation (external) – Lukinski: The Luxury Brokers

Taxes and tax saving

You as a home owner can save taxes with your property. First of all, there are many benefits that you get. Thereby you save taxes and not insignificantly. First of all, a “yes, but” – benefits are only available for property owners who do not use the property privately. If you use the property privately, all the benefits of buying a property will cease to apply. No major tax advantages for private use.

But there are a few tricks: like the land transfer tax. The rate of land transfer tax depends on the state. But it is due for everyone, when buying a property, for the land and for the construction on it.

Tip for new buildings: First buy the land, then place the building order later!

With this handy tip for new builds, you’ll only pay land transfer tax on your property.

Sell house

Selling a house is a complex matter and involves many different steps. From the creation of an attractive advertisement to the valuation of the property and the subsequent legal steps, such as the purchase contract and the appointments with the notary. During all these steps, various points must be taken into account in order to emerge profitably from the real estate sale.

  • Determining the value of real estate, this is how appraisers proceed
  • Presentation, the right way to showcase your property
  • Notary, legal person to supervise the purchase contract
  • Purchase contract, the most important points must be regulated
  • Common mistakes, avoid stumbling blocks
  • Everything about selling a house

Building: Prefabricated house, solid house or log house?

After the first few years of working life, many people think about whether it is time to start a family. Often, the creation of a family is associated with the plan to move to a larger apartment or even a house.

If the decision stands then once and you plan to build a house, then you face many questions that need to be answered. Especially in the field of real estate there are many different terms with which you can not start anything. To help you a step further, we explain in this article the different construction methods. The article is about:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of prefabricated, solid and log houses
  • Video about the production of the construction types
  • Fast and cheap or stable and stable in value?
  • This and more in the article Prefabricated house, solid house or log house?

Massive house

Wooden house

Regions: Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich & Düsseldorf

Many people play with the idea of buying a property in one of the popular cities. These cities include Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Munich. But to find the right property is not so easy and as a layman it is often difficult to assess whether it is worth investing in an apartment or a house as an investment. We have conducted an interview with an expert for you.

Mallorca: Real estate purchase and safe investment

Due to the current market situation, investing in your own property is considered particularly recommendable as a profitable way to invest capital. This also includes the acquisition of holiday homes in other European countries, such as Mallorca. After all, the sun-drenched Balearic island is still one of the most popular travel and emigration destinations for Germans.

Investment Q&A: Nursing home property and tax advantages

Many topics around real estate are complex. In particular, topics such as capital investment are often not understandable for laypeople. It is all the more pleasant when someone who knows the subject well explains it in simple terms. FIV has conducted an interview with an expert for you. In this interview you will learn everything about capital investment. The interview is about:

  • Investment real estate, this is what you should consider!
  • Should we take risks?
  • Development of house prices in Germany
  • Number of newly constructed residential buildings in Germany by federal state
  • How have local rents developed in your region in recent years?
  • Is the capital investment worthwhile?
  • Different property types and investment opportunities
  • Investments in retirement or nursing homes
  • Investing for the long term
  • Questions and answers on capital investment: care property to tax advantages

Inheritance and divorce

Suddenly, you own a house. The reasons are so different, from the death of beloved parents to divorce, depending on the marriage contract.

Inherited a house: What to do? Own use or sale?

In our editorial office this week we had the case that a reader inherited a house and actually did not know what to do with her inheritance. Therefore, we have researched and today we meet with the real estate expert Jan Rickel from Bingen. He explained to us in conversation what options there are for real estate heirs if they do not want to live in the house themselves.

We want to talk about the topic of “selling a house”, but also about the future of living in general. What can housing look like in ten or even 20 years? Our real estate expert gives us answers to these questions today! In the interview we talk about

  • Opportunities for real estate heirs
  • Have you made a will?
  • Tax aspects
  • Indebtedness & all about multi-family housing
  • Find & use help
  • Statistics: inheritance and real estate
  • Read more about Inherited a house: what to do?

Inheritance tax: tax-free amount and market value

Inheritance tax for real estate in Germany – The amount of the tax-free allowance depends on the degree of relationship to the testator. Relevant here is the tax bracket to which the heir belongs and the tax rate applicable to this tax bracket. Since 2009, it has been common practice for inherited real estate to have the inheritance tax determined according to the market value.

  • Who belongs to which tax bracket?
  • How high does it go?
  • When is it due?
  • How can the market value be determined?
  • Procedures by which the fair value is determined:
  • Settlement proceedings
  • Capitalised earnings method
  • Real value method
  • How can I find out the contract value?
  • All about inheritance tax: tax-free amount and market value

Inheritance Q&A – Will, tax, compulsory share and spouse

To inherit correctly and advantageously but especially to bequeath can be difficult. There are many things that must be considered, many formalities that must be observed to secure the inheritance. A will is always the simplest solution to ensure that one’s own interests are still protected after death and that no disputes about the inheritance arise in the family.

  • Bequeath correctly during your lifetime
  • The will settles everything
  • Heirs without a will when intestate succession applies
  • The heirs of the first, second and third order
  • Spouses and Adopted Children
  • Inherit debts, should I disclaim the inheritance or not?
  • Allowance for inheritance
  • Financial relief for heirs
  • Gifts, inheritance tax and allowances
  • Disinherited legacy
  • You can find everything else now in the Q&A Inheritance

Divorce Q&A – consequences, pension and expiry

A divorce consists of many important steps. From the separation year to the divorce petition and the pension equalization to the eventual divorce date. In all these steps, there are important things to consider, such as the right legal counsel, the correct form of applications and forms, in order to facilitate a smooth and quick divorce.

  • Procedure, costs and the separation year
  • Divorce Procedure
  • Divorce with separation year
  • Divorce settlement
  • Custody, alimony and amicable divorce
  • Pension rights adjustment
  • Pension entitlement
  • Real estate and assets in divorce
  • The big guide: Divorce

Tips for the visit

No matter whether it’s a house or an apartment for rent: The first viewing appointment puts many under pressure. The first shared flat, the first apartment and at some point maybe even your own house. On real estate portals we can quickly and easily find thousands of apartments in Berlin Mitte, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne or even Düsseldorf. With apps or on the notebook – but then it comes, the viewing appointment!

40, 50 applicants in 15 minutes for a single apartment are not uncommon. How can you still convince the landlord of you! We met with the brokers and experts from IHV and got 7 ultimate tips for your viewing appointment. This will increase your chances of finding the apartment of your dreams!

  • Tell me about yourself. Who are you?
  • You have to look serious
  • Always adhere to rules of courtesy
  • Tip. Bag full of documents > Businessman
  • And much more

If you want to read through everything in detail, then you can find the article here: 11 tips apartment tips

Finding the right estate agent for buying, selling and renting is not that easy. Therefore, we have good recommendations of reputable real estate agents for you.

Broker recommendations

Find a real estate agent!? We have everything important for the sale of house and apartment: advantages, disadvantages and 5 practical tips to find the perfect broker.

Find a broker

Finding a realtor is often more difficult than expected, as the market is crowded and there are many different listings. However, not every agent suits every property, which is why property owners should inform themselves exactly about the agents to find the right one for their property. There are many tips and tricks and some things to consider.

  • 5 tips for the broker search
  • The search begins on the Internet
  • Learning from the experience of others
  • The early bird catches the worm
  • The price must be right
  • With or without a broker? The advantages and disadvantages
  • Learn now: Find a broker


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