Construction methods – prefabricated house, solid house or log house?

After the first years of working life, many people think about whether it is time to start a family. The founding of a family is often linked to a plan to move into a larger apartment or even into a house. Once the decision has been made and you are planning to have a house built, you have many questions to answer. Especially in the field of real estate there are many different terms with which one can do nothing. To help you one step further, we will explain the different construction methods in this article.

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The different construction methods – From prefabricated houses to solid houses

Altogether there are three different construction methods. The three different construction methods are called prefabricated house, solid house and log house. But what are the differences between these three construction methods? What are the advantages and disadvantages? We explain to you the differences that are decisive for you, after all, investing in a house is a life decision and not just a casual decision.

Prefab house – Fast & Cheap

Basically one can say that the construction of a prefabricated house brings cost advantages in contrast to the other variants. The clients also benefit from an extremely short construction period. The sooner your house is finished, the sooner you can move into your new home with your offspring. If you now think that I benefit from a shorter construction time and at the same time have lower costs, then you are mistaken. Prefabricated houses are known for their high quality. But what material is the so-called prefabricated house made of? The wall construction usually consists of wood. If you want to be absolutely sure what you are investing in, you have the opportunity to look at exact samples of prefabricated houses beforehand.

Nevertheless, there are not only advantages but also disadvantages for the prefabricated house. As the name suggests, a prefab house is already “finished”. You therefore do not have much room for manoeuvre. Especially if you have planned to incorporate many of your own ideas into the construction of your house, you should reconsider whether the prefabricated house is the right variant for you. Many already know when they move into the new house that they want to sell it sometime in order to live somewhere else again. For this reason, you should be aware from the outset that a prefabricated house has lost considerable value when resold.

Advantages prefabricated house

  • low construction costs
  • fast construction time
  • precise ideas through samples
  • good insulation
  • high quality

Disadvantages Prefabricated house

  • not much design possibility
  • low heat storage capacity
  • lower value at resale

Solid House – Durable & Diverse

And what is the variant? Besides the prefabricated house, a solid house is a frequently chosen alternative. But what can be the reasons why someone decides to build a massive house? The massive house is famous for one aspect: longevity! Many builders decide to build a massive house because the value remains constant over a very long period of time. Should you decide to move out of your own home at any time, you have the opportunity to receive a similar amount for the house as you have spent. Another positive aspect is that the walls of a massive house store heat. The advantage of that: The house doesn’t cool down so quickly in winter and doesn’t heat up so quickly in summer. If it has always been your dream to make a significant contribution to the design of your home, then the massive house could be just right for you.

And what are the disadvantages of building a massive house? There are two major disadvantages and these are on the one hand the long construction period and on the other hand higher construction costs. “Time is money” is the motto of many people and that’s why this is an aspect you should keep in mind, no matter how much money you have earmarked for building your own home, the costs are interesting for everyone. You should therefore be aware when making your decision that the construction of a massive house entails higher costs than the construction of a prefabricated house.

Frequently Asked Questions about Solid Houses

  • How expensive is a massive house?
  • What does turnkey mean?
    Turnkey is the complete transfer of the finished house, so that you as tenant or owner can move in immediately.
  • What is a massive house?
    “A builder, who decides for a property with 850 square meters and a massif house with a floor space of 150 square meters, must count [on] in the country wide average with costs at a value of approximately 320,000 euro on a property with 850 square meters.”

Advantages solid house

  • longevity
  • high value in case of resale
  • high stability of value
  • Scope of design

Disadvantages Massivhaus

  • Long construction time
  • High construction costs

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Log cabin – single & stable

The log house (wooden house) is not quite as well known as the other two constructions. But wrongly, because the construction of the log house brings many advantages with it. Similar to the prefabricated house, the log house is also erected within a very short time and in addition it lasts a long time. In addition, the log house is usually built from the natural building material wood. This aspect not only protects the environment, as it is a renewable raw material, but also creates a special living atmosphere. As a rule, wood has the effect of making a living room look cosy and at home. Combined with a fireplace in winter, it creates a great living feeling. And you also have the opportunity to help design the log cabin yourself.

There are also some negative aspects for the log cabin. It is necessary that the walls of the wooden house are painted regularly. As a rule, this is a period of between 4 and 10 years during which the coating must be refreshed.

Advantages Log House

  • quickly erected
  • often stable
  • natural building material
  • atmosphere
  • longevity
  • Design possibilities

Disadvantages Log cabin

  • regular painting
  • Repairs are difficult