Is it still allowed to take a holiday at the campsite? – Camping in summer 2020

Camping in summer 2020 despite Corona – For months, the Corona virus has been raging, dominating our daily lives and practically everything around us. It’s hard to avoid the topic because news practically overwhelms you with it. Constant changes and thoughts of easing make it hard to follow everything clearly.

In the article you will learn something about the travel restrictions in Germany and worldwide and the current changes in the travel industry. Camping operators and permanent campers tell about their experiences in the Corona time and what impact this has.

Camping in the age of Corona?

It’s an industry that’s been hit particularly hard, especially now that the weather outside is pleasant and May brings with it lovely extended weekends. Camping in times of Corona hits especially the permanent campers, although they have now got additional relaxations.

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The current arrangements relate to:

  • Contact blocking to 2 persons, relaxation to 5 persons
  • Travel restriction in Germany
  • Travel restrictions worldwide

Read more about the changes in the travel industry here.

Is it still allowed to take a holiday at the campsite?

Corona Rules – Since 18.03.2020 the campsites were closed. Far and wide no tourists, truly dead silence on one of the largest campsites in Germany. With its size of 350 hectares, it is even larger than Monaco. Since last week, the permanent campers are allowed to camp here again, but the tourists stay away due to the regulations.

While vacations abroad will be absent this year, campground operator Frank Seibt doesn’t anticipate an excessive rush this year. Regulations are loosening, but the fear of contagion and the impossible requirement of contact restriction is deterring many.

Campers and the Corona crisis: Interview in NDR

Just like Frank Seibt it goes to the camping owner Kurt. He has no guests for 6 weeks, had to kick out all camping guests, partly against their will and close the place. In addition, 8 of his employees are dependent on short-time allowance, which causes him great concern. He is completely dependent on the state and their support, but still no cent has arrived.

If this continues, Kurt will have to worry from next month how long his campsite will last. His wish is that it continues as quickly as possible and then with full force, so that the losses incurred not only him, but also his employees and their families not too much. In the countryside it is very difficult for many to find something.

Campsite during the Corona crisis: interview with the operator

“The camper’s curse is rain and visitors” probably needs an extension. The current Corona pandemic is hitting all campground operators hard! It has forced everyone into full braking. Especially the travel industry, where the risk of infection and further transmission is understandably very high, is very affected.

At this point, no one can say when everything will return to complete normalcy. Nevertheless, precautions and preparations are being made for the future. The campsite operators are bringing everything up to scratch, equipping the sanitary facilities with disinfectant. Their wish is to be able to serve their guests as soon as possible, even if with new rules and distances.

Return of the permanent campers? Tourism to Corona

The Corona measures have also hit tourism on the German coasts hard. Many businesses are calling for the conditions to be relaxed as quickly as possible. In a first step, owners of holiday apartments and permanent campers in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania have at least been allowed to return since 1 May.

In Schleswig-Holstein this applies from Monday. The first permanent campers come back after this difficult time. For days they have been looking forward to being able to return to their campers and holiday apartments. The Ü-60 place Zislow lives from tourism and offers rest for the seniors from the surrounding cities.

Homeschooling in the truck: learning in the expedition vehicle

With the Expeditionmobile through Asia – Michi and Thorben have already been on the Panamericana and the old Hippie Trail. Now they are off again. This time towards Mongolia. With them are Levi and Romy, who is now a school child and is being taught by Michi in the truck. It was not easy to get the leave of absence and permission from the director to be able to take over the educational that works with the German school law, tell you the two.

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Corona in Europe: Reports from Spain, Portugal & Co.

The situation is tense. About 1.6 million confirmed Corona cases in Germany. Italy, Spain, Great Britain and Germany are the most affected. New laws, restrictions and rules are coming everywhere.

Whether quarantine, mandatory masking or contact restriction – all countries are working to solve the problem and pursue a common goal. Combating the Corona pandemic together and returning to normality as quickly as possible without endangering the population.

Spain: Camper site is cleared

The situation in Spain looks similar to Germany. The campsite is cleared, but the couple Lysan and Benjamin are in the middle of their journey through Europe. Borders are closed and the standing places don’t allow campers. What to do? The two take you on their journey through Spain, especially in Ronda.

Also here it goes off in the supermarkets like in Germany. There is neither toilet paper nor drinking water and noodles are also in short supply. Learn more about the current situation in the video:

Albania: Van Camping While Everything Shuts Down

For six months, Timo and Alina have been travelling through Europe in their self-built Sprinter van. The van life in the Balkan countries is what they have been looking forward to the most, but now comes the shock.

Initially only followed by the news, the virus seemed so far away. Wrong thought! In Albania, everything suddenly changed because of the Corona virus. How was the vanlife in Albania for the two and how they experienced the measures in Albania, you can see here:

Portugal: With the motorhome in quarantine

Jörg Helmreich had an ingenious plan: while the Corona virus raged at home, he wanted to sit out the crisis on the Atlantic, in the sparsely populated natural paradise of Alentejo in southwestern Portugal. Portugal is a popular travel destination, and is synonymous with sun, beaches and holidays.

The area is considered to be largely free of the coronavirus. Jörg Helmreich is therefore not the only one with his idea. But the quarantine in Portugal proves to be less than paradisiacal and the previously so friendly hosts are increasingly annoyed.

In any case, it will still take until the travel industry can breathe again and the travel restrictions completely return to the old. For the time being, camping operators as well as tourists have to be patient for the first time, because safety and a quick return to normality can only happen if certain rules are adhered to. Nevertheless, exactly these areas must be supported so that their operators can continue to delight their guests for the future.