The space miracle for the bedroom: the sliding door wardrobe

If you have little space in the bedroom, you should choose the furniture very deliberately to make the best use of the area. A larger wardrobe often does not fit in the room, because the doors can no longer be opened. The remedy is the sliding door wardrobe, which is the ideal solution in a cramped bedroom. No extra swing area is needed in front of the wardrobe to open the doors, so there is less space to spare between the bed and wardrobe. In addition to the practical advantage, sliding door wardrobes also look great. Both small and large bedrooms benefit from this, because the wardrobe convinces with its modern design.

Sliding door wardrobe – space miracle for the bedroom

The wardrobe is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the bedroom, because a large part of the clothes and other laundry is stored in it opaque. The sliding door wardrobe is perfect when there is little space available. Since the doors slide open to the side, no space is needed towards the front. It is therefore the ideal storage solution. In terms of appearance, of course, no compromises have to be made. At Möbel-Eins you can choose a wardrobe with sliding doors in a modern design. So he can upgrade the room. According to your wishes, you can choose between different decors, wood types and wood finishes. Many wardrobes do not have handles. This gives them a very elegant look. Some sliding doors are made entirely or partly of glass, which adds a nice touch. Mirrored doors also give the feeling that the room is larger. A sliding door wardrobe is not only well suited for small apartments and houses, but also for those with modern furnishings. Wardrobes with sliding doors can be integrated into almost any living ambience.

How does the sliding door cabinet work?

The sliding door wardrobe and the sliding door wardrobe are often dismissed as the same model because they look very similar. But there are differences: in the sliding door wardrobe, the doors are slid to the side, just like the sliding door wardrobe, but in the latter, the doors hang on a roller bar at the top, while the bottom part looks as if it is floating. In the sliding door wardrobe, on the other hand, the wardrobe doors slide on rails at the bottom and top. The bottom track holds the door in place and prevents it from sliding forward, providing a secure hold for even heavy doors. Small rollers on a guide rail ensure that the sliding door wardrobe can be opened and closed not only in a space-saving manner but also quietly. The doors are opened by sliding them sideways. This means that the entire inner surface of the cabinet can be accessed with a single movement. Sliding door wardrobes are also well suited for the children’s room, which often offers the least space among the rooms in the home.

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The modern sliding door wardrobe is the perfect space miracle for small bedrooms with its systematic structure and innovative door opening system. In it, as in any other wardrobe, all the clothes can be stored. The only difference to conventional wardrobes is that the doors open to the side rather than to the front. They therefore do not protrude into the room. This is the great advantage of this wardrobe, which is equipped with sliding doors instead of wide folding or hinged doors. The sliding mechanism is very robust and durable and the resistance when opening is low thanks to the two-roller track solution.