Sanny Kaur: Make Up Ideas, Fashion News & lots of Inspiration

Sanny Kaur – Sanny Kaur takes you on a journey through her make up and fashion world with her YouTube channel, Instagram profile and blog. With her humor and her always new inspirations she inspires hundreds of thousands of people with her content. Apart from ever new fashion hauls and trendy makeup tutorials, she also shares new recipe ideas and her travel experiences with you. Also present is her Indian background, from which she draws many ideas for all areas and brings you on ideas that you can find so hard anywhere else. In this article you can learn all about her and dive into Sanny’s world.

Sanny Kaur: Facts, facts, facts

Sanny Kaur was born on 21.11.1995 in Germany to Indian parents. Her star sign is Scorpio. She started shooting videos while travelling with her family and quickly took a liking to it. At home, she would always secretly grab her parents’ camera and shoot videos. She then uploaded them to Youtube and quickly found approval and her follower numbers increased.

She founded her Youtube channel xSannyKaur on April 23, 2012. Despite, or perhaps because of, her success, she was often ridiculed by classmates and had a difficult time because of it. Her videos were hit on in class to ridicule her. Despite this, she never gave up and continued to passionately produce and release her videos.

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Fashion Blog & Instagram

Sanny also has a blog and an Instagram account on which she publishes content on the topics of beauty, lifestyle and now also cooking in addition to her Youtube channel. Her Indian roots mean a lot to her and Bollywood Make Up tutorials and Indian cooking tutorials give you the chance to dive into the Indian culture and learn a lot of new things.

Sanny is a practicing Sikhist, which can be recognized by her name, among other things, because Sikh women bear the surname Kaur (princess). Also, Sikhs believe in karma and parents of Sikhs propose a man to their daughter, if she loves him they get married.

  • Date of birth: 21.11.1995
  • Birthday: November 21
  • Star sign: Scorpio
  • Size: approx.
  • Study:
  • Sanny Kaur Instagram
  • Sanny Kaur Youtube

Sanny gets married: bollywood dream wedding with elephants!

In May, Sanny Kaur and I am Love, whose real name is not publicly known, got married in a civil ceremony. Though they celebrated their wedding in October of the same year in India, the civil wedding of the two was grand in scale even before that. A painstakingly decorated wedding table, along with an ostentatious wedding cake were complemented by a huge wall of flowers in the background. Sanny also published a few videos and posts for you on her blog and social media channels during this time to bring you up close and personal.

On October 20, 2017, the grandly staged wedding of Sanny Kaur and Iam Love took place in the Indian city of Delhi. The backdrop of the wedding celebrations was picturesque and dreamlike like a real Bollywood movie. The entire family of the two was dressed in Indian costumes, complete with swords, turbans and long veils. After a long and elaborate planning, the two seemed to enjoy their big day very much and we wish them good luck for their future together.

Friends & Family

From Sanny’s family only her brother is known to the public. Her family and also Sanny are This was already in various videos of her to see and is just like his sister Sanny very humorous and always has a good saying in store. Although both provoke themselves in the videos again and again fun, the two have argued as children probably often. In addition, the dog Hira belongs to the family since August 2017. She is a Samoyed and her breed is also known as Samoiedskaia Sabaka. They belong to the most popular sled dogs.

We can only speculate about the baby planning of the young married couple till now. But you can surely expect an offspring of your favorite Indian couple in the next few years. When the time comes, you will surely hear it from Sanny.

Make up like the stars

Sanny has long been a lot about the topic of beauty and makeup. With her first videos were make up tutorials and until today she has kept her passion for this topic. Especially Bollywood styles Sanny tries out with pleasure and shares them with you. But she also shows her everyday make up and star inspired looks on her Youtube channel and motivates you to try it out.

Special Q & A

What’s Sanny’s favorite show?

Sanny is a total fan of the doctor series Greys Anatomy. In a Q&A with her brother and fiancé, in which they both guess the influencer’s favorite show wrong, she raves about Greys Anatomy. The emotional and engaging series, which is set in a clinic, revolves around a young team of doctors and their day-to-day lives.

What is Sanny most afraid of ?

Sanny is very afraid of clowns. At least since the horror clown hype and the Es movies before, each of you should be able to understand it. Even if you are not afraid of clowns when you see them at a children’s birthday party or at events, the idea of meeting them again in the dark is quite uncomfortable.

What is Sanny’s favorite drink ?

Sanny answers in a question challenge video between her brother and her fiancé to this question quite clearly with Sprite. Most of you should know the drink and usually have tried it at least once. In the summer on the couch with ice cubes you enjoy the refreshing drink best in our opinion.

Where does Sanny prefer to go shopping?

Sanny prefers to shop at the Barcelona-based company Mango. In many hauls she regularly shows her newly acquired clothes among which there is always one or the other piece from Mango. Although Sanny also regularly buys tops, pants and co. from other brands and presents them to you in her videos, Mango is her clear favorite.

Does Sanny Kaur have her own blog?

However, Sanny runs her blog since 2014 on which she regularly keeps you up to date about her situation and her new ideas. Especially around the topics of make up and fahsion she keeps you always up to date. From time to time she also shares with you new recipes that she tries out and gives you detailed instructions for cooking. Whenever she takes an exciting trip around the world, you’ll also find out where she’s been and what she likes best about her journey. Whether you’re looking for an exclusive make-up tutorial, the latest fashion trends to buy, or just inspiration for your next trip, you’ll find it on Sanny Kaur’s blog.

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