Influencer Kleinstadtcoco about friend, online shop + tips & tricks for travel & beauty

Whether you’re looking for a variety of beauty tips, helpful styling instructions or creative tips for your room and apartment – you’ve come to the right place with the dear little town coco. She uploads many funny and instructive tutorials and reviews about beauty and styling and takes you with her friend on her adventurous journeys. When she redecorates her apartment again or has new tips on the subject of living in store, she will always be happy to share them with you.

Travel & Beauty Influencerin: Kleinstadtcoco

Coco is about 1.68 m tall and therefore not yet in the model size but for a woman she can be very satisfied with it. However, there are no reliable data on this. Her birthday is on 28 January.  Her date of birth is 28.01.1997 and she celebrated her 23rd birthday this year. Kleinstadtcoco has completed a training as a media designer, which fits exactly to her life as an influencer. She hasn’t finished her studies yet, but we don’t know if she has any plans yet, but it’s possible.

  • Birthday: 28 January
  • Date of birth: 28.01.1997
  • Size: approx. 1.68 m
  • Training: certified media designer
  • Instagram: Kleinstadtcoco
  • Youtube: Kleinstadtcoco

IKEA Hacks – Small town cocos 10 tips and tricks for your IKEA visit

Everyone knows it – The room looks totally boring again – Something new has to be done. And if you can’t afford the new designer wardrobe for over 1000 euros, then IKEA is the favourite furniture store of most Germans. Influencerin Kleinstadtcoco also swears by this cheap but chic selection of furniture. In this video you can see what DIY Hacks Kleinstadtcoco has in stock to make your next furniture shopping tour even more successful.

A man as a friend, influencer colleague and business partner

Small town coco is together with influencer colleagues Florian Meins who calls himself Florianmaverlt on Instagram. Together they travel around the world and live the dream of many young people and young adults. They share their lifestyle, with many visual impressions and personal thoughts, with hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, Youtube and their blog Hafenkids. The two are also business partners and have founded an online shop with the jewellery brand Minty & Posh and their own Lightroom Presets. Find out more about Coco’s products below.

  • friend and travel partner: Florian Meins
  • Joint Blog Hafenkids
  • business partner for Minty & Posh and the Hafenkids Lightroom Presets

Friends and family

Apart from her friend Florian Meins, little is known about her private environment. Brother and sister, if available she hasn’t introduced her followers yet and her parents haven’t been seen yet. If she wants to have a baby with her boyfriend, her followers can only speculate. What is certain is that part of her family and friends still live in Havenstadt.

Natural Beauty and Fitness Look

Kleinstadtcoco likes to wear a very natural Maku Up and mostly focuses on a detail in their daily beauty routine. Whether lips or eyelashes, when she stands in front of the mirror in the morning without make-up, she looks for a part that gets a little more attention, everything else remains very natural. The blonde usually wears her hair open with two small herringbone plaits, which she fixes on the back of her head with a cute hair clip. Although Kleinstadtcoco is not an active sport or fitness influencer and has never been seen during a workout before, she has a beautiful figure.

  • Make Up:  Not over-painted, better leave natural
  • hairs: blond hair to the chest, often with 2 small herringbone plaits
  • No sport – but sporty body

Interview with Kleinstadtcoco

Soon exclusively at FIV Magazin!

Special Q & A

Has Kleinstadtcoco a shop ?

Kleinstadtcoco shares her experiences and travelogues with you on her blog Hafenkids . In her online shop of the same name, which she founded with friend and influencer colleague Florian Meins, you can buy her jewellery and her own Lightroom presets. Minty & Posh is her own jewellery brand whose assortment consists of neck chains with travel motifs. You can buy each motive in gold, rose gold and silver.

  • Lightroom Presets – Hafenkids Shop
  • Jewellery – Minty & Posh

Lives Kleinstadtcoco in a small town ?

Small town coco lives together with her friend Florian Meins in the small harbour town Wilhelmshaven directly at the Jade foothills of the North Sea. Here she has also set up her studio where she produces 2 Youtube videos per week for her viewers. That’s where the name comes from – small town Coco.

  • Residence: Wilhelmshaven at the North Sea

Hafenkids – what can you find out in the blog ?

In the joint blog with influencer colleagues and friend Florian Meins, she reports on her numerous travels around the world. In addition to beautiful beaches and picturesque nature panoramas, you can view very useful food guides and travel pack lists in the blog and be inspired how and where you want to start your next holiday trip. In 2018 alone, they made 14 trips to Stockholm, Toronto and even the Cape Verde Islands.

  • Travel reports
  • Food guides and experiences
  • Packing lists etc.
  • Together with friend Florian

Is Kleinstadtcoco in a Youtube network?

The influencer is in the large Youtube network Tube One from Cologne, which belongs to the Ströer Media Dialog Group – a registered corporation. Tube One is one of the largest Youtube networks in Germany and very well positioned in most subject areas. Apart from our dear Kleinstadtcoco, they work together with our genre colleague Mrs. Bella from the beauty sector, Rezo from the entertainment sector and Izzi from the gaming sector.

Has Kleinstadtcoco a management ?

Yes, small town coco is managed by Social Lights Management. With a reach of several hundred thousand followers on Youtube and Instagram, it’s no wonder that the influencer is professionally advised and backed by a management team.

So violent is Kleinstadtcocos XXL makeup collection

Small town coco shows you in this video their huge selection of eyeliners, foundations, lip gloss and much more… As a successful influencer she cooperates with many beauty brands, so that in the course of time her XXL make-up collection has been created. If you always wanted to know what kind of small town coco foundation you are using, this video is a must watch for you.

New Cheap Drugstore Dupes – Just as good as High End Products ?

If you want to know if it’s worth investing a lot of money in High End Make Up products or if the new drugstore Dupes are just as recommendable for you, show you small town coco in this video. In this video, Influencerin Kleinstadtcoco takes a closer look at new Beauty product releases and reveals her hacks. Where can you save money and when is it important to use high end products? Kleinstadtcoco shows you what you should definitely pay attention to.

Influencer like…

Influencers play a particularly important role in the younger generation. Whether in beauty, fashion, lifestyle or fitness – young girls and boys follow their idols online every day. Youtube and Instagram are the biggest online portals for bloggers and every day there is a follow-up with the latest information from the private or public life of bloggers. FIV has picked out influencers as well known as small town coco for you!

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