Curly Gurus: You must know these Youtuber!

When I don’t know what to do, I usually check Youtube. In Germany there are unfortunately not so many “Locken Gurus” but I have put together a small selection of my (international) favorite Youtuber for you. From Germany I especially like Joannas Essentials, she not only gives great tips for hair and beauty but also for the soul and health.

Jasmin Brown – Hair, Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty

Jasmin Brown shows on her channel many make-up and lifestyle tips but most popular (and therefore also in this list) are her tips and tricks for curly hair. Absolutely stop by.

Instagram: jasmeannnn
Youtube: Jasmin Brown

Luhhsetty – Curls, Beauty & Storytimes

Luhhsetty, like everyone else in this list, gives tips for curly hair, as well as funny curl challenges. Mega!

Instagram: luhhsetty
Youtube: luhhsetty

Sayria Jade – Curls and Pranks

I often stop by on Sayria’s canal. She has super beautiful and healthy curls, so of course you want to know how she manages that. Stop by.

Instagram: sayriajade
Youtube: Sayria Jade

SunKissAlba – Curls, Beauty and Health

SunKissAlba has long been one of my favourite Youtube boys. On her channel you can find great tricks for beautiful curly hair and her voice is just super calming.

Instagram: sunkissalba
Youtube: SunKissAlba

Love Halssa – Beauty & Lifestyle

Love Halssa gives beauty and lifestyle tips on her channel. Especially for those with slightly shorter curls. I love it!

Instagram: halssaa
Youtube: Love Halssa

Hannah Musette – Curly Hair and Wig Tips

On Hannah’s Channel there are mainly tips for Afrolocken and Wigs. Every curl type needs different care, therefore for all with the hair type 4c – on to Hannah’s canal.

Instagram: mussettee
Youtube: Hannah Musette

The Guru – Tips for colored and curly hair

Everyone with curls knows this, you dye your hair like other friends and then suddenly they are away the beautiful corkscrew curls. The find Guru gives on her channel super tips for colored curls.

Youtube: goldennn_xo
Instagram: The Find Guru

Joyjah – Curly Beauty with freckles

Joyjah is best known for Instagram, probably also for her beautiful brown curls and because so many of her followers have asked for her hair routine, you can now follow her on Youtube. Good decision Joyjah!

Instagram: joyjah
Youtube: Joyjah

Joannas Essentials – Afrohair, Natural cosmetics, Holistic health, Souldfood

On Johannas Channel you will find great tips for Afrohair and especially how to create your own hair products from natural products. Also mega tips for body, mind and soulfood.

Instagram: joannakyu
Youtube: Joannas Essentials

If you want to know more about my care. Look at my Curly Hair routine.