Beauty tips and tricks on the subject of models are presented with Hair Stylist & MUA Maria!

Nowadays, many girls and boys want to become a professional dream model. But this is not easy! We have for you a number of little tricks or important tips from make-up artist Maria (Marie Instagram). Here you can learn what is helpful for models, whether at the beginning, already professional or what you can pay attention to, should you want to become the dream model, come closer.

Beauty Tips for expectant models!

Maria is a professional make-up artist from Cologne and Senior Artist of the Pro Academy (Cologne / Düsseldorf), who has been working in the fashion industry for almost 20 years. She herself always had an artistic streak and started her job as a hairstylist and make-up artist (MUA) with a make-up artist education.  Stylist and Make-Up Artist have the first contact with the models at the shooting, because they prepare them. The models get the first reception at the make-up and are therefore also a big aspect if the model feels comfortable during the shooting. She told us something about her area, gave us tips and explains which points are important for a model, so that a shooting can be successful.

General for women and men Models

For New Faces it can be quite exciting when you go to the first shooting. So that you know how much you have to pay attention to, what you shouldn’t do and what points Male and Female Models all have to pay attention to, Maria has given us some General Things for you to consider. As a New Face it is important to always have good communication. It starts with the model informing herself well at his agency. What will the model expect at the shooting? What should it bring with it or how should it appear? The make-up point is also incredibly important. If a model has allergies or very sensitive skin, this should be communicated so that the styling can adjust to it. When the model comes to the shooting, it is professional to introduce yourself, ask who the people are and what they are responsible for, to greet the whole team and create a good pleasant atmosphere for a successful shooting. Apart from general hygiene and care that a model should always maintain, Maria has again listed important points for explicitly men and women who make it easier and possible for styling to do good work.

Here are the important points:

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

  • No Go: Come to the set with make-up
  • Availing tattoos / piercings or etc. like extensions communicate
  • Polas should be current
  • No drastic look changes without agreement
  • All avoidance that additional time costs (make-up removal, wet hair etc.)
  • Always slept in / come to the set relaxed
  • Fresh hair (wash the evening before)
  • face peeling (evening before)
  • Coloured models must bring their own products, depending on skin tone

Tips for women

Apart from the fact that models should always come to the set without make-up, female models must also make sure that their nails are not lacquered or gel nails. Lacquering nails off, or blow-drying wet hair dry, always costs make-up and hairstylists time that should be used for the shoot. Nails and general appearance should be maintained, however, the model should never come painted to the set, unless it is expressly required otherwise. The model should be well shaved, girls with greasy hair must make sure that they appear with fresh hair to the set and generally inform their own agency always up to date, should there be problems with the look or change.

Tips for male Models

Men should still pay attention to the care of the shave for their face care. If a model is to be seen in all pictures with beard and has been booked with beard by the customer, it should appear in such a way, or always current pictures should come. A professional model has a fresh haircut (depending on the haircut, the hair should end just above the ears, for example, otherwise they disturb) and a fresh shave. Male models always have to bring their own shavers because of hygiene, since shaving can cause burn and irritated skin if you have to shave directly on the set after. Men models should also make sure that all nails are well groomed and not too long.

points why a shooting can’t take place?

There are requirements that a model must meet in order for everything to work. Here are a few examples that Maria came up with of the fast one, so a shooting didn’t work or a model couldn’t be shot.

  • bad skin (pay attention, what can be a trigger: food, make-up etc.)
  • Party before the job (Sleepless: dark circles, skin and model cannot do the job)
  • skin inflammation / rash (avoidance of hands on face due to everyday bacteria)

How to make a shooting successful for Model & Team:

It’s simple! If a model feels comfortable in the industry, is open and friendly, when introducing and getting to know the team, half is already done. Every model who works professionally or wants to work professionally should have a skin analysis done. So you have direct information about problem zones, and which are most optimal for products for your own skin. Every skin is different and if you should use oils, moisturizing or oily creams, you can easily find out. Mary’s Tip: Skin Analysis at Dermalogica! For everything else it is important to maintain good communication between the model and the agency, as well as the photographer and the rest of the team.

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