Interview: Pilot Madeleine on lifestyle, fashion, travel and fitness

The world of influencers is now widely diversified. Whether fashion, lifestyle, fitness or nutrition – our bloggers always give us the best tips in all areas. Madeleine, known as Pilot Madeleine is a blogger from Munich. For several years she has been reporting to her followers about the beautiful things in life. Whether lifestyle, fashion, travel or fitness, Madeleine knows how to make her fans happy. We got to know her better and asked her questions about her own blog and topics about her influencer life.

Travel blog of an influencer

FIV: Hello my dear! During my research I asked myself, if you don’t mind the feeling to share your life during your dream travels. Your job is to constantly take and post pictures and videos, even on holiday. Does this commitment bother you or does it not prevent you from enjoying every moment of your travels?

Madeleine: Of course for me travelling is not like for a holidaymaker, it is my job. But I enjoy photographing and sharing with my community a lot, so I don’t see it as an obligation. Besides, you can still freely choose what you share from your travels and what you don’t.

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FIV: With 1.1 million subscribers to Instagram, you have a very high reach! Many of my readers will know you or at least have heard of you. Imagine yourself for those who don’t know you yet! Who’s behind the pretty blonde who loves to travel the world? How would your friends describe you in three words?

Madeleine: Hello, I am Madeleine and on Instagram and YouTube also known as “pilotmadeleine”. I’m a full-time travel blogger, but I started on Instagram when I just successfully completed my professional pilot training. My friends would probably describe me as loving, enterprising and ambitious.

FIV: Obviously your greatest passion is travelling. If you could travel to only one country in the world, what would it be?

Madeleine: Probably the USA, because Hawaii is my absolute favourite place and the USA is so diverse.

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Pilot Madeleine: Love & Relationship

FIV: Often you post to Instagram pictures and Youtube videos with your friend. How long have you two known each other and how do you cope with the fact that your relationship is so public, that you are both very active in social networks? Does the lack of privacy not bother you in some situations?

Madeleine: We have known each other for 2 1/2 years and are now also engaged and have a sweet son. No, we don’t share much of our private life except for a few nice travel pictures and videos, so it’s perfectly ok for us.

FIV: In your blog “pilotmadeleine” you not only share travel experiences with your readers, but also outfit ideas and inspirations. Tell us something about this topic…Which part should no woman be missing in your wardrobe and what would the perfect spring outfit 2019 look like for you?

Madeleine: I love clothes, so a beautiful spring dress is a must.

FIV: At the end of 2017 you and your friend emigrated to Malta because you had a long-distance relationship in Germany between Munich and Frankfurt. How do you like it there and do you have some travel tips for Malta?

Madeleine: Malta is wonderful! Soon there will be a Blogpost 🙂

Travel tips, nutrition, fashion trends – Blog article by Madeleine

FIV: The blogging profession is becoming more and more popular and more people are using blogs to report on their lives, inspire others and share certain things with their readers. What distinguishes your blog from others and what is your recipe for success? Do you have specific goals and where do you see yourself in five years?

Madeleine: My recipe for success is that I try to make sure that my blog posts all provide added value for my readers, e.g. through good travel tips, healthy recipes, outfit ideas, etc. In five years I see myself as a mother of 2-3 children, as a homeowner and as the manager of a successful company.

FIV: On your blog you also record your travels for yourself and your readers. You have already travelled in Italy, Austria, Greece, Bora Bora, Bali, Abu Dhabi and many other places. You have already met people from all over the world and seen the most extraordinary places. Which experiences did you especially remember from your travels and which people inspired you on your travels?

Madeleine: There are many! India has inspired me very much, because I have rarely met such a “poor” country with such fun-loving people. In addition, I am always moved by personal stories, of which I have heard many on my travels. It makes you extremely modest and grateful.