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Bella Thorne House Tour: LA Villa, Living in Disney Style

Colorful, more colorful, Bella Thorne. Not only is the actress’s life chaotic, shrill and crazy, her house is also shaped by her lifestyle. The property that Bella and her sister redesigned is a reflection of her eccentric personality. Throughout the house you will find homemade works of art and personal references. Each room tells its own story. In addition to themed rooms, there are numerous crazy things like a cat castle for Bella’s pets, a unicorn, a dinosaur, and glitter as far as the eye can see. So it’s worth taking a look at Bella’s life in the Villa Kunterbunt.

Los Angeles

The actress Bella Thorne has chosen no less a place than Los Angeles, the city of stars and starlets for her crazy life. More precisely, the 22-year-old lives in a property in the urban district of Sherman Oaks in the south of the San Fernando Valley. As the second largest city in the USA, the metropolis is home to many stars, singers, actors and artists. As the scene of the famous Hollywood Sign, the most famous film award in the world is presented there every year: The Academy Awards, the Oscars. Thorne started his acting career at a young age and can now look back on several successful productions. Her priority, however, is the enjoyment of life. The former “Shake it up” actress is known for her extroverted and eccentric personality, which is also reflected in her house.

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Villa Kunterbunt in Los Angeles

In 2016, the then just 18-year-old bought her first own property. For a measly 2.2 million dollars she acquired an elegant, luxurious property. The 4500 square meter large house leaves nothing to be desired. Spread over 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a huge walk-in closet and an impressive outdoor area, the actress lives out her full potential. If you take a look at the house today and the furnishings have changed a lot, because it doesn’t even come close to the original object. Bella and her older sister Dani have turned the house into a true work of art, one could say a villa Kunterbunt. In the truest sense of the word, because the former white house now shines from the outside in a bright purple and also inside you are literally killed by colors, patterns and all kinds of artwork. Bella sees the house as a kind of art project to express herself. Almost all furniture and art objects inside were made by her and her sister. In the middle of “normal”, almost boring houses, Thorne Estate is a real eye-catcher.

  • 2016 buy Bella a 2.2 million dollar house in Los Angeles
  • Bella and sister Dani are redesigning the house into a colorful object.

Bella Thorne’s Hot Pink House – See Inside!

Dare to take a look inside the playful house of Bella Thorne:

The Trippytwinsfunhouse on Instagram

Bella Thorne’s house is so extraordinary that she loves to share it with the whole world. Therefore she immediately created her own Instagram account for the so-called “Trippytwinsfunhouse”. The name is a tribute to the close relationship between the two sisters Bella and Dani, who together designed the house and made it what it is today. The fun house can not only be admired in the social media but also in real life. Because, one hardly believes it, the property is open to the public. Unfortunately it is not as simple as it sounds. Bella rents the house for parties, photo shootings or video shoots and also offers house tours. A tour through the Trippytwinshouse costs about 50 dollars. For a whole video shoot, however, you have to pay 4000 dollars.

  • Bella calls the house “Trippytwinshouse”. The name is a homage to the close relationship to her sister Dani.
  • The house has its own Instagram account.
  • You can rent the property for parties or shootings or book a house tour.

Colorful entrance area

A simple, friendly entrance area? Not with Bella Thorne. The artist’s entrance area represents the entire house and makes a visitor freeze, because you don’t know where to look first. The illuminated colorful staircase, the painted walls, the omnipresent glitter or the crazy artwork? What can that top? The entrance area is a clear statement. Bella is obviously into extravagant things. If they’re not weird enough, she’ll just put her own hands on them.

The blue-green room: Underwater world with unicorn

Bella’s favorite color? That would probably be colorful. But there is actually a structure behind the interior design of the house. The theme of the blue/green room is the sea and animals. Next to a shell chair, warped with over 200 different shells, there is also a huge 12 feet unicorn. What a unicorn has to look for in a sea world is questionable. The sculpture is something very special for Thorne, which connects many experiences with the creature. According to her, many different people have already signed on the animal or done unusual things on it. (We will not go into this further, you can guess what Bella means by this). The fabulous creature is obviously the hit on every crazy party that takes place in the house.

The Pink Room: The dining room with dinosaur

The Pink Room is exactly what you imagine it to be. Pink walls, pink chairs, pink table, pink decoration, everything is pink. But the room is not only pink, that would be much too boring for a Bella Thorne. It is also home to Derek, an 8 feet tall dinosaur, which was actually a present for sister Dani for her 25th birthday. Derek, the dinosaur shares the room with no less than 17 cats (as of 2019, probably more by now). They have their own Cat Castle and live as colorful as mother cat Bella.

The living room: the simplest room

The living room is usually the heart of every house. But at Thorne’s property, every room seems to be unique and eye-catching. Your colorful living room borders directly on the dining room or pink room and is therefore kept in the same colors. The large, fluffy sofa, like many other things in the house, has been hand-painted and personalized by Bella. Cushions with cat motifs round off the room thematically. Surprisingly, the living room is almost the most unspectacular room.

Bedroom: Sleeping in a tepee

It becomes more spectacular again in the bedroom. A bed is found here in vain, because the actress sleeps in a tepee. In fact, there is the least public view from the bedroom of the estate. Perhaps even a Bella Thorne needs her privacy at times.

“I wanted a tepee because I thought it was weird. I’ve always liked the idea of sleeping on the floor. I wanted to have something that felt like a safe space. (Source: Instagram B. Thorne)

Closet: 1000m² for 4000 garments

The highlight of the Thorne property is definitely the 1000 square meter walk-in closet. An extroverted character, after all, requires a lot of clothes. And lots of clothes take up a lot of space. Thorne owns a proud 4000 pieces of clothing and over 600 pairs of shoes. A collection that could already have museum character. Bella Thorne mixes clothing styles and wears whatever she feels like wearing. She doesn’t care what the others think. With a closet like this with such a selection, there are no limits to your imagination.

The bathroom

Surprisingly, Bella Thorne describes her bathroom as the most personal and private room in the entire house. This is not only due to the quiet place, but also to the numerous pictures, notes and polaroids that adorn the walls of the bathroom. The room reminds one of a garden with its green coloring and the many plants. The personal elements and allusions make the room something very special: a room full of love.

The outdoor area with pool and tipis

The magic of the house also rubs off on the exterior of the property. While inside it is colorful and crazy, outside you are welcomed by cosiness and serenity. The veranda is furnished with colorful chairs and tables and serves as a place for creativity. This is where most of the works of art are created. Here the sisters tinker, create and design their home together. To relax they go to the pool with adjacent whirlpool. And if Bella or her party community should ever have the idea to spend the night in the garden, there are a few tipis available, just like in the bedroom.

Bella Thorne Garten Tipis

Villa is for sale!

Is the time of the crazy Bella Thorne over? Recently the actress announced that she will sell her beloved Trippytwinshouse in Los Angeles. To this end, she organized a public auction and offered not only the house itself, but also the furnishings and some art objects for sale. Thorne’s fans threw themselves at the unique pieces and so she got rid of most of her collection of extraordinary pieces. The markler, however, who sold this house did a great job. Because such an object needs an equally crazy owner.

New house, new Bella?

According to the latest rumors, the actress has already looked around the real estate market and has an object in mind. The villa is located near Malibu and is larger and more luxurious than the Villa Kunterbunt in Los Angeles. It is an elegant, simple property with a large pool, a guest house and plenty of room for Bella to let off steam. The house still shines in white gloss and high-quality furnishings. But time will tell if Bella will turn the house into a work of art as well or if she will take a different path.

Life: Boyfriends and Girlfriends

Bella Thorne has had many friends, affairs and liaisons for her tender 22 years. In addition to Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s ex, singer Charlie Puth, actor Tyler Posey and Yougiver Tana Mongeau, young Bella dated several other well-known personalities. Time and again she lived together with her partners in the villa. But apparently no one could stand it until now at the side of the playful Thorne sister. Bella has spoken out publicly about her pansexuality on several occasions, speaks openly about her sexual preferences, and repeatedly has open relationships with two or more people at the same time. The once well-behaved “Shake it up” and “Famous in love” actress has developed into a real rebel.


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