How a positive mindset changes your life: Tatjana in interview

Tatjana has made it her mission to share her knowledge and experience in personal development and growth and inspire her followers to unleash their full potential. She is known for her creative approach to the topic, offering tips and tricks on how to change your mindset to be successful. Tatjana is not only a manifestation coach, but also runs an online store with crystals on the side.

Tatjana’s goal: More positive thinking & self-confidence

In this interview, she tells us about her experiences on the topic of mindset and gives us exciting insights into her life as a coach. She shares her biggest successes with positive thinking and gives her best tips on how you can boost your confidence. You can find more content from Tatjana here:

Coach for Mindset, Manifestation & Personality Development

FIV: Hello Tatjana! Maybe you can introduce yourself briefly with your own words, so that our readers can get an impression of you. Who are you and what makes your channel?

Tatjana: Thank you for inviting me to today’s interview. My name is Tatjana, I am 22 years old and have been doing content on social media about mindset, manifestation and personal development for almost 2 years. Meanwhile I am a coach in this field myself and have my own crystal online store.

Grievance box: Always there with tips & advice

FIV: How did you know you were the right person for the job as a personality coach?

Tatjana: I’ve always had that in me. It was actually always part of my passion to help other people, to be there for them and to support them when they had issues in their lives where they didn’t know what to do.

In my circle of friends, I have always been the one who was known for being the grief box for everyone. And helping others or then seeing that things got better thanks to my tips and advice made me happy.

Be happy! Happy life with positive thoughts

FIV: How important do you think it is to take care of your mental health and what role do positive thoughts play in that?

Tatjana: That has become one of my highest priorities. I deal with these topics so intensively that I know that the mindset is the origin of pretty much everything in one’s own life. When I started to deal with this, I was an insanely negative person myself and had a very negative self-image.

Then, when I started opening up to the fact that I can influence my thoughts and how I think about things in my life, I consciously focused on thinking positively about the things I want myself to perceive in my reality. In other words, my goals/desires. And suddenly things came out the way I expected or the way just my assumption about them was.

Manifestation: What is it exactly?

FIV: In your coaching, you help people manifest their dreams. How do you define manifestation and how can it help people achieve their goals?

Tatjana: For me, manifestation means making one’s goals tangible. It means to turn one’s goals and deepest desires into reality.

Every person has the most diverse assumptions about the most diverse things, situations, people, etc.. These are so-called beliefs. An example of a negative belief set of mine at that time in the area of life “money”, for example, was “I am not meant to have a lot of money.”

Well, and that’s exactly what my reality looked like. When I started to question myself why my relationship to money is actually so negative and consciously decided to think differently about money and allow myself to change my assumption about “money”, my reality changed as well.

Because in my perception I was now open to possibilities to manifest money. And this is how you can imagine manifestation. I question my beliefs about my goal or a certain topic and if necessary, if they are negative, then I start to change them. After all, our brain is malleable, which means I can change my assumption about something. I have understood that my reality, being subjective and the origin of my inner life, is a mirror for my deepest beliefs.

Top 3 tips for your self-confidence

FIV: Do you have 3 tips for people who lack confidence?

  1. Pay attention to the words you use to talk to yourself on a daily basis. Lack of self-confidence is often the origin of a negative self-concept and in most cases this also comes from childhood. If you consciously speak kindly to yourself and about yourself, you will gain more confidence in yourself because you will adopt different assumptions about yourself.
  2. Spend time with yourself. Get to know yourself. Most people don’t know themselves at all, don’t know who they want to be, what their priorities are, what their limits are or those of others. When you spend time with yourself, you get to know yourself. This is a prerequisite to trust yourself.
  3. Go out of your comfort zone and do things you’ve always wanted to do but may not have dared. Your self-confidence level will rise and rise because you realize how nice it can be to live outside your comfort zone.

How Tatjana provides the best support

FIV: Suppose a client is not making the progress he or she wants. How can you help them find the right path?

Tatjana: I think it’s important to understand that coaches can’t do it for the client themselves. In the coaching sessions, I do everything I can to “pick up” the person where he or she needs help and give him or her the best possible strategies, which have also helped me to change just about everything in my life for the better. But the most important thing is that the client himself has the will to change and the willingness to really change things.

The client gets from me the offer to help him/herself even after the coaching with me, whether it is because of questions that then still arise or to keep me also up to date. But ultimately I give the client everything he needs to make a change in his life and then it is more or less up to the client to really deal with it and implement the things that he / she gets from me on the way.

Self-love & happiness: the success of a client

FIV: You have certainly helped a lot of people with their dreams. What do you think is the greatest success of a client of yours?

Tatjana: Phew, that’s a good and beautiful question. I think one success story that touched me the most was a client who had just broken up with her ex-boyfriend, sat with me in coaching crying, and said she didn’t know what to do with herself now because he was her happiness and meaning in life.

After a few months, about 3-4 months after our coaching, she contacted me with an email telling me that she was over her ex-boyfriend and that she could not have imagined that a short time ago. She had learned to work on her self-image, to learn to love herself, and most importantly, to recognize her worth. That makes me extremely proud and happy to this day.

Do I need coaching?

FIV: Many set a goal to work on their self-image. When would you say it’s important for people to get support from a coach during difficult times?

Tatjana: Then, when a person says “I can’t do this alone.” or “I don’t even know where or how to start working on myself.” I also went to a coach at that time and got support because I didn’t know myself where to even start, but the will to change was there and I wanted to finally take responsibility for my own life.

Manifestation: Self-employment, travel & dream apartment

FIV: You also talk a lot about manifestation in your podcast. What have you achieved through this so far?

Tatjana: Through manifestation? Wow, I don’t even know where to start. I have become completely aware of myself and my life. I have begun to determine for myself how I think about myself or my goals.

A few examples are: I became self-employed in a very short time, that was always my dream. I managed to separate myself from toxic people and am now friends with people who support me in every way and have exactly the friendships I wanted.

I went to the Maldives, I’ve wanted to since I was 12 years old. Have had a few interviews. Built myself a big community on social media. Manifested our dream apartment with my boyfriend. I always get the last parking spot everywhere for 2 years now..

And I managed to change my image about myself. I like myself and since then I’m actually happy as can be. These are definitely things that come to my mind right now.

Support through healing stones: how does it work?

FIV: You also have your own store with crystals. How did the effect of crystals convince you that you decided to open your own store?

Tatjana: One story was that I had already had sleep problems for about a year, which were a great burden on me. I could no longer sleep through the night and had already taken sleeping pills. Even those only relieved the “symptoms”, but not the cause.

Then a friend of my mom had recommended the amethyst healing stone to me and said I should get one and put it under my pillow while sleeping. I was skeptical at first, because I had no real connection to healing stones and did not know anything about them. I just always found them beautiful but had no relation to the effect.

Sleep problems gone! A healing effect

But then I really got myself an amethyst stone and put it under my pillow overnight and because that was my “last hope”, I just believed so strongly that this would help me now. After about 1-2 weeks my sleeping problems were gone. As if they had never been there. I had such a strong feeling that the effect of the amethyst made sure that the actual cause of these sleeping problems was worked through, or rather that this cause was shown to me.

From then on I had more and more such experiences with healing stones. And after a short time I was so fond of this topic and generally healing stones and their effect.

I have developed such a strong passion for it, that I decided to open a store myself and make my passion my profession, so to speak. Both with the healing stones, as well as with the coaching.

Self-confidence and positivity

FIV: You must have already acquired a large collection of stones. Which of your jewelry pieces do you like to wear the most and why?

Tatjana: The citrine, because it supports being successful. I feel like I radiate confidence and positivity when I wear it. And the rock crystal, because it gives me an inner peace and transforms negative energy into positive.

FIV: We thank you for the nice interview and wish you a lot of success on your way!

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