Blogger with passion: Tatjana_pastellrose

Tatjana has reached an incredible reach of almost 68,000 subscribers with her Instagram account tatjana_pastellrose. She manages to balance her job as a social pedagogue, student and blogger. We talked to her about her experiences as a blogger, her inspiration and much more.

Blogging – reinventing yourself again and again

FIV: Tatjana, what do you like most about blogging?

Meeting many different people, exchanging ideas and of course inspiring people, but also being inspired. To live out one’s creativity and to reinvent oneself again and again.

FIV: You always inspire your fans with your outfits. Who or what inspires you in your look?

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

I actually get most of my inspiration on the street, I love the street style in Hamburg and Berlin and so I always come up with new ideas. But I also look in the social media and on blogs again and again for good sources of inspiration. I don’t have one specific person who inspires me.


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fashion-mode-bloggerin-tatjana_pastellrose-interview-magazin-handtasche-beauty-makeup-outfits-antworten (10)

FIV: Where do you get the ideas for your posts?

The ideas usually come spontaneously and out of the respective mood. I rarely plan an outfit a few days before. I have always been a very creative person and loved to create things.

Tatjana about dealing with technology: “Indispensable for bloggers”.

FIV: Even though you’ve had some experience as a blogger, what are you still learning?

“You never stop learning” should also be an important point in life as a blogger. I mean less the fashion itself, but rather the technical things like “the right handling of the camera”, to master different computer programs, to write texts and to get in touch with cooperation partners. All these points take time and no master has fallen from the sky yet.

FIV: Was fashion/beauty already an issue in your childhood?

I can clearly say “yes”, even as a child I loved to go shopping and express myself with fashion. I also spent a lot of time in the wardrobes of my grandmother and mother.

FIV: You love the fashion world and are a role model for many. Do you have a favorite designer, a favorite model and a favorite blogger?

My favorite designer is currently Michael Kors, because he offers high-quality and above all affordable fashion, is timeless and really enhances every look. In the luxury sector I really like Chloé and Tory Burch, but unfortunately I only own a few Tory Burch stud earrings. My favorite model has always been Doutzen Kroes, there is no more beautiful woman in the world to me than her. I don’t have a favorite blogger, there are many great accounts and I have some girls that I like very much and where I get inspired daily on the pages.

Tatjana inspires with affordable fashion

FIV: How do you set yourself apart from other bloggers?

It comes directly to my mind that I mainly show affordable fashion, with which really everyone can identify and these parts can also easily re-shopped. In addition, I am modest and down to earth, which is unfortunately not a matter of course in the blogger world.

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fashion-mode-bloggerin-tatjana_pastellrose-interview-magazin-handtasche-beauty-makeup-outfits-antworten (2)

fashion-mode-bloggerin-tatjana_pastellrose-interview-magazin-handtasche-beauty-makeup-outfits-antworten (6)

FIV: You currently have an incredible reach of over 67,000 subscribers. How do you combine university with your work on Instagram?

I study part-time and have been working in my studied job as a social pedagogue for almost 3 years. I’m doing my master’s degree with integrated therapist training at the same time and that can be really hard sometimes. There are days when I don’t know where my head is. But the positives outweigh the negatives and I’m grateful to be living the life I’m currently living.

FIV: Student life coupled with being a blogger can be exhausting. What’s your prescription for lack of drive? What keeps you motivated?

My family, my boyfriend and my friends motivate me the most. They give me strength, listen to me and are always there for me. I also like to do sports and relax on the sofa with some sweets to recharge my batteries and have a good time.

FIV: You’ve already achieved what many dream of: you have a large fan base as a blogger. What is your big dream, besides success on Instagram?

My dream is to stay healthy and continue to have such great people around me to support me. I also want to continue to help people in my profession and give them something along the way.

FIV: Thank you, dear Tatjana for the interview!

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