Being happy (2): Happiness without goals?! Your Purpose: “Richer than the Geissen” (Book & Podcast)

As you learned in the first part of the review of “Richer than the Geissens”, (read here: mindset and being happy) you have to deal with your own mindset before building up (passive) cash flow, equity and buying your first property, in order to become really successful. After our look at the ideals now to our second part, your purpose according to Alex Fischer. What this is, I will explain to you in this review. The Purpose is the basis for almost everything in your life. It helps you to make the right decisions: for yourself, for your success and also “for” your environment. A big part of success is mainly the automation of certain processes, but also your own financial patterns. All this draws its energy from your purpose!

Richer than your mind: Mindset, Purpose, Real Estate & Co.

Important: Currently the book is only available in Germany! I speak German and discovered this book or audio book two weeks ago. Even if you wouldn’t understand a word in the podcast, I wanted to introduce some of the methods and strategies to you!

With over 200.000 readers and various top rankings on Amazon, e.g. 2nd place among career books, the book “Richer than the Geissens” was and is a complete success! So successful, that author Alex Fischer decided to make the audio book available for free to everyone in the future, regardless of whether one can afford it or not. On Spotify, iTunes and other podcast apps you can now learn the strategies of Alex Fischer! He himself has been a real estate millionaire for a long time and holds more than 20,000 square meters in and around Düsseldorf. He wants to pass on his knowledge and timeless wisdom to the next generation of entrepreneurs, but also to all those who are just starting out. And completely free of charge! Your chance for a happier life with financial freedom and lots of know-how about real estate.

In the first of three parts of the book or audiobook you will learn how to form your own mindset. After all, success does not come by chance. Alex Fischer builds a solid foundation for you from principles and strategies of success. These help you – simply put – to achieve financial freedom. The big goal, in five years to become a real estate millionaire with 0 Euro equity! Are you with us?

Here is the second part of my book review of the entry into the business top seller “Richer than the Geissens” by Alex Fischer with learnings that have inspired me. First of all, the Purpose.

Alex Fischer begins by asking, “How the hell do you find your purpose?” In episode 16. How to find your Purpose. It’s about you no longer “only” pursuing goals. You’ll learn what that means in episode 16, here’s a little insight: Henry Ford’s dream was that everyone should drive a car. With the assembly line, he transformed the car into a mass product for everyone.

Steve Jobs wanted to give everyone a tool to make a dent in the universe. Currently, Apple is the most valuable company on Wall Street, with a market value of 920 billion dollars. With computers, MP3 players, but also the smartphone, Apple revolutionized the digital entertainment and mobile phone industry.

Steve Jobs Spirit

What is noticeable episode after episode is the spirit of Steve Jobs. Not only has he changed the world, but part of Alex Fischer’s world has influenced the legend. You can feel that and so there is also some entrepreneurial wisdom from Steve Jobs and insights into the structures of Apple – at times the most valuable company in the world today. Alex always loved the vision of Apple. Apple has changed an entire generation:

“Our customers are the creative and the rebels. We build them the cool tools they need to make a dent in the universe.” – Apple Inc.

This is where Alex gives the tips you need to know to have the knowledge to make dents in the universe. What you learn here in this book is how to build a real freedom and money machine. Knowledge that is often missing from academic paths:

applicable, financial and entrepreneurial education. The missing subject, success in life.

If motivation is lost…

Henry Ford and Steve Jobs had found their purpose. One wanted the car for everyone, the other wanted its users to “make a dent in the universe”.

Alex Fischer also had a moment in life, as he describes in episode 16. How to find your purpose where he lost his drive. He had reached his goal, he made a lot of money with real estate. Alex Fischer had found a way to make a lot of money, real estate, but he still lost the motivation to get up in the morning. A real problem, which every businessman knows. So you become lethargic and demotivated. The reason for a burnout, according to Alex Fischer.

Being happy without goals?!

In the “Be Happy” section, Alex Fischer found out that the most important thing is to pursue his own personal, challenging goal that is as helpful as possible for his own environment. Conversely, if you stray from your goal, this means that you don’t feel happy, or rather, you don’t feel pleasure and you will hate what you are doing at some point.

If you think about goals, then above all about those that you have not reached. Now comes the big clou, the brilliant idea. His thesis:
<“Happiness is on the opposite side of what I don’t want.” – Alex Fischer.
By writing down in a structured way the things you don’t want, don’t like, even hate, in a list you can find exactly the things you want. This way you can use the negative thoughts to formulate the exact opposite of what you want.

Is “goal” equal to “goal”?

Here is a short plug-in from the later episodes of “RADG”. In German the word Ziel stands for the achievement of something. In English there are many definitions that describe a goal, but are to be interpreted quite differently. “Aim”, “target”, “goal” but also “purpose”. Purpose means translated “purpose”, “to intend something” or “to aim at something”. But Purpose is also translated as “task”, further even as “purpose”.

So how do you find your purpose?

What is the big problem when to look for targets? I know this story by Alex Fischer all too well myself. If you think about “goals” and where you see yourself in the future, you often only find the goals you didn’t achieve. It’s frustrating.

Alex Fischer makes a virtue out of necessity, that’s how Alex Fischer got on his “hate list”.

In short: Alex Fischer wrote a list of things he no longer feels like doing. So that they no longer buzz around in his head, but are written down. The name of the list:

“What I don’t like to do. What I don’t want to do anymore. What I really hate to do!” – Alex Fischer

While writing, he noticed that as hard as it is to find things you want to do (goals with a view to all the goals you haven’t reached), it was just as easy to write down things you no longer want to do. The “Dislike List”. The big advantage of this list, because all this out of his head was now on paper, he feels “free as never before”.

Here’s the kicker. Take the things you don’t like and turn them into positive beliefs. An example from the book: “I don’t like doing the same thing over and over again”. Conversely, this means: “I like to find out and apply new things over and over again”. Or “I hate giving my advice to people in sales who don’t appreciate it”. Conversely: “I love giving advice to people who appreciate it”.

This makes it clear what you enjoy and what you do not enjoy. Soon it becomes clear to you and also to Alex Fischer that it was not the job you don’t like, but only individual aspects.

So you make your dislike list

  1. Set up a 2-column Word document or fold a A4 paper upright in the middle
  2. Label the left column with the caption “Do things I don’t like, frustrate or hate”
  3. Start to write down everything you don’t like in the left column, until you can’t think of anything else. Take all areas of life, not only the job, but also relationships, family, friends, hobbies, etc.
  4. If you really, really can’t think of anything else, you should have several pages now – Tip: Alex Fischer had 3 pages
  5. Sort similar things and put them under a common denominator such as “Things I don’t like because I feel overqualified for them”. But leave all the individual items underneath, you will need them later to go into more detail when you work through them.
  6. First if you really can’t think of anything else and the elaboration including headlines, summary, then go to 7th
  7. Formulate the points on the left now bluntly to think without objective or problems. That is, exactly the opposite, on the right side.
  8. After you finish, look again over all the formulated points
  9. Think about your purpose for the first time now, from this you create your formulations (explained in more detail in the podcast or book)
  10. … listen to the other 6 points in the podcast: How to find your purpose

In the podcast and book, Alex Fischer goes into the elaboration in great detail, gives examples and best practices from his life. Tip! In the podcast you also get current, additional comments that you won’t find in the book!

Great: How to change your mindset

Alex Fischer realized that he didn’t hate his job (dealing in real estate), but only individual areas. This led to insight 2): Categorize your individual key points into higher-level categories under which several key points can be grouped. From this, number 3) reflects these insights to find out what you like and want. A very simple example: “I hate bad weather”, on the contrary “I love good weather”. What a realization!

What a realization! But there is more to it than that.

The transformation from negative to positive beliefs. So I can turn my own mindset around and now I know how to bundle negative thoughts and turn them into positive beliefs.

Part 1: Financial freedom, mindset and 7 basic rules

You haven’t read the first part of the book recommendation? Here you will find Part 1: Being happy.

Alex Fischers strategies

“In 5 years without equity to become a real estate millionaire” – here you get the right and important tools for a happier and fulfilled life, also through financial freedom. Alex Fischer is living it up, with real estate he himself has already provided for a long time. His focus is on passing on knowledge, strategies and success stories. An extremely inspiring audio book. You want more Know How? Become a free member of the Alex Fischer Community.

Alex Fischer: Learn more strategies

If you want to learn more about principles, strategies and methods, you should take a look at Alex Fischer’s YouTube channel. Here you can find playlists sorted by topic to learn everything online. In addition, you can find links to slides and checklists here on YouTube – these documents are also completely free, without an email address. Tip! In the free member area you get the 27 strategies that Alex Fischer has extracted after more than twenty years of experience, compressed in an 11-page PDF as a checklist.

“Richer than the Geissens”: Book and audio book

With over 200,000 readers, “Richer than the Geissens” is mega successful, for good reason. It is also in the Top 100 at Amazon! In a nutshell, you get 43 timeless laws of success with which you can become more successful financially, professionally and privately. You learn to reach your goals, to “materialize” them (what this means, you learn in the book). You will receive exact step-by-step instructions for your own personal financial freedom. This way you avoid really frustrating mistakes right at the beginning. As a private person and/or as an entrepreneur, you learn from Alex Fischer how to avoid these fatal mistakes and at the same time follow your passion – every day! The book contains hundreds of learnings that will help you to live a happier and more fulfilled life. Best of all, you can get the audio book for free on Spotify and iTunes!