Financial freedom & Being happy: “Richer than the Geissens” by Alex Düsseldorf Fischer

Financial freedom, 30 days off a month, be happy? Of course, audio books are better than any paperback! Cozy in your armchair, while walking through the park or after work on the balcony. If you are looking for professional success based on private happiness, you should read “Richer than the Geissens”. Top rankings at Amazon, 200.000 readers, currently top 2 among others for career books. Author Alex Fischer, himself a real estate millionaire, has now done something very special: The entire audio book, all episodes, are available for free on Spotify and iTunes! Know-how for everyone who wants to make it to the top. “In 5 years without equity to become a real estate millionaire” – I immediately thought: Challenge accepted! My recommendation: “Richer than the Geissens”, the podcast on Spotify and iTunes or check out the free member area.

Richer than the Geissens – free audio book

Important: Currently the book is only available in Germany! I speak German and discovered this book or podcast two weeks ago. Even if you wouldn’t understand a word in the podcast, I wanted to introduce some of the methods and strategies to you!

This review shows you in extracts, which Mindset Alex Fischer conveys in “Richer than the Geissens”:

A little tour through the podcast

More than 600 learnings, 43 concrete and timeless laws of success, all packed with stories and examples that illustrate the experiences – you could never summarize this in a review. But I want to show you where the journey is heading, if you listen carefully to all the podcasts that follow as a person who is at the beginning! The book will be much more detailed in many places and also discusses topics of a higher level if you already own 3 or 4 properties.

This little tour is for those who are at the very beginning: “In 5 years without equity to become a real estate millionaire”.

Minimum set and financial freedom

Financial freedom, isn’t that a great feeling? You can decide spontaneously at any time, a power day with a colleague in the office, a short holiday to the Cote d’Azur or spontaneously build up your own network by visiting Berlin or London? Every day is yours! But financial freedom does not just mean “a lot of money”, financial freedom gives you the freedom to be creative and to create. The worst thing for an entrepreneur are achieved goals! Therefore you should not focus on your goals, but on what lies behind them: Your mindset, your ideals, your purpose. If you are clear about this, your next goal is not to submit to the premise “time for money”. Your big goal must be to have 30 free days a month.

cash flow, equity, the first property

If you listen to the free audio book “Richer than the Geissens” very carefully, episode by episode, leaving nothing out and listen to important parts two or three times, then you will learn all the tools to achieve this goal and then expand on it. About your own mindset, your ideals, your relation to money, the most effective use of your own for others by working out the above mentioned purpose, your list of strengths, resources, but also your list of market niches. From this combination of insights you will recognize the most efficient added value you can offer. From this you will create your first good cash flow, increasingly passive cash flow and at some point you will build up your equity, buy your first property and you will know how to use a property as an investment tool.

At this point directly emphasizes again that you listen to all the consequences, from the first to the last. Take enough time and repeat individual episodes or passages if necessary.

Did you already know? In Alex Fischer’s free member area there is much more about real estate, taxes and a lot of know-how. Here you learn valuable practice strategies, in order to obtain sensational successes in all areas of life and that as said, completely free of charge. Look here in the member area of Alex Fischer

Now on Spotify & iTunes

On Spotify and on many other podcast apps you can now find the top seller of Alex Fischer “Richer than the Geissens” for free! The chance to become successful yourself. Alex Fischer is a self-made millionaire, a multimillionaire who has made it all … that’s exactly what I want to find out for myself now! Here are a few facts about the book and podcast:

  • Now as Podcast on Spotify and iTunes – free of charge!
  • 668 essential tips
  • 43 ‘timeless laws of success’
  • 456 pages or 79 episodes in the audio book
  • 3 parts (mindset, strategies / tools and building money machine)

How should you listen to the podcast?

It is best to spread individual episodes or capital over days. The audio book consists of 3 chapters. If you want to understand the principles and ways of Alex Fischer to have the greatest learning success, you have to take your time! Every single episode contains a lot of know-how. Therefore we recommend to repeat important chapters.

Who is Alex Fischer?

He is one of the best-known real estate investors in the German-speaking world. Alex Fischer started his career himself with 0 Euro equity. Due to his early, close connection to financial and commercial transactions, he began to earn money on the side at an early age, in his youth. Alex Fischer built up more and more equity and made his first experiences with real estate. Meanwhile he holds more than 20.000m² of residential and commercial space in and around Düsseldorf. Well provided for, absolute financial, temporal and local freedom.

Alex Düsseldorf Fischer speaks from experience: In the last 20 years he has bought, renovated and resold over 2,000 properties.

He has set himself his new goal to help as many people as possible with his insider knowledge to become financially independent and free! If you want to know how you can have success, happiness and financial freedom, like Alex Fischer, then stream the free audio book now! In “Richer than the Geissens” you learn how to apply the 43 laws of success. You want even more know-how? Become a free member of the Alex Fischer Community now.

Extremely much know-how and story

Real estate millionaire Alex Fischer gives extremely deep insights but also personal ones. As in Evolume 41: The blind swimmer. Whenever he is about to give up, he thinks of this one fascinating story of perseverance, his personal “perseverance doping”. Briefly told it is about a man. He lived with his wife in India in the 70s. His wife fell seriously ill. Unfortunately they lived at the foot of a mountain. There was no way over the mountain, which would have been hardly a kilometre as the crow flies. Since there was no path, he had to walk around the foot of the mountain with his sick wife in his arms. She died. He swore to himself that no man should ever lose his wife again, just because he would not make it to the doctor in time. So he began to remove the first rock walls. After 22 years he milled his way through the cliffs of the mountain – what an achievement! After 22 years, he had actually built a walkway. Not for himself, but for others.

On the one hand, one learns will and stamina from history. If he has such a great achievement, how can I hang myself on small problems? On the other hand the little story shows that being happy does not depend on one’s own well-being, the environment is at least as important for a happy life. Mindset is everything. You see, it’s not just about entrepreneurial principles, but above all about Mindset!

Your goal: “With 0 Euro starting capital in 5 years to become a real estate millionaire.” – Alex Fischer.

Mindset, tools and best practice real estate

The book has three parts.

  1. Mindset and important basic knowledge as the entrepreneur of your life
  2. Basic tools for you as a manager of your own life
  3. How to recognize and set up a money machine, here the example of real estate

But one of the most beautiful sentences at the beginning is this one:

“If someone were to say, Alex, you have 450 pages to pass on to your son, what would you write down? – Alex Fischer

It takes a lot to be successful. It’s not a single note that you have to play, but a chord, a multi-tone, according to Alex Fischer. According to Alex Fischer, after decades of searching, there are 43 regularities that one must absolutely let sound simultaneously. Then you have fun and money. One can neglect 2, 3. If you disregard more than 5 rules, you stand on the brakes. If you ignore more than 15, life is exhausting, tiring and frustrating. If you break just five of these rules, you end up on the street. These 43 laws and principles are discussed in parts 1 and 2. Partly millennium old laws and new, modern principles. They are valid all over the world.

The biggest mistake, from his observation, is that everyone is looking for a money machine. These weigh tons and are built on large foundations, a lot of IT, a lot of effort. Even if someone gives them to you, how do you want to install this big machine without your own foundation, without maintenance knowledge and how to put it into operation? Even if you have the machine, it won’t work without foundation and maintenance. An entrepreneurial foundation is essential. If you ask entrepreneurs, they always talk about the money machine, not the foundation, but the logistics. Like a fish, you don’t notice the water around you unless it’s gone.

An example: 6,500 m² property (shopping centre) bought for 1.2 million euros. This investment has an annual target rent of 500.000 Euro. That means the property pays for itself in 2.5 years, another year for the tax and from then on 500.000 Euro cash flow per year will be available for free disposal.

Press comments

To build wealth and prosperity, I recommend Alex Fischer. His content density and know-how is simply incredible.

Dirk Kreuter (Europe’s No. 1 sales trainer and Speaker of the Year 2011)

Alex Fischer has extremely accelerated my personal and business development. His book shows a well structured map with abbreviations to your goals. Help yourself. Block quota.

Hendrik Klöters (Founder of AMRAP Fitness and the Entrepreneurial Channel

Alex Fischer is a lateral thinker. The knowledge in his book goes far beyond real estate investments. It shows you how to become successful and happy in your professional and private life.

Kris Stelljes (Internet millionaire and YouTuber)

The book: Learnings

What goals drive us as people, but also as entrepreneurs? In episode 6: Your personal real estate opportunities Alex Fischer discusses the very basic goals that drive us, especially with regard to real estate. Anyone who listens to the podcast “Richer than the Geissens” is pursuing one goal in particular: making money with real estate. Later in the podcast, it goes much deeper into your mind set. At the beginning of the podcast it says “Recognize your personal opportunities in the real estate market”, i.e. which segments, opportunities and goals make sense for you personally?

In the podcast, Alex Fischer mentions many different motives that can drive you, from carefree retirement to cash flow through real estate on a grand scale. You want to:

  • Improve your later retirement as effectively as possible,
  • Convert taxes and duties into private assets,
  • Earn or improve your living with real estate agency,
  • Generate additional cash flow before retirement,
  • Be able to live from the cash flow of rental income or
  • Like Alex Fischer, you earn your living by selling real estate.

Read on here: Mindset for your life and entrepreneurship

positive thinking: mindset

Basically, the implementation of your goals is about a positive mindset. What do above-average happy people have in common? They take their life, their work, but also their relationships playfully, according to Alex Fischer. Why were Alex Fischer, Boris Becker, Michael Schumacher but also Reinhold Messner himself sad?

“It was the success that ended the game.” – Alex Fischer

Repeating this game is boring and does not give the same satisfaction. Felt it goes only downhill from now on. “Only” making more money doesn’t make you happy anymore. The big question:

“What do you enjoy? What makes you happy?” – Alex Fischer

Basic rules of Alex Fischer – His basic rules from episode 7 in the podcast “Richer than the Geissens”: Positive thinking: Mindset
Alex Fischer begins by asking, “How the hell do you find your purpose?” In episode 16. How to find your Purpose. It’s about you no longer “only” pursuing goals. You’ll learn what that means in episode 16, here’s a little insight:

Henry Ford’s dream was for everyone to drive a car. With the assembly line, he transformed the car into a mass product for everyone. Steve Jobs wanted to give everyone a tool to put a dent in the universe. Currently, Apple is the most valuable company on Wall Street, with a market value of 920 billion dollars. With computers, MP3 players, but also the smartphone, Apple revolutionized the digital entertainment and mobile phone industry.

Change dogmas

If you repeat something thousands of times, you develop a habit. If you suddenly decide against it and start a new concept 2 or 3 times, you will quickly realize that the habit usually prevails, according to Alex Fischer in episode 21: Analyze your beliefs.

As with smokers, a thousand times the cigarette was “relaxed”, “tasty”, etc. Suddenly you want to stop smoking. What happens? You decide against it 2, 3, 4 times and then you start smoking again. Simply because you said “I want to smoke” a thousand times.

A lot of people believe that money is bad. Not in that exact wording, but in this context.

It’s no use going one belief against another.

The solution is that “You dissolve old and outdated beliefs by means of awareness”.

Build and successfully operate a money machine

As described above, this review is about the 3rd part of “Richer than the Geissens”. Be sure to listen to part 1 and part 2 as well, otherwise you will not understand many of the principles and strategies in part 3. I also streamed the audio book in several stages. That means distributed listening to really internalize all the learnings, as well as repetitions of individual episodes that are very interesting for me. The 3rd part is then about building your money machine. In more than fifteen episodes you will learn how to create your own business model that generates passive income, including the topic of real estate as an investment tool and… but let’s start at the beginning. Here are a few of the many, many learnings you get in the podcast “Richer than the Geissens” by Alex Fischer himself.

But first it is important to set up a big goal. You will quickly understand this goal while listening to the podcast.

“30 days off per month!” – Alex Fischer

This may sound unrealistic at first, but if one looks at the passive money flows installed step by step, this goal quickly seems to make sense. Because, as already learned in episode 43, the “self-employed” and “entrepreneurs” are different. The self-employed spend their time on money. Entrepreneurs create structures and machines that earn money.

Small rivers become large ones

How often do you yourself face the problem: “You can’t see the forest for the trees”. A building site here, a building site there, in private life and especially as an entrepreneur. I found this quote myself, as short and simple as it is, extremely constructive and motivating. With regard to my own work, projects but also to further aspects such as public relations or viral effects:

“Small rivers become big rivers.” – Alex Fischer

As confusing as one’s own work often appears, especially when setting up companies for the first time, everything gradually comes together. Alex Fischer also brings many interesting aspects to this, for example this one:

  • How much do you think you can handle tomorrow? – You’ll overestimate yourself.
  • How much do you think you can do in a year? – You will underestimate yourself.

Read more about your options in the article: money machine and passive money.

Video: 10,000, 100,000… how would Alex Fischer invest?

What is the best way to invest your money? Which investments are really lucrative? What can you invest in to increase your money?

Alex Fischer: Richer than the Geissens

“In 5 years without equity to become a real estate millionaire” – here you get the right and important tools for a happier and fulfilled life, also through financial freedom. Alex Fischer is living it up, with real estate he himself has already provided for a long time. His focus is on passing on knowledge, strategies and success stories. An extremely inspiring audio book. You want more Know How? Become a free member of the Alex Fischer Community.

Alex Fischer: Learn more strategies

If you want to learn more about principles, strategies and methods, you should take a look at Alex Fischer’s YouTube channel. Here you can find playlists sorted by topic to learn everything online. In addition, you can find links to slides and checklists here on YouTube – these documents are also completely free, without an email address. Tip! In the free member area you get the 27 strategies that Alex Fischer has extracted after over twenty years of experience, compressed in an 11-page PDF as a checklist.

“Richer than the Geissens”: Book and audio book

With over 200,000 readers, “Richer than the Geissens” is mega successful, for good reason. It is also in the top 100 at Amazon! In a nutshell, you get 43 timeless laws of success with which you can become more successful financially, professionally and privately. You learn to reach your goals, to “materialize” them (what this means, you learn in the book). You will receive exact step-by-step instructions for your own personal financial freedom. This way you avoid really frustrating mistakes right at the beginning. As a private person and/or as an entrepreneur, you will learn from Alex Fischer how to avoid these fatal mistakes and at the same time follow your passion – every day! The book contains hundreds of learnings that will help you to live a happier and more fulfilled life. Best of all, you can get the audio book for free on Spotify and iTunes!