Roche Bobois: extravagant design & bright colours from Paris for beds, sofas and co.

Roche Bobois – The epitome of innovative, creative and extraordinary design. The French interior company inspires its customers with sculptural aesthetics, colorful creations and geometric and graphic masterpieces. The company’s unique philosophy, attention to quality and detail, and focus on creative collaborations has made Roche Bobois one of the up-and-coming interior houses in the 21st century. Wondering what the hype is about bubble couches? Are you interested in what Roche Bobois stands for? Find out and much more in this post! Welcome to the colourful world of Roche Bobois, where minimalism coexists undisturbed with maximalism! Editor’s tip: Also check out our guide to interior styles, where you’ll find info, tips and trends on all things interior design: Interior Styles XXL.

Roche Bobois: furniture with creativity & innovative thinking

Furniture acts merely as functional objects? Definitely not so with Roche Bobois. The interior company knows how to prove the opposite. With innovative, unforgettable, unique pieces of furniture with recognition value, Roche Bobois has made a name for itself in the interior world. See for yourself!

Interior dreams from Paris: the story of the creation of Roche Bobois

How such an extraordinary and successful business concept got its start? Once upon a time, a furniture dealer named Jacques Roche set up a furniture showroom in the 1950s in the middle of Paris. At the same time but unaware of each other, Albert Couchans runs a furniture store also in Paris. It seems fated that the paths of Jacques Roche’s interior-loving sons Philippe and Francois Roche and those of Albert Couchans Jean-Claude and Patrick Couchans cross at a furniture fair in Copenhagen in 1960. Only a few stimulating conversations later, the idea of importing Scandinavian furniture to Paris was born.

A trivial conversation establishes itself as the launch pad for an exciting and successful career. What begins with the sale of Scandinavian accessories in her previous boutiques quickly develops into an independent sales concept. In the same year, the “gift” boutique “Compléments d’objets” opens, offering textiles, tableware and wallpaper. It is not long before the designers decide to merge their two furniture companies. A new star in the interior sky was born – initially called Boboisroche or Rochebobois, the company now celebrates international success under the name Roche Bobois! Since the merger, the designers have been climbing the career ladder at a rapid pace – with great success!

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The creative minds behind Roche Bobois

Unique at Roche Bobois is not only the design, but also the design concept. If you are looking for a constant head designer, you won’t find it. Here one relies on unique collaborations with numerous designers, architects and fashion designers. Among the most famous are the following:

  • Collection “Mah Jong” by designer Hans Hopfer (80s)
  • Architect Luigi Gorgoni (80s)
  • Collection Métropolis by Iosa Ghini (00s)
  • Collection Assemblage by Stéphan Lebrun
  • Fashion designer Sonia Rykiel
  • Fashion designer Kenzo
  • Fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier
  • Fashion house Missoni
  • Fashion designer Ungaro

Video Roche Bobois: furniture to snack on, based on pastries

Design, fashion and culinary art are artistically combined in an unknown form. The codes of three classic worlds of French chic enter into a daring symbiosis. The protagonists of this campaign are the “Bubble” sofa, the “Ava” armchair, the “Radian” serving table, the “Ondess” sideboard and the “Mah Jong” sofa. Roche Bobois’ sometimes iconic furniture is recreated in pastry miniatures. In an artistic way, a visual play and an interesting interaction between real pieces of furniture and the biscuit versions is created. The message? – Roche Bobois furniture pieces are beautiful to eat. See for yourself!

Roche Bobois armchairs and chairs in creative sophistication

You’ve sat on rickety chairs long enough, read enough books in an old armchair from the flea market and watched enough Netflix in what feels like a 100-year-old armchair? Roche Bobois has the perfect solution – comfort, functionality and design combined into unique seating options. Whether it’s a chair for your dining room, a coffee chair for reading a book, or a sculptural armchair to marvel at, Roche Bobois has you covered. Convince yourself!

Nuage armchair: Roche-Bobois hemisphere in a purist look

This spherical armchair shines in a minimalist and simple look and thus acts as the perfect companion to any home. The hemisphere is inspired by the shape of a C, which can be seen in a refined opening. The model by Roberto Tapinassi and Maurizio Manzoni is dressed in Tendresse leather and delights customers with a graphic look. The colour palette here moves in a cool, yet broad spectrum. See for yourself!

Ava chair: minimalist design in the dining room

Ava – an armchair that breaks with the design of classic chairs and is celebrated for its own aesthetics. The young Chinese designer Song Wen Zhong designed this chair in the course of the Roche Bobois Design Award on the theme “Nature, the universal link between Occident and Orient”. This high-tech, lightweight and stackable object is available in a wide range of transparent, matt and opaque colours. Dreaming of a modern, timeless, simple yet unique chair ensemble for your home? With Ava chairs your dreams become reality. See for yourself!

Odea armchair in orange and pattern mix by Roche Bobois

Minimalist in design, maximum in style. This armchair shines in a unique look, which screams comfort, elegance and extravagance in one. The designers Roberto Tapinassi and Maurizio Manzoni create a sculptural aesthetic. A highlight of this model is the missing foot part. The armchair has no typical foot legs, rather it is a narrowing course of the armchair, which eventually runs into the base. An extraordinary design, which is fun for the eye and comfortable. We like!

Dining room, living room and co.: refined tables

You are looking for a small coffee table, which offers space for a glass of red wine and your picture books? You are looking for a large dining table, which convinces in function and design? Sculptural aesthetics and elegant design are your top priorities? Roche Bobois knows how to provide an answer to almost every customer wish. Convince yourself!

Leaf coffee table: love of nature and aesthetics at Roche Bobois

The designers Antoine Fritsch and Vivien Durisotti have created a coffee table that is an expression of their creativity and innovative thinking. The table top made of transparent Plexiglas becomes an eye-catcher thanks to a fine, white engraving pattern, which is reminiscent of leaf veins. The table legs made of whitewashed solid wood act as a link between the table top and the steel base – if the table top were leaves, the table legs would be the corresponding branches. A coffee table that can bring the lightness of nature into your own four walls. We like!

Astrolab 2.0: Refinement and elegance in the form of a table

You dream of a dining table that doesn’t take up your entire living room, but still leaves room for large family celebrations or cosy dinner parties with friends? Then you have found your dream table with the Astrolab 2.0 by Studio Roche Bobois. This one not only fulfills the functional variable, but the aesthetic one as well. The dining table is available in two finishes. You can choose between the cool and dark or the warm and elegant champagne version. The first takes its cues from gears and locomotives, while the second is reminiscent of the elegant dials in 1950s clocks. What they have in common is the rectangular glass plate, which can be moved in length with a remote control. So nothing stands in the way of the next dinner party! A hit in the bull’s eye, both in terms of design and functionality! Roche Bobois knows how to inspire the interior world with his creativity and innovative thinking.

Aqua table: cold marble for the dining room warms interior hearts

A marble table leg inspires in the shape of a water drop and at the same time explains the name of the design piece. On the “water drop” table leg is a table top made of Bardiglio marble, which shines in a monochrome design. The designer behind this masterpiece is Fabrice Berrux, who is known for his aesthetic, elegant and minimalist designs with strong expression. Are you looking for a sleek dining table that doesn’t take over the room, but at the same time inspires in its minimalist aesthetic as a key piece? Roche Bobois knows how to master this balancing act with this marble table!

Bedroom: Sleep like on clouds – Beds & Co.

The bed creations from Roche Bobois are not only a pleasure for the eye, but also for your back. Elegant, unusual design models convince with innovative ideas and an aesthetic look. See for yourself!

Calisson bed: sculpture in the bedroom

Known for his love of sculptural aesthetics, designer Maurice Barilone wows the interior world with this geometrically shaped bed in jersey fabric. The design is offered in 18 different colours and can be individually composed of different lying surfaces as well as with other covers.

Backstage bed: refinement and asymmetry combined

Are you looking for a key piece in your bedroom that exudes extravagance and creativity? Then the “Backstage Bed” will fulfil all your dreams. The asymmetrical, leather-covered frame combined with an oversized velvet headboard creates a mysterious and intimate boldness and elegance. The two designers Roberto Tapinassi and Maurizio Manzoni have given free rein to their creativity in this creation. The model can be purchased in a wide range of colours and personalised in the headboard area. We like!

Lamps: Floor lamps & highlights for light in every room

Roche Bobois knows how to inspire with its lamp designs. With this company, lamps do not act as functional objects, rather they act as art objects, whereby the function can be seen as a bonus. Lamps in the shape of palm leaves, oriental lampshades or geometric objects in pastel ombré gradient are a small taste of what Roche Bobois has to offer in its lighting repertoire!

Chroma floor lamp: fun with colour and form

Are you missing a spark of fun and joy in your interior design? Roche Bobois provides the answer in the form of a lamp. A black lacquered steel frame mouths into three oval shapes made of coloured PMMA acrylic glass. The lights are encompassed by a striking frame in black and shine in an ombré gradient look in pastel tones. The designer Arturo Erbsman creates a key-piece, which fills every room with joy, creativity and motivation!

Mei floor lamp: lantern flair in elegant

Designer Nahtrang Disseny creates a modern floor lamp made of metal with gold-colored accents. The frame shines in a rich black in puristic, slim simplicity. Two lampshades in white act as eye-catchers. The lamp design is reminiscent of lampshades with an oriental finish. A model which illuminates any room!

Flou floor lamp: palm leaves give light

This lamp model shines in minimalist elegance and is reminiscent of palm leaves on holiday. Roche Bobois brings that liberating holiday feeling into your own four walls in a black, sculptural aesthetic. The interplay of black lacquered steel, aluminium diffusers, white lacquered interior and an ebony veneered exterior gives the creation a purist, elegant look.

Living room: cult status for Roche Bobois sofas

What leather bags are to Chanel, sofas are to Roche Bobois – they have achieved iconic cult status. Sculptural aesthetics, bright colour combinations and bold design innovations have become Roche Bobois’ design signature. Whether it’s a best-selling model from the 90s or a modern design for the 60s anniversary, Roche Bobois’ furniture pieces inspire with their timeless look that is both minimalist and maximalist. This is where the boundaries of creativity and innovative thinking are redrawn. We like!

Bombom: “Lego bricks” for interior lovers

Dreaming of your own individual, unique sofa? Roche Bobois, with Joana Vasconcelos as designer, has made this dream come true. With the “Bombom sofa”, sculptural and extravagant design, fresh and intense colours and geometric shapes come together. All this is optimised with contrasting black borders and highlights. You can choose between a 2.5 and 5-seater sofa and between many colour combinations. The freely movable and independently separated backrests make each sofa an unmistakably unique piece. Nothing stands in the way of your personal taste and comfort!

Bubble: sofa room with sculptural aesthetics

This IT piece from Roche Bobois inspires with its innovative design idea. Designer Sacha Lakic created “Bubble” as a tribute to the balance between innovation, function and emotion. The natural shapes can be created thanks to a black jersey fabric stretchable in all three directions and covered with honeycomb wool. This model has achieved cult status among Roche Bobois models and inspires the interior world in armchair, stool, pouf, 2, 5-seater & 3-seater form. In terms of colour, a very wide spectrum is also offered here. The colour palette ranges from fir green to mustard yellow to a bright raspberry shade.

Profile Sofa: timeless design in velvet

The “Profile” line was created by the designers Roberto Tapinassi and Maurizio Manzoni. The timeless model with 50s charm shines in a modern and puristic look made of velvet fabric. This design can be purchased in different sized sofas, as a pouf or chaise longue. In terms of colour, there are no limits here – whether it’s a rich green tone, berry red or olive green, Profile fulfils almost every design dream.

Mah Jong: Roche Bobois’ flagship and customer favourite

Total freedom of form and function in the form of a sofa – designer Hans Hopfer is credited with this unique design concept. In the 1970s, his innovative thinking and laid-back approach to comfort combined to create the iconic “Mah Jong” sofa. Whether it’s an armchair, sofa, lounge chair or bed, this innovative design can be assembled to suit individual tastes, comfort and needs. The individual parts can be placed individually – next to each other, combined on top of each other, lined up or arranged. The play with form and height encourages dreaming. It is an expression of free creativity and a break with the norms. Celebrated as an avant-garde piece of furniture at the time of its creation, it has established itself as a style icon that is “dressed” anew by any number of designers. A “form-free” modular sofa, which perfectly complements any room. Whether corner sofa, straight sofa, sofa without armrests, bed or armchair – the “Mah Jong” concept fulfills all your dreams! See for yourself:

Video Mah Jong Sofa: Individual design process with 3D glasses

Buying this couch means investing in a timeless work of art that perfectly combines function and style. To ensure that you can purchase a design that is perfectly tailored to your home and your taste, the latest technologies are offered in the showrooms. See for yourself!

Collaborations: Roche Bobois x Gaultier, Kenzo or Missoni…

Roche Bobois is known for its collaboration with various designers worldwide. To make the design as extraordinary, extravagant and diverse as possible – that is the intention and philosophy of Roche Bobois. The company has already started exciting collaborations with well-known designers for several years. The aim here is for “Mah Jong” to appear in a new, modern light without sacrificing or changing the core of the design. The influence of diverse cultures and countries allows the creations to shine in a wide variety of colours, patterns and combinations of these. These special editions of the “Mah Jong” sofa have become iconic. The following collaborations are among the most famous and popular design collaborations:

Jean Paul Gaultier x Roche Bobois: “Mah Jong” in sailor style

The French design talent Jean Paul Gaultier inspires the fashion world as well as the interior world with his personal, creative expression without changing the basic concept. His typical striped look in sailor style and the use of poetic and graphic motifs makes the sofa model shine in elegant aesthetics. It breaks with the traditional style by giving free rein to its elegance, creativity and refinement.

Kenzo Takada x Roche Bobois: kimono style, colour blocking and sophisticated materials

Bold Japanese designer Kenzo Takada has stayed true to his design signature in creating the ‘Mah Jong’ sofa. His inspiration comes from historic kimonos of the No Theater. The interplay of the bright, expressive colours red, pink, green and yellow creates an atmospheric yet harmonious ambience. Typical patterns of Japanese kimonos can be found next to sophisticated fabric materials. The radiating harmony of its design is symbolic of the three times of day: Asa (morning), Hiru (noon) and Yoru (evening).

Missoni Home x Roche Bobois: Zigzag pattern from Italy at Roche Bobois

Missoni stands for opulence, Italian fashion and elegance – three characteristics that couldn’t describe Missoni’s version of the “Mah Jong” sofa any better. Characteristic zigzag stripes, floral and graphic patterns, bright colours and refined materials make the “Mah Jong” model shine in Italian style.