Valentino Rockstud bags: Cult object in different sizes & colors for her and him

Handbags are not only practical, but can add the finishing touch to any outfit. They are an essential part of your wardrobe. That’s why it’s important to find the right model for everyday and going out. The Valentino Rockstud models offer you a wide range of different bag models in the most beautiful colours like red or poudre and different sizes, so that you will definitely find a new companion at your side.

Rockstud handbags: Faithful friend and companion

Diamonds are a girls best friend? Handbags are definitely at the top of the list too! That’s why it’s so important to find a bag that suits you and your personal needs. But Valentino handbags also make great gifts.

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Valentino’s Rockstud collection is the brainchild of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Petrelli. It debuted in 2010 and the shoes and bags have always been very popular.

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Rockstud Spike: Classic design meets punky studs

The Rockstud Spike handbag collection combines the classic quilted pattern that seems a little dusty to some with tiny pyramid studs that breathe new life into the design.

Quilted patterns have always been an absolute favorite in handbag production. Especially Chanel’s bags are known for their use of the pattern. But that doesn’t mean that Chanel was the first brand to use the design for its creations. The quilting of bags allows the designers to give the bags new structures by the firm combination of two material components.

Spike: Rockstud bags for men and women – Video

Valentino does not see in the bags products that are exclusively intended for women or men, but can bring joy to all genders. Just as every gender can find pleasure in the bag creations, so can every age. This diversity and exclusivity is also tried to bring to us in the campaigns.

Cult object Rockstud bags: Red, Black, Poudre and more

The classic Rockstud bags are the object of desire for bag fanatics the world over. The colorful grained calfskin is perfectly complemented by matching pyramid studs. Not only do the studs add a rocking look, but they also reflect light in a unique way, helping to make the bags look extra premium.

Fancy elegance with red and black Rockstud bags – Video

Instead of a casual setting, this time Valentino focuses on the contrast of the bags and royal elegance. Even in an overly chic environment, the bags don’t look out of place, but stand out with their high-quality design.

Bag sizes: Micro, Mini, Small, Standard, Medium and Large.

To meet your needs Valentino has a wide range of bag sizes. Depending on what you want to use your new bag for, you will be given the opportunity to find a suitable size:

  • Micro: W 14 x H 10 x D 6 cm
  • Mini: W 17 x H 10 x D 5.5 cm
  • Small: W 20 x H 11,5 x D 5 cm
  • Standard: W 24 x H 19 x D 10 cm
  • Medium size: W 23 x H 16 x D 6.5 cm
  • Large: W 30 x H 20 x D 18.5 cm.

Savoir Faire: How the handbag is made – Video

A lot of hand and custom work goes into the production of these fine leather objects. The placement of the rivets and the sealing of the leather edges are done with the utmost care. We have picked out a little insight into this process for you: