Guess: Bags, Jeans & Statement T-Shirts

Guess – The American brand Guess and its famous logo is probably known to everyone. In this article we will go into the foundation of the successful luxury brand, its unique advertising campaigns and its successful jeans, bags and accessories collections. In addition, we will introduce you to the most successful collaborations of the luxury […]

Chrome Hearts: limited edition jewellery pieces, hoodies, caps & much more

Chrome Hearts – Handmade jewellery, clothing and even home accessories are sold by the label founded in 1988. Especially with rappers, but also with other celebrities, the biker-style inspired designs are particularly popular. Limited quantities and the famous wearers of the designs help the brand to be successful. Especially the resale price of Chrome Hearts […]

Alexander Wang: jeans, sweaters, shoes and accessories for the ultimate casual look

Alexander Wang – The designer started his career as a college dropout. Born in San Francisco, his professional career began in New York, where the label’s flagship store is still located today. In addition to running his own label, Alexander Wang was creative director for Balenciaga. Now he has been designing fashion and accessories for […]

GAP: Jeans, sweater & basics for men and women

GAP – Affordable everyday fashion that has been found in closets for generations. that is GAP today. However, GAP is losing popularity, especially among a younger target group. And this despite the fact that GAP was founded with the aim of supplying a market of 12-25 year olds with matching jeans. From a single store […]

Fashion Label H&M: Prices, Assortment, Cooperations & Sale Actions

H&M – The most famous fashion label in Europe! The international brand is not only known for its inexpensive articles, but also for its simple and plain style. Erling Persson, inventor of the label became successful with his Swedish clothing concept. Meanwhile there are stores all over the world – more than 4,000 stores are […]

Runway Highlights by Balmain – First Class Haute Couture & Collaborations

Paris. New York. Milan. There is hardly a city of fashion that Balmain has not conquered. The brand is known for its opulent style and feminine looks. So it’s no wonder that the Parisian house has quickly become a favorite on the red carpets of Europe and Hollywood. We at FIV Magazine have listed the […]

Balmain – Exquisit Haute Couture, Fashion Shows & Collaborations

Paris. New York. Milan. There’s hardly a city of fashion that Balmain hasn’t already conquered. The brand is known for its opulent style and feminine looks. No wonder, then, that the Paris house has quickly become a favorite on the red carpets of Europe and Hollywood. We at FIV Magazine have listed the fashion giant’s […]

Never out of Style – Jeans

Finding a pair of matching jeans is not easy these days. Apart from different sizes, there are also new styles for men and women. Every fashion store, online shop and every brand now sells jeans. 4 Female Cuts Bootcut jeans #1 The classic of jeans. Narrowly cut at the thigh and slightly flared at the […]

Levi’s: The 77 Best Posts About The Popular Jeans Brand On Instagram

Levi’s has always been a part of the term jeans! After our article about the most expensive leather jackets in the world, today we wanted to take a look at what the traditional brand Levi’s has to offer on Instagram. Everyone loves Levi’s jeans! Levi’s is the biggest and most famous jeans brand in the […]

Summer Outfit Special – Trend Look Denim: Zara, Asos, Reserved combine!

Hello my dears! Since the weather turns more and more to the good and the temperatures are slowly but surely rising, I thought it’s time for a little summer outfit special. I have chosen as a trend look the fabric denim and looked for you, how you can combine this best. Denim is available in […]

The most luxurious Jeans Labels

Luxurious jeans – Jeans are an integral part of any outfit. Everyone has at least one pair of jeans in their wardrobe that can be worn for any occasion. Whether casually combined with a T-shirt or sweater or more chic styled with a blouse or shirt. The classic jeans asserts itself in every century as […]

Diesel by Renzo Rosso – From farm boy to designer

From farm boy to designer. This is how the success story of Diesel founder Renzo Rosso began. The Italian firmly believes that the right amount of passion leads everyone to success if you only believe in yourself and your goals and never stop dreaming. With this basic attitude Rosso founded the company in 1978 in […]