Runway Highlights by Balmain – First Class Haute Couture & Collaborations

Paris. New York. Milan. There is hardly a city of fashion that Balmain has not conquered. The brand is known for its opulent style and feminine looks. So it’s no wonder that the Parisian house has quickly become a favorite on the red carpets of Europe and Hollywood. We at FIV Magazine have listed the top runway highlights of the fashion giant for you.

Balmain: French Haute Couture & Prêt-à-porter

Balmain, or Pierre Balmain S.A., is a Paris-based fashion company founded in 1945 by French fashion designer Pierre Balmain. Especially in the 1950s and 1960s, the house of Balmain, which has also offered perfume since 1947, was internationally one of the leading fashion companies of upscale Parisian fashion with elegant haute couture for women, alongside Dior and Jacques Fath. After the sale of the company by Pierre Balmain in 1977 and less successful times from the 1980s onwards, Balmain has belonged to a French group of investors since 1995 and was on the verge of insolvency in 2004. It was only in 2006 that the house of Balmain, which has been producing high-priced prêt-à-porter fashion for women since 1982 and, with interruptions, for men since 1986, was once again regarded worldwide as a trend-setting and sought-after fashion brand in the upper price segment. Balmain’s haute couture fashion was presented for the last time for the time being in 2003 and discontinued in 2004 in the course of restructuring. Since June 2016, the company is owned by the investment fund Mayhoola for Investments from Qatar.

Women’s collections that redefine femininity

Balmain’s rich couture history is celebrated in each womenswear collection under the direction of Olivier Rousteing. The archive, filled with unique designs, inspires, while the atelier continues to awe with its mastery of intricate couture techniques. Rousteing fuses these traditions with his own modern sensibility.

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Fashion for the emancipated woman of the modern age

For this women’s BALMAINFW20 collection, creative director Olivier Rousteing rethinks and modernizes the traditional symbols of the old French upper class, adapting them to the modernity of today – a series of designs now open to all, reflecting the inclusive values of today’s Balmain. Watch the video here.

Innovative cuts and artistic colour combinations

“Own who you are” is the motto of the 2020 women’s collection, and Rousteing found inspiration in his own past. As the documentary film about the collection shows, he only recently found out that his biological parents are Somali and Ethiopian. His handling of this existential realization and his experience with adoption and rejection is artfully reflected in this collection.

Rebellious collection full of studs, glitter and leather

The outfits rely on sculptural shapes, clever leatherwork and extreme embellishments. Rousteing is proud of the efforts of his entire team, as they ensured that this year’s Balmain creations match the daring of today’s troublemakers. See Balmain’s stunning fashion show for yourself here.

Futuristic dresses and statement accessories for summer

It’s not the runway styling, music and celebrities that make Parisian fashion so incredibly inspiring – they believe it’s their unrivalled heritage of couture and high standards of tailoring that set them apart. Of course, these unique ingredients are key elements of Balmains’ DNA, and today’s collection makes clear what the combination of savoir-faire and the Parisian atelier can make possible.

Sophisticated & sophisticated fashion for the Balmain man

Olivier Rousteing was just 25 years old when he was appointed creative director in 2011. In just a few years, he has rejuvenated the historic house of Balmain and given it an instantly recognisable style. Many of his designs for designer menswear are based on what he wears every day – with an assured attention to detail.

Tropical desert feeling on the runway in Paris

Watch Balmain’s fashion show here, held at the Grande Halle de la Vilette in Paris on January 17, 2020. The show marks the debut of Balmain Eye Wear by Akoni. The unisex collection is based on the savoir-faire of the world’s best artisans from Japan and will be available in April 2020.

Insurgent clothing with lots of black

Those thousands of studs on the eye-catching oversized black bouclé blazer or origami structured pagoda skirts are meant to make a statement for Balmain. Open-shouldered biker vests, newsboy caps, bags and pointy boots also make frequent appearances on the catwalk. Check out the entire fashion show here.

Progressive fashion with avant-garde flair

The entire event, held at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, was dedicated to supporting charities fighting AIDS. The fashion was typical Balmain: Loud, glittery, confident. Before cool colors were often found on the catwalk. What made this fashion show special: an extra laser show.

A fashion show inspired by the military

Many of the men and women marching down the runway today are dressed in designs based on protective armor from every age – from medieval chain mail to today’s military khaki to futuristic leathers and nylon stockings. “Fashion is a revolution, not an evolution,” is the apt statement here.

Famous Advertising Faces & Exquisite Accessories

With the numerous, individual and always amazing modern and unique commercials, Balmain outshines the other luxury brands. With more advanced techniques and numerous experiments, the house of Balmain creates incredible videos. Even though it is difficult to shoot an unplanned commercial, the Balmain team still manages to fascinate its Balmain Army time and time again.

Cara Delevingne as advertising face in London

Balmain’s Spring/Summer 2019 campaign featuring Cara Delevingne takes over the streets during London Fashion Week, wowing thousands.

The perfect accessory: the Balmain bag

This new collection takes inspiration from the catwalk offerings by incorporating some of Olivier Rousteing’s most iconic signatures. Thick fringing, quilted leather and impressive embellishments are also typical of the new collection here. To ensure that the models also look good on the catwalk, Creative Director Rousteing had teamed up with the most famous Italian leather masters to coordinate the colour palette of the bags with the latest outfits in the current collection.