Vogue Collection: sweaters, glasses and shirts with the famous magazine logo

Vogue Collection – Since its first issue in 1892, Vogue Magazine has grown to become the largest fashion magazine in the world. The magazine holds power in the fashion world and with it the ability to set trends and also address social issues. Above all, the Condé Nast Publishing star stands for knowledge in the field of fashion. This is exactly what the T-shirts and sweaters of the Vogue Collection express: The knowledge about and interest in fashion. With the Vogue Collection, the magazine has finally increased the wishes of its fans.

Vogue Magazine: importance, editors-in-chief and fame of the magazine

When something is ‘en Vogue’, it means that it is on its way to being fashionable and is already gaining popularity in certain circles. This name is extremely appropriate considering that Vogue has been one of the biggest fashion magazines in the world for decades and is capable of creating trends. Under the Condé Nast publishing umbrella, Vogue is the absolute star. With still 24.9 million readers worldwide in print alone and 113.6 million unique visitors to its website, Vogue has long since stopped worrying about making the leap from print to digital. Readership figures for individual issues and who is at the helm in each country can be found here.

Vogue Germany

  • Publisher: André Pollmann
  • Editor-in-chief: Christiane Arp
  • Digital Editor: Alexandra Bondi de Antoni
  • Print: 1 million readers
  • Digital: 1 million unique visitors

British Vogue

  • Publisher: Vanessa Kingori
  • Editor in Chief: Edward Enninful
  • Print: 784,000 readers
  • Digital: 10.6 million unique visitors

Vogue U.S.

  • Managing Director: Susan Plageman
  • Editor-in-chief: Dame Anna Wintour
  • Print: 11.1 million readers
  • Digital: 13 million unique visitors

Vogue Italy

  • Head of Brand Advertising: Emmeline Eliantonio
  • Editor in chief: Emanuele Farneti
  • Print: 748,000 readers
  • Digital: 4.8 million unique visitors

Vogue Paris

  • Publisher: Delphine Royant
  • Editor in chief: Emmanuelle Alt
  • Digital Editor: Jennifer Neyt
  • Print: 1.3 million readers
  • Digital: 1.8 million unique visitors

Vogue Spain

  • Publisher: Elene Ferreras
  • Editor-in-chief: Eugenia de la Torriente
  • Digital Editor: Inés Lorenzo
  • Print: 765,000 readers
  • Digital: 10.8 million unique visitors

Legendary Vogue Covers: Harry Styles, Kim Kardashian and Co.

With 11.1 million print readers, U.S. Vogue stands out from its international counterparts. One reason for this is the iconic covers. The magazine’s glossy fronts regularly garner major media attention. We reveal which covers have been milestones in the magazine’s history.

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

U.S. Vogue 2020 video: Harry Styles in a Gucci dress

Genderless fashion, or the breaking down of gender roles in fashion, is not a new trend. Especially in Japan, there are substyles that specifically refer to being completely gender neutral. However, the clothes worn there are often restrained and consist of straight, neutral cuts. In addition, Harry Styles was the first single-male cover model for U.S. Vogue. However, not worldwide. In 2008, for example, Daniel Craig was already the cover model of the German Vogue. Harry Styles went one step further in terms of genderless fashion and presented himself in a ball gown by the brand Gucci, which combines a stereotypically feminine cut and fabrics. The making-of of the popular cover, which is not entirely without controversy, can be seen here:

U.K. Vogue 1990: Naomi Campbell, Eva Evangelista and Co.

The nineties were a decade that brought great changes, especially in the modeling world. The nineties saw the emergence of the cult of supermodels, especially the Top 6, which included Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell. The cover photographed by Peter Lindbergh became an image representative of this heyday of the supermodel profession in the course of the decade. Categorizing models in the way it was taken up at the time had rarely happened before. Today, the categorization is widespread.

U.K. Vogue 1966: Dunyale Luna as first Person of Colour

In 1966, the event happened which later became one of the milestones in Vogue cover history. Dressed in a pink Chloé dress and adorned with large gold earrings, Donyale Luna posed in front of photographer David Baileys’ camera for the photo that later became the cover of Vogue. This move was not only important for the magazine, but also for the girl who left her hometown of Detroit with big dreams and hopes, as well as a belief in herself, to take up the modeling profession. It was also a sign to many young girls that they could identify with a Vogue cover model for the first time.

Collection: high quality sweaters, shirts and glasses

A dream come true. For years, the only way to get products with the popular logo was to subscribe to the magazine. However, the need for T-shirts, sweaters and other merchandise was recognized and so Vogue began to decorate and sell high-quality merchandise items with their own logo.

For its 40th anniversary, German Vogue has released the collection of sweaters with its logo. In keeping with the fashion world, the respective trendy colors are released per fashion season. The sweaters are produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way in Europe. Due to their high quality, the garments are to be seen as a long-term investment. With this, Vogue clearly takes a stand against fast fashion.

Apart from the German Vogue shop, you can also buy exclusive designs from the American version of the newspaper. These are also made from organic cotton in Portugal. In addition, the American version has teamed up with the label Public School to produce sustainable sweaters from recycled plastic.

  • Prices Sweaters: 129 – 160€

Statement T-shirts from Vogue

Trend pieces like statement shirts can also be found at Vogue Vogue. For example, the Public School designs have the words ‘Waste not want not’. If you’re looking for more unusual statement shirts, check out our shop. We offer casual shirts with quotes from Coco Chanel and cool sayings.

The logo shirts from Vogue can also be seen. Whether with a colorful print or plain, with the shirts you can quickly give a simple outfit that certain something.

  • Prices T-shirts: 59 €

Video Spring Collection: Men? Ladies? Unisex!

The sweaters and t-shirts are available in sizes from XS to XL. The garments are unisex, which means cuts are wide enough to fit and accentuate different body shapes. So men, women and everyone in between will enjoy the shirts and get the chance to express their love for the fashion magazine. The embroideries and prints are often kept neutral. Hardly a reason not to soon call one of the coveted pieces your own.

Shirt or subscription: How many issues for the price of a shirt?

Which is actually more worthwhile, shirts or the magazine? Difficult decision, especially when both are so tempting. A t-shirt costs you 59€, a print edition of the magazine you can buy at the newsstand for 6€. So for the price of a T-shirt, you get almost 10 issues of Vogue. For the cost of a sweater, you get 21 print issues.

But of course, Vogue doesn’t force you to choose. A mini-subscription including a Vogue sweater or t-shirt starts at just £34, with a £20 bonus. Of course, the choice of hoodies and t-shirt is not the same. The price of the Vogue Collection is ultimately made up of the quality and production methods of the materials and the final product. However, that doesn’t mean that the mini subscription isn’t worth it and that the shirts in the subscription are of poor quality.

Looks: How do I combine the Vogue shirts?

If you need inspiration on how to combine the shirts stylishly, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got you covered with outfit inspiration and cool tricks to make your shirts look their best. T-shirts are an absolute essential, even if it doesn’t have a Vogue print. So it’s worth taking a look here.

Video: Styling T-shirts

Turning a low-key t-shirt into an entire outfit can be tricky. In the following video, you’ll see a few ways to take an understated t-shirt and turn it into a whole outfit. The simple vogue shirts can be established into outfits instead of a white t-shirt. Make sure that the colors of your clothes harmonize with each other.

Video: Knotting techniques for shirts

T-shirts with print on the chest can be wonderfully redesigned by knotting them. We’ve picked out a few techniques for you. But be careful: tight knots can wear out the fabric in the long run. So think carefully before you do it, if it’s ok for you. A wash in the washing machine often pulls the fabric together again, but you should be aware of this fact.

Vogue Eyewear: Glasses and sunglasses from Vogue?

Have you ever been suggested Vogue eyewear on your search for Vogue and wondered if the magazine also has its own eyewear collection? The brand Vogue Eyewear was founded in Milan in the seventies and belongs to the Luxottica Group since 1990. So the glasses and the magazine have mainly the name in common. But we think: It’s super confusing. So that you don’t have to keep searching for a suitable article, we’ll tell you a little bit about Vogue Eyewear right here.

Sunglasses: Looks from Millie Bobby Brown and Gigi Hadid

That Vogue Eyewear and Vogue Magazine have only the name in common was perhaps a bit exaggerated. Because Vogue Eyewear can shine with extremely famous advertising faces. ‘Stranger Things’ star Millie Bobby Brown recently teamed up with the brand to promote their stylish sunglasses. The models are uber modern and characterized by interesting shapes. Also always to be found is the trendy cat-eye shape. Our favorites from the collection are

  • VO5317S
  • VO4164
  • VO5316S
  • VO4168

Gigi Hadid has also presented the models of the eyewear brand. The collection is no longer on the official website, but the following models were part of the collection and can still be purchased at other retailers:

  • VO5235S
  • VO4106S
  • VO4083S

Best Seller: Vogue VO5224 Glasses

The absolute bestseller of the label is the model VO5224. The reason for this is quite simple: The glasses are elegant, simple and available in 2 color combinations. On the one hand the warm combination of brown and gold, on the other hand a bit cooler in black and silver. In addition, the glasses are also available in a smaller version. Thus, the universally flattering model not only looks good, but is also adaptable to personal needs.

Gigi Hadid for Vogue Eyewear commercial: Video

While we’ve already told you our favorite models from the collection, nothing beats actually getting an overview of the models. And we could watch Gigi Hadid model all day anyway.

Video: MBB x Vogue Eyewear Ad

Vogue Eyewear’s ad campaign featuring Millie Bobby Brown presents 6 rules:

  1. Love Yourself
  2. Be Child
  3. Stand Out
  4. Keep it Real
  5. Laugh out Loud
  6. Chase your Dreams

6 mantras to help you live your life in a positive way. And it’s really fun to watch Millie having fun shooting with the glasses.