rebekka ruétz – FASHION WEEK BERLIN 2019

Rebekka Ruetz is known throughout Europe as a passionate designer. She was born in Austria in 1984. She started her career at the Innsbrucker Mode Ferrarischule. After studying Fashion & Design in Munich, she graduated with the Best Graduate and the Cognos Relevance Award winner. After fashion experiences in India and London with Peter Pilotto, “rebekka ruétz” became a public label in 2009. In 2013 she also won the Best Newcomer Award presened by STEFFL.

Rebekka Ruétz Fashion

Rebekka Ruétz is present at many fashion events. Some sample collections are unique, while 50% of their collection goes into series production. She pimps her collection with cool sayings and makes statements. She makes different statements with unusual cuts and patterns.

Sustainability & Fashion

Rebekka Ruétz products have a clean background. Your shirts & hoodies are mostly made of 100% organic cotton, bamboo cellulose or Tencel.

fair wear

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) – works with companies and factories to improve working conditions for textile workers in the apparel industry. FWF follows the company’s progress and shares knowledge and social dialogues to strengthen industrial relations.

The Global Oranic Textile Standard

GOTS is known worldwide for its processing of ´von Biofibre textiles. A restriction of chemicals and adherence to the world-friendly criteria are required. OCS buys 100% certified BIo cotton in yarns, fabrics or finished products.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Reach Compliant

Reach aims to improve health protection and the environment by improving the intrinsic properties of chemicals.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2019

Also this year Rebekka Ruétz presents her collection at the Fashion Week in January. FIV Magazine is there & will report!