Vogue Fashion Nights Out Hghlights 2016 : Berlin

Tomorrow it’s that time again! Together with QVC as a partner, Vogue celebrates the VOGUE FASHIONS NIGHT OUT in Berlin. Düsseldorf and Vienna will also follow suit and celebrate in the following days. We report live from the Vogue Fashions Night Out Berlin and the Vogue Fashions Night Out in Düsseldorf, with Vanessa and Stephan. Look forward to outfits, looks and much more!

Highlights in Berlin

Half of Berlin celebrates with us. For you we have picked out the HotSpots of the VFNO 2016 in Berlin, so that you can be there live at the coolest things!


In the Kaufhauf des Westens (short KaDeWe) the Vogue Fashion Nights Out 2016 is celebrated on three floors. Great bargains as far as the eye can see. Feel free to drop by!

Bikini Berlin

A live photo shoot with Joachim Baldauf will take place at Bikini Berlin. From 7 p.m. the department store will be transformed into a “Night Circus” with DJs and photo hotspots.

Mall of Berlin

The Mall of Berlin is the place to be. Fashion shows and a rolling dinner are the highlights at Leipziger Platz.

Hotel Zoo

Designer Mariana Hoermanseder presents her “Hello Kitty Collection” here.

Departmentstore Quartier 206

For all those who are interested in photography: Here you can find a cool photo exhibition!

Overall, the VFNO 2016 will take place around the Kurfürstendamm, up to the Bikini Berlin and the KaDeWe on Tauentzienstraße.