THE $KULL Launch Event – Philipp Plein, Sophia Thomalla & CM Models

Philipp Plein is probably one of the hottest names when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. On 10.12.2019 there was an event in Berlin for the launch of the new THE $KULL Fragrance and CM Models was present. Here you can find out everything about the new fragrance and the event.

Glitter skulls & Pompousness – Philipp Plein’s legacy

Philipp Plein is a German designer who has made a great name for himself in recent years. His trademark: Swarovski skulls. His elegant and expensive classic style, which he expresses in every piece, is admired by many customers who are a fan of the designer. Luxury fashion for people who want to live luxury. Philipp Plein offers the perfect designs for people who like to show what they have. Now a Parfum Launch Event was organized to start the entry into the fragrance business.

THE $KULL – Philipp Plein’s first fragrance

The Skull is the first fragrance created by Philipp Plein. At the event there was the chance to try out and enjoy the fragrance on site. The packaging has the typical skull look, which is the trademark for the designer’s brand. Through the details you can see how much love goes into the packaging alone. Super chic but in a very elegant and simple way. The fragrance is for men and women. Smells a little sweetish, due to the Bourbon vanilla note. Philipps A & O was in the creation that his perfume has a high recognition value. For those who couldn’t be there, the official website has the fragrance displayed in a high-quality trailer.

Sophia Thomalla describes the fragrance with simple words: “I guess it smells like money”.

Philipp Plein Store on Ku’damm – the event location

The whole event took place in the Philipp Plein Store on the Ku’damm in Berlin. Among other luxury stores Philipp Plein has his shop here. When entering the event everything seemed to be in high gloss. At the entrance we were greeted by two models, who introduced the new fragrance to us. All participants of the event tried to make the evening an unforgettable launch. During the whole event, one had the possibility to admire the fashion of Philipp Plein at the event and to have a closer look. Due to the pleasant store atmosphere many conversations among the guests took place and there was a lot of chatting. Also Philipp Plein champagne was served.

Philipp Plein, Sophia Thomalla & CM Models – The Celebrity Guestlist

Already when coming in, one could see luxury clothes and shoes wherever one turned. No wonder with the guest list. From Verona Pooth to Sophia Thomalla, everyone was excited to see the designer’s first fragrance. Even Philipp Plein himself was there and presented his perfume. Beside the exclusive guest list there was also press, bodyguards and waiters who handed out the champagne. Many were dressed in Philipp Plein to pay homage to the designer on this special evening.